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Amidst the lap of nature in the foothills of the majestic mountains is Rinchenpong. Rinchenpong is a town in West Sikkim, India around 40 km west of Gangtok, 10 km due south of Gyalshing, near the town of Kaluk. It sits at a height of 5576 feet (1,700m). It is known for the Rigsum Monastery and its trekking courses. Rinchenpong and Kaluk are late expansion to the places to visit in West Sikkim. The place is well known for the excellent perspective of the Kanchenjunga scope of mountains. The Kaluk – Rinchenpong region is also the zone of popular Varsey rhododendron asylum.

Rinchenpong is not only known for its excellent area and quiet climate. Explorers are likewise pulled in to this place for the stunning views of the Kanchenjunga runs that it offers. On the off chance that you are worn out to survey the Kanchenjunga from the bustling town of Kanchenjunga, Rinchenpong is a perfect destination to wonder about its excellence while avoiding the humdrums of the city.


Rinchenpong is acclaimed for its excellence and the sights of Mt. Kanchenjunga. Rinchenpong is physically near the Kanchenjunga range and you can enjoy phenomenal views of the Kanchenjunga crests and the encompassing mountains, for example, the Mt Narsing and so on. The mountain edge begins from here to Bermiok, Hee, Dentam and Uttarey.


There are two cloisters at Rinchenpong. The Gurung monastery or the Rishum Monastery is an eighteenth century monastery situated close Rinchenpong at a height of around 6250 ft. Rishum is additionally a ridge offering incredible view all around. The region is called Maggi Dara, most likely a reference to the celebrated noodle. This is a beautiful destination for taking photographs of the encompassing mountains on a sunny morning. Simply behind the Monastery is a recreation centre in the memory of the well-known poet, Rabindranath Tagore.

The other monastery of Rinchenpong is situated on higher ground. You can reach here by walking through a forested trail near the primary Rinchenpong advertise. There is an intriguing and wonderful statue of Lord Buddha inside the Monastery. The statue is normally known as the Atibuddha statue. The Monastery is the third most established in Sikkim built in 1730.


The Poison Lake isn’t a long way from the Rinchenpong monastery and can be reached by walking. The lake is currently dry and there is a British Bungalow in ruins adjacent to the lake. The place has noteworthy recorded significance. As per the locals here, when the British attacked the zone, local people poisoned this lake since it was the wellspring of water for the British power.


The full name of the place is Teyongsi Sirijunga Limboo Cultural Heritage and Research Center. Teyongsi sirijunga Sin Thebe was a Limboo researcher of eighteenth century. The inside is relied upon to have a 36 feet bronze statue of the researcher. The place is arranged around 18 km from Rinchenpong at a place called Chayatal.


The little lake with its school of fishes is a well-known touring point for voyagers. Fantastic views of the mountain extend is likewise noticeable from here.


This is a well-known destination near Hee and around 10 kms from Kaluk advertise. The water plant has an eatery, two substantial swimming pools and a characteristic spot other than a little waterway stream.


24 kms from Kaluk and 27 kms from Rinchenpong is the area of the celebrated balancing scaffold of Singshore. The scaffold is said to be the second most astounding extension in Asia.


Further around 5 kms from the Singshore bridge is the Uttarey town. The town has turned into a vacationer destination all alone with its wide blooming valley.


About 5 kms from Uttarey is the Tenzing Hillary stop. This is a pleasant spot for nature darlings with incredible perspective of environment. There is a vast statue of the two mountain climbers.


This is a high temp water spring around 20 km from Rinchenpong near Legship.


The place is acclaimed for the assortment of Rhododendron that come in full blossom amid March and April. The Sanctuary is additionally home for various wild creatures including the uncommon Red Panda.


  • From Pelling you may come to Rinchenpong either by means of Dentam or by means of Legship. The Dentam course is not so much voyaged but rather more lovely.
  • From NJP or Bagdogra, you may take after the first or second course. The separation is around 130 kms.
  • From Darjeeling you may drive through the alternate route Patlebong course through which Rinchenpong is only 65 kms.
  • From Gangtok you may either take after the Ravangla – Legship – Reshi – Rinchinpong course or the Melli – Jorethang – Reshi course. Rinchenpong is around 137 km through this course.



he temperature swings in between 3 degree Celsius to 10 degree Celsius during these months. It gets extremely cold during the winters here. But the best views of the mountains can be enjoyed during this season. If you are visiting Sikkim during winters than ensure you pack more warm clothes.


The most elevated temperature recorded is 88℉ which would make you want to head to the closest bistro to enjoy a glass of chilled drink, however the direct humidity of 77% makes this an incredible time to visit Rinchenpong. This season sees a normal precipitation of 21.77 mm.


Are you one of those who sits tight for winters to flaunt all the warm clothes? At that point the best time to visit Rinchenpong for you would be this season. The pertinently high humidity amid this time makes for entirely cold evenings as well. Expect a normal precipitation of 5.6 mm.

Go ahead and indulge in an enchanted trip to the mountains at Rinchenpong.

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