Sikkim in March : Away from the city, in the foothills of Himalayas, celebrate the beginning of the new season

Dotted with miles of tea gardens, and fog enveloping the surrounding, Sikkim creates a natural spa for its visitors during the winters. And though Sikkim has an essence in all the different seasons, the best can be experienced in March. Why I say this you may wonder? That’s because the month of March experiences the best of both the winter and spring season. The chilly cold weather that pulls your spine fades, and beautiful sunshine amidst the snow-capped mountains makes it way. Most places that are blocked due to abundant snowfall can now be explored and fun adventure activities begins again.

While you can still enjoy snowfall in the higher altitude regions of Sikkim, you can spend time walking the tea estates, and indulging in fun activities without any constraints. In the month of March, you can spend more time outdoors than under the blanket in your hotel room. Trust me, the winters here are harsh, and it takes lot of courage to step out and explore the state. So, if you are one that needs comfort while travelling then March is the time when you should be in Sikkim.

Here are all that Sikkim offers to its travellers during the month of March
Festivals in March

Chaitey Dasain

Chaitey Dasain also known as Ram Nawami is one of the most auspicious festival celebrated in the month of March. It is celebrated in honour of Lord Rama in different parts of Sikkim. This festival commemorates on the birth date of Lord Rama and is celebrated with utmost enthusiasm and glory. The entire state comes together to celebrate this auspicious occasion as a tourist festival. Devotees from across the world come together to celebrate this in Tendong hill of South Sikkim.

Lampokhari Parayatan Mahotsav

This is an auspicious festival celebrated in Aritar district of Sikkim. Since Aritar is surrounded by lush green forests, pristine lakes and waterfalls, tourists can enjoy added fun during this festival. You can also enjoy the scenic view of Kanchenjunga while you dance to the tunes of folk songs during this festival. If you are in Aritar to celebrate this occasion, also spend time visiting the monasteries and beautiful lakes in the vicinity.

Bumchu Festival

Bumchu Festival is usually celebrated during the end of February or early March. The celebration of this auspicious occasion takes place in Tashiding Monastery towards West Sikkim. It is an intriguing festival that celebrated sacred water in Bumchu, the sacred pot. The fortune of the state is determined by measuring the level of water in the pot. Devotees from across the world come to Sikkim during this festival.

Fun activities to indulge in March

A trip to Kanchenjunga National Park

Do you enjoy watching wild animals and being surrounded by the beautiful flora and fauna? If so, then you should plan a trip to Kanchenjunga National Park while in Sikkim. It is one of UNESCO’s world heritage site and largest wildlife reserve in Sikkim. Kanchenjunga National Park is also home to some of the most beautiful glaciers and is also known as ‘five snow peaks’. Here, you will get a chance to spot wild animals such as Black Bear, Blue Sheep, Musk Deer, Tibetan Wolf, Himalayan Thar and more. You can also spend time trekking in the national park.

Tsomgo Lake and Baba Mandir

Tsomgo Lake and Baba Mandir are two of the best destinations that you should be in while in Sikkim. They are located approximately 12400 above sea level. You can spend some beautiful in the lake unwinding while enjoying the spectacular view of the snow clad mountains that surround the lake.

Spend some time rafting in the rivers here

When in Sikkim do spend time rafting along the river of Teesta and Rangit. It is an adventure that you should indulge in while at Sikkim. Rafting against the turbulent water here will bring in sense of peace and calm.

Trekking on the hills

The beauty of the hills is best explored while trekking. Do spend time in Sikkim trekking on the different hills of Kanchenjunga peak, Dzongri, Green Lake, Sandakphu, and Goecha La. The view that you get to enjoy once you reach the top is what makes the journey all worth it!

Walk the streets of MG Marg

The street of MG Marg in Sikkim is home to some of the most beautiful cafes and restaurants. Do spend your evenings with a hot of cup of tea and juicy momos. You can also spend time here shopping for gift items and woollens. Do get your hands on the delicious street side food here and groove to the beautiful nightlife here.

Visit the beautiful Monasteries

The Tibetan culture for long has been well ingrained in the societies of Sikkim. So, if you are in Sikkim, do pay visit to the beautiful Monasteries and experience the calm breeze and serene ambience here. Also get the chance to understand beautiful ‘Tibetology’ and the Buddhist way of living.

Spend a day hiking

Bushwalk through the lush green forests exploring the regions diverse scenery and lakes. Or trail through the numerous paths earlier used by the locals to commute. The walk from Yuksom to Khecheplari Lake is especially divine and perfect for photographs.

Into the forests of Varsey and Singba

The forests of Varey and Singba in North and West Sikkim displays its most beautiful glory in the month of March. A walk under these beautiful canopies shaded in vivid bright colours is an experience that you should indulge in while in Sikkim.

Few things to remember

1. Your backpack should consist more of woollen clothes.

2. Ensure that you carry your ID proofs wherever you go.

3. Take care of your belongings while you travel from one part of Sikkim to other.

4. If out on hiking, carry a stick with you for safety.

5. Put the right gears on before you trek on the hills here.

So go ahead and enjoy the beginning of a new season in the lonely planet of Sikkim.


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