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Yuksom signifies “meeting spot of three lamas” and is the chronicled capital of Sikkim built up in 1642 AD. For Buddhists, it’s one of the sacred destination. Today, Yuksom is a residential community, buzzing with a bazaar of little roadside shops offering various family unit things, several bistros and upbeat local people. It is a heavenly abode nestled in the lap of nature. There is a lot to be explored and experienced in Yuksom.

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Here are things you should indulge in while at Yuksom

Take part in Goecha La Trek


Situated in the province of Sikkim, this Goecha La trek is one of the most exciting treks. This trek is a treat to all adventure lovers. This trek likewise clears path to the astonishing Kanchenjunga National Park. During this trek, you will get the chance to enjoy views of cloudy valleys, snow clad mountain crests, lakes, and dazzling streams in Sikkim.

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An evening stroll at Norbugang Park


Adorned with petition hails, the enchanting park has a little sanctuary, a colossal supplication wheel, a chorten containing earth from each edge of Sikkim and the evidently unique four-situate Coronation Throne. Remaining underneath a tremendous cryptomeria pine, the stone throne looks something like an old Olympic platform. Norbugang Park is 1.2 km from the main market, 600m off the primary street turning close Kathok Lake, from which sacred water was taken to bless the chogyal at his crowning ritual.

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Submit your prayers at Dubdi Gompa


High on the edge above Yuksom, this minimal, serene gompa is flawlessly set in tended greenhouses, with sunrise view of white crests between high green folds of forested lower regions. Built up in 1647 out of appreciation for Lhatsun Chenpo, Dubdi is said to be Sikkim’s most seasoned working religious community, however numerous signs strangely misdate it to 1701.

The present structure was built in 1723 and basically remade after the 2011 tremor. The entrance way is 400m off the Tsong Street by an overgrown stone trail which begins around 3km from Yuksom if driving; by foot its solitary 1.2km utilizing the stairway way from upper Yuksom. On your way to this monastery, you will come across beautiful sceneries. Do spend time clicking amazing pictures here.

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Indulge in authentic ‘Sikkimese’ delicacies at Mama’s Kitchen


Here, at this kitchen, you will get the chance to taste the real flavours of Sikkim. An enchanting friendly host here serves delightful Sikkimese home food, alongside crisp biscuits, wipe cake and even bowls of rich pasta. It is a tiny one-room bistro. Since this place is visited frequently by many, pre-book a seat here. It is a half-timbered neighbourhood building, concealed 50m away, down the pathway towards Mangsabung or Chung, which dives adjacent to Yak Hotel (near the Yangrigang Hotel).

Enjoy the breath-taking view at Tashi Tenka


Yuksom was once the capital of Sikkim. And at that point, a regal royal residence complex known as Tashi Tenka sat on an edge toward the south of town. It was a beautiful palace but today, scarcely all that remains here is a ground. But what is amazing is the view you can enjoy from here. To arrive here, stroll around five minutes towards Pelling and take the long stairway up through a cultivation site close to the school football pitch for another 10 minutes. You can enjoy a splendid view of the mighty Himalayas here.

Click amazing photographs at Kanchenjunga falls


A couple of cascades lie near the street, joined by a gaggle of tidbit shops and a short yet steep zip-line. To enjoy the view of the prettier, multi-layered falls you will have to pay for a ticket. But trust me, it is worth paying as you get to see the waterfall from different angles. Climb up the steps for amazing pictures as the view gets better as you move up.

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Find the missing peace at Mani Hall


Right in the centre of the town is Mani Hall. This one of a kind creation is a glass-walled, sanctuary like building encasing 18 larger than usual wheels of prayer in two close-pressed lines. Each is made of decorated, part-plated copper; they’re heavy to the point that while you turn them, you are sure to burn some calories. Spend time meditating and unwinding at this hall.

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Shop till you drop at Yuksom Bazar


This is one of the busiest street in Yuksom. Here, you will come across street side shops that sell local handicraft items. You may not find brands here, but the lively hustle that fills this market will sure keep you entertained. You can also indulge in street side delicacies here. Shop for local handmade and gift items for your loved ones. The bazaar neighbourhood can be very energetic with little shops on stilts where local people shop.

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A session of unwinding at Karthok Lake


Close to Norbungang Coronation Throne, you will find Karthok Lake. This Lake is encompassed by white supplication banner. As you go closer to the Lake you’ll see a huge number of red or gold fishes. It is considered as the spirit pool of Lama Kathok Kuntu Zangpo and it is a strong believe among the locals here that all your wishes if asked with a pure heart can be fulfilled by this Lake. Every year, the Lamas hosts festivals and celebration near this Lake.

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Treat your taste buds with some Yak Cheese


Yak Cheese is a common food item here. It is often added in the authentic dishes that are served here. If you are in Yuksom, you should get your hands on this item. Yak cheese is somewhat more extravagant and more beneficial than regular cheese that we consume. Yak Cheese is available in particular shops across the town.

Rejuvenate and revive your tired self at Yuksom.


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