Things to do in Ravangla

Sway to the tunes of nature in Ravangla

Ravangla or Rawangla or Ravongla is a little vacationer town arranged at a height of 7000 feet in South Sikkim area of the North East. It is associated by state thruway to other significant towns in the state and lies amongst Pelling and Gangtok.

Buddha Park, Palchen Choeling Monastery, Yungdrung Kundrakling, Old Ralang Gompa, Temi Tea Estate, Bon Monastery and Ralong Hot Springs are the ones you should explore here. And for those who wish to enjoy energizing activities; Ravangla has a great deal to offer them as well. Specked with tempting trekking trails, one can set off to a trek to Village Borong, Maenam Hill or Village Kewzing. These spots will offer you with a brilliant opportunity to blend with local people and find their uncommon culture and mountain method for life.

While traveling crosswise over Ravangla, don’t miss to visit the most interesting vacation spots here.

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Here are things to do in Ravangla.

Meditate at Buddha Park


This stop is an appealing spot to see and it is encompassed by rich patio nurseries, serene environment, and it has a sufficient walkway for guests. From here, you can observe a continuous perspective of the mountains and furthermore the Cho Djo Lake. This site is of awesome otherworldly significance and in this manner even the mood adds a perfect affair to the guests. Adjacent the recreation center, there are additionally reflection focus, exhibition hall, and the Buddhist gathering. Buddha Park is situated in Ravangla and it is at a walkable separation from the fundamental town. In any case, it is around 80 kilometres from the capital Gangtok. Taxi services are accessible to Buddha Park from every single significant town of Sikkim.

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Offer prayers at Bon Monastery


Bon Monastery is a brilliant place filled with peace and tranquillity, the reverberating of serenades and kids perusing inside the religious community gives an enchanting impact. Here, you can investigate the main Bon Monastery in Sikkim and furthermore assess the numerous sketches of Bon Demonical Buddha and Bon Deity showed inside the premises. You can reach at this monastery by means of taxi from all the towns in Sikkim. It is found 3.2 kilometres from the principle town of Kewzing and 80 kilometres from the capital, Gangtok.

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Sip some freshly brewed hot cup of tea at Temi Tea Gardens


Temi Tea Estate is arranged in Ravangla; which is very famous for town tourism. There are numerous petite towns raising in this lovely land, for example, Narsing Village, Borong Village, Kewzing Village and numerous other, offering an improving show of their beautiful culture and customs. The adventure lovers can go for a trek to the Tendong Hill and Maenam Hill with a bypass to the Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary and Tendong State Biodiversity Park.

A hot bath at Ralong and Borong Hot Springs


As Ralong and Borong Hot Springs are situated inside a separation of 7 kms from each other, one cannot miss visiting the other. At that point there is Ralong Monastery which is just around an hour stroll from here. The numerous little towns of Ravangla, for example, Narsing Village, Borong Village, Kewzing Village and numerous other, that can be visited to get to know their local way of life and culture. Ralong Hot Spring is best visited amid long periods of March to May, when the climate is very charming and the town gives the wonderful views of orchids and rhododendrons. It is open on all long stretches of seven days between 7.00 AM and 7.00 PM

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Experience breath-taking sunrise at Rayong Sunrise View Point


This prominent fascination in Ravangla is an unmistakable visit to watch the dawn and the Himalayan pinnacles. This place likewise offers various experience exercises, for example, trekking to places like Deorali Dara, Tinkitam and Gholey Bhir. A perfect time to visit Rayong Sunrise View Point is from March to June amid spring-summer season. September can likewise be viewed as a decent time to visit this fascination.

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Trek to Maenam Hill


The treks to Maenam Hill come as a consolidated visit to the Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary, where one can detect the uncommon types of Himalayan flying creatures and creatures in the midst of their living space. Adding to a similar affair, there is an exceptionally prevalent Tendong State Biodiversity Park that can be reached while trekking to Tendong Hill. The socially different towns of Ravangla, for example, Narsing Village, Borong Village, Kewzing Village and numerous other, call the sightseers for a lifetime experience of living with them and acquainting with their one of a kind way of life and convention. For the peace-searchers, there are bright monasteries loaded up with serenity, for example, Ralang Monastery, Bon Monastery and Tashiding Monastery.

Away from the humdrums, spend time with nature at Ravangla.


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