Guarded by the towering Himalayas and clad in the beauty of scenic landscapes, brightly coloured meadows, exhilarating terrains, Sikkim outshines most of the trekking destinations in India. Located in the North-Eastern corner of the country and landlocked in the foothills of the Himalayas, it is the destination where you can find a multiple number of high altitude treks in the country.

Trekking in Sikkim not only bring one closer to the enthralling peaks or gives you a much desired adrenaline kick, but also soothes a meandering mind. The untouched beauty of the nature, the pleasant and murmuring breezes, the lovely locals and the unlimited amount of excitement at every step makes it more enchanting and a demanding adventure destinations.

Some of the most demanding high altitude treks in Sikkim are the Goechala, Dzongri, Kasturi, Singalila (Yambong&Uttarey) and the Kanchendzonga treks. Have a detailed look on each of these treks in Sikkim and pick the most amazing one for you.

Sikkim Darjeeling Kanchenjunga Trek

If you want to witness the vastness, feel the charm and get soaked in the enchanting views of the Mt. Everest, the Sikkim Darjeeling Kanchendzonga Trek proves to be one of the best treks in Sikkim…
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Uttarey Singalila Trek

The Singalila Range that separates both Sikkim and Darjeeling from Nepal is one of the most demanding trekking destinations in the entire country…
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Yuksom Dzongri Trek

The Yuksom Dzongri trek in Sikkim might be one of the shortest treks, yet it makes it to the list of the most sought after treks of the Himalayas. Within the 5 days of this exhilarating trek, you can witness and enjoy the most captivating views of the Himalayan peaks…
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Sikkim Green Lake Trek

The Sikkim Green Lake Trek is the perfect mixture of beauty of Mother Nature and enthrallment! Besides taking you into the bosom of the Himalayas, the trek offers its devotees to experience a world that can hardly be found in any other treks in Sikkim…
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Yuksom Goechala Trek

The Yuksom Goechala Trek, one of the best high altitude treks in Sikkim, is a befitting trek to witness and enjoy the views of the Mt. Kanchendzonga. Originating from Yuksom, it finally takes the trekkers to the astounding Goechala Pass…
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Yambong Singalila Trek

The YambongSingalila Trek in Sikkim offers the magnificent views of five of the most demanding Himalayan peaks – Mt. Everest, My Kanchendzonga, Mt. Makalu, Mt. Sinoclu and Mt. Lhotse. The trek will make you believe in fairy tale…
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Goechala Kasturi Trek

Like the other high altitude treks in Sikkim, the GoechalaKasturi trek is all about the towering mountains and snow-covered peaks of the Himalayas. Originating form Yuksom, this astounding trek can be completed in a period of 10 days with a rest and acclimatisation day in Dzongri…
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