Sikkim has a certain set of rules that one must follow. This is to keep in order a peaceful life and avoid any mishaps. To help you keep in check, these are few guidelines that need to be followed to be a responsible tourist in Sikkim.


1. Dress modestly while visiting religious establishments. Cover yourself from head to toe and be aware of the customs and cultures.

2. Travelling to North Sikkim requires you to have the permit. Carry about 10 photos and Id proofs for a permit. It is required to visit major sightseeing places and failing to do so can restrict you to enter in these protected zones.

3. Since Sikkim is situated at a significant height, breathing issues are a common problem. Keep the necessary medicines handy. It is also advisable to visit a doctor before you embark on your journey

4. Owing to the zigzagging hilly roads, motion sickness is another challenge. Keep the necessary medication along with you.

5. Register for a BSNL network sim card. It is the only service provider that has connectivity in Sikkim.

6. It is always advisable to travel with a local guide. Moreover, a tour operator approved by the government also helps when it comes to obtaining permits.

7. Camp only within 500 meters of the fringe of rivers and lakes.

8. Drink sufficient amount of water to avoid dehydration, especially in the hilly areas.

9. It is customary to circle shrines in a clockwise direction.

10. Respect local culture and take permission before photographing.


1. If you choose to go trekking, make certain to follow the designed path only. Do not cross over grasslands and interrupt the fragile vegetation.

2. Do not litter in the forested areas. It is punishable by law. Always carry back all the waste litter such as plastic bags, cans, empty bottles etc. Also, do not play loud music in these areas.

3. It is not allowed to swim in the rivers, lakes or glaciers in the protected areas.

4. Smoking and drinking in public areas, sightseeing spots and sacred sites are restricted. If you are found doing so, you will be punished under the law.

5. Buying or dealing in products made from the skins of endangered species or of any another animal is strictly prohibited. Buying and selling of antiques are also illegal as per the government norms in Sikkim.

6. Do not wear uncomfortable shoes. There is a lot of walking that will happen on your holiday in Sikkim.

7. Avoid the use of slangs and touching the locals while talking and maintain a healthy space when roaming in the city.

8. Sikkimese locals are conservative and do not appreciate the public display of affection. Keep a check on your body language and choice of words as well.

9. Avoid entering the temple premises if you are on your menstrual cycle. It is followed by all locals and expected from tourists as well.

10. The left hand is considered to be somewhat polluted. Avoid handing money or tapping anyone with the left hand.

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