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From spiritual retreats to adventure activities, there’s all kind of fun that you can enjoy while in Pelling. It is a beautiful hamlet town in Sikkim away from the clamour of a city. It is surrounded by lush greenery and offers breath-taking views of Mount Kanchenjunga. Pelling is home to some of the finest monasteries, waterfalls and other sightseeing destinations in Sikkim. If you wish to enjoy a vacation amidst the best of nature, then Pelling should be on the top of your bucket list.

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Here are places you should visit while in Pelling.

Pemayangtse Monastery


Pemayangtse Monastery is one of the most popular monastery in Pelling. It is an old monastery which has been standing tall since 1705. It is a standout amongst the most well-known hallowed places in West Sikkim. This monastery is under the Nyingma organization of Tibet Buddhism and controls every single other religious community of a similar faction. The fine architecture of this monastery is a delight to the eye. Numerous artistic creations and models frame a piece of its rich setup, and statues of Padmasambhava can also be seen here. The magnificence of the inside is sublimely supplemented by the excellence of the Himalayas outside. Peace and quietness wash over you when you are here.

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Sangachoeling Monastery


A standout amongst the most imperative attractions in Sikkim, Sangachoeling Monastery. It was developed in 1697 by Gyalwa Lhatsum Chempo, a supporter of the Nyingmapa community of Tibetan Buddhism. This monastery highlights shocking depictions, statues, and sacred writings revered in a grave quietness that is extremely alleviating. Spending several hours in this place is a must while in Pelling.



A town wealthy in religious communities and biodiversity, Yuksom is one of the numerous awesome spots to visit in Pelling. The little town offers its guests an abundance of exercises including religious community visits, cascade sightings, and adventure sports. Getting a charge out of the peaceful exquisiteness of Yuksom is a beguilingly simple errand which influences the days to go by in a lovely dimness. Here you can enjoy the delight of relaxing close to the numerous fabulous falls like the Kanchenjunga Falls, Phamrong Falls and Rimbi cascades and experience peace in the monasteries.

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Rabdentse was the second capital of Sikkim from 1670 to 1814 and has along these lines had a critical impact in its history. The Rabdentse Ruins are an impression of its vivid history that was wiped away. A visit to this place is a must while in Pelling as it also offers a panoramic view of Kanchenjunga.

Tashiding Monastery


The Tashiding Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in Pelling. Including an exquisite area as it sits in the middle of Rathong chu and the Rangeet River, Tashiding Monastery is located in one of the holiest spots in Sikkim. The best of this place can be explored with a guide. Peace and isolation fill each edge of this monastery. You can trek your way up to this monastery. The annual Bhumchu festival is also celebrated here.

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Kanchenjunga Falls


The heavenly Kanchenjunga Falls are a standout amongst other spots to visit in Pelling. Set in the midst of the snow-clad mountains of the Himalayas, these cascades are a pleasure to watch. The green and white magnificence of the setting mitigates the eyes while the enduring twinkling of the water is music to the ears. There are a lot of tea and Maggi stalls in this area, which make for a superb outing. And for those that love clicking pictures, this is an ideal destination.

Darap Valley


On the course to Khecheopalri and Yuksam, lies the beautiful Darap Cherry Village. Darap town is home to the Limhboo Community alongside the Bhutias, Chettris, Tamangs, Rais, Gurungs and Lepchas. Confined by the magnificent pinnacles of the Himalaya, this town is a grand withdraw far from the clamouring surge of the urban areas. Explorers can appreciate the town with the assistance of the numerous dainty homestays that are situated here. You can appreciate amusements with the kids, beat margarine with local people, process cheddar in an antiquated way, climb the hills, relax by the riverside and take part in other routine activities across the town. Visiting the antiquated Limboo conventional house is another prevalent leisure activity here.

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Rambi Waterfall


Rambi Waterfall is a beautiful cascade located on the way to Khechopalri and Yuksam. It is a grand regular setup brimming with excellence. The cascade is a vast one and is encased by rich greenery. Spending an hour at this area is an awesome method to have fun in Pelling. The pleasant setting makes for a superb photography.

Singshore Bridge


Singshore Bridge is a standout amongst the most stunning spots to visit in Pelling. It is the second longest bridge in Asia and must be experienced to be accepted. While the scaffold itself is an extension like some other, the excellence of the whole set is the greatest fascination of the place. The Singshore Bridge is long and interfaces two green mountains to each other. A profound canyon spreads out underneath the extension and tall mountains tower above it. No vehicles are permitted on this bridge which makes it particularly awesome for essentially encountering the lovely sights all around. Spending a few hours on the scaffold and exploring the wildernesses around it is advised while in Pelling.

Sewaro Rock Garden


A little separation far from Pelling lies the Sewaro Rock Garden. The garden is a manicured space loaded up with wellsprings, resting sheds, roads, and rocks. A little cafeteria is likewise to be found in the garden. Spending an hour or two exploring this garden is one of the best things to do while in Pelling.

Khecheopalri Lake


Khecheopalri Lake, otherwise called Kha-Chot-Palri, is a beautiful lake close to Pelling. It is a must-visit in Pelling. Overflowing with legends, the lake is adored by the two Hindus and Buddhists for its legendary affiliations. Legends connect the place with Guru Padmasambhava, Lord Shiva and Goddess Tara. Visiting the lake is a lovely ordeal since nature and quiet rule here undisturbed. The tranquil shores of the lake are an appreciated home to numerous remarkable birds and the encompassing backwoods of bamboo add to its fascinating pleasures.

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Kanchenjunga National Park


Of all the vacation destinations in Pelling, Kanchenjunga National Park is the most stupendous. A UNESCO World Heritage site, this stop offers guests a brilliant shot for submersion into the profundities of nature’s abundance. With sprawling woodlands, amazing ice sheets, creatures, and flawless views, a visit to Kanchenjunga National Park is an ordeal of a lifetime. The most ideal approach to appreciate the excellence of this place is by taking part in broad trekking.



Kaluk is a little town primarily home to Nepali, Bhutia and Marwari pilgrims. A long way from the clamouring tumult of business, this comfortable town has a one of its very own vitality. Voyagers hoping to appreciate the isolation of Pelling will love Kaluk. You can simply stay in the comfortable homestays, take in the unwinding offered by the mountains, take part in sundry exercises with local people, and simply appreciate the reflective magnificence of the town. Make a point to visit the Varsey Rhododendron Sanctuary and additionally the Rinche pong monastery.



Eminent for its perspectives, Ravangla is a little town between Pelling and Gangtok. It is one of the colossal traveller destination in Pelling, particularly in the mid-year months from April to July, when the characteristic excellence of the place blasts into blossom. Brilliant backwoods of rhododendrons thrive promisingly on the hills and dashing orchids shading the land with their dynamic quality. The trek to the Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary starts from Ravangla. Travellers go to the town particularly to look at the eminent view of the mountains from here.

Changey Waterfall


A superb, murmuring cascade in the Western area of Sikkim, the Changey Waterfall is one of the popular vacation spots in Pelling. Its frothy white waters tumbling from a stature of 300 meters, and birds flying around make this place a picturesque destination. The falls vanish mid-route into the thick greenery that encompasses them on all sides, just to rise beguilingly from surprising corners. Regardless of whether you are perched by the falls, climbing around them or notwithstanding rappelling close them, a visit to the Changey Waterfalls will be a visit to recall.

So, go ahead and groove to the music of nature at Pelling.


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