Places to visit in Namchi

On the foothills of Himalayas, a paradise for the tired soul!

Namchi, which signifies ‘top of the sky’, is a beautiful spot, favoured with the bounties of nature. This residential area is to a great degree picturesque and fills in as a perfect place to discover comfort. Spotted with old monasteries, it is quick turning into a noteworthy traveller’s hotspot and place for explorers. Opening up to the unmatchable views of the Khangchendzonga range and Rangit Valley, Namchi is a perfect place to spend the most beautiful occasions.

Set out to visit its appealing regions and explore its prominent tourism attractions and touring places. This amazing town will offer you with unlimited motivations to visit one more time. Strike out your list of things to get while travelling crosswise over Namchi, as you will go over a few spots of interests that are an absolute delight.

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(Ropeway arrangement at Namchi, Sikkim)


Here are places you must visit while in Namchi

Samdruptse Hill


Samdruptse Hill; the ‘wish fulfilling hill’ is only 5 km far from Namchi, arranged at an elevation of 2134 m (7000 feet). This place is ornamented with a goliath statue of the Guru Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche); the benefactor holy person of Sikkim who has been showering its endowments since over 1,200 years. It is a 45 m tall statue, covering the entire city, and is overlaid with gold that sparkles when the daylight falls over it. This place further offers a panoramic view of Mt. Kangchenjunga among the luxuriously forested hills under the blue painted sky. It is believed that the hill is a point of dormant lava and no one but prayers can hold it from erupting.

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Tendong Hill



The retaining sight of the hills and valleys from Tendong Hill dazzles and titillates each nearby and out-of-towners. Situated above Damthang, Tendong Hill is encompassed by richness made by the unstoppable force of life. This fascination is an absolute must visit for those that enjoy time close to nature. From here, you can see an entrancing sight of the rough looking slopes of the southern capital of Sikkim, Namchi, which itself pulls in numerous voyagers to share in adventure exercises like boating and trekking. Actually, Namchi is the principle base for trekking to Tendong Hill, in any case, Damthang town can likewise be considered as an optional base campground since this place is also situated on the hill. There are around 90 types of feathered creatures that rush around the zone and an expansive number of warm blooded animals like Himalayan Bears, Red Pandas and Leopards that safe house in the midst of these bored woods.

Doling Gompa


With a variety of colourful flags, Doling Gompa is arranged on a little hillock; peaceful and green Barfung town, is only 4 km far from Ravangla. This monastery tails one of the most seasoned factions; the Nyingmapa organization of Buddhism. Being roosted on a lifted stage, Doling Gompa is offered with the vista of compelling mountains and thick woodland differentiating the inconsistent blue sky distending striking beams of the sun. While in transit to this monastery, witness the beautifully attired energetic individuals chipping away at the rich green fields of cardamon.

Ngadak Monastery


Ngadak Monastery oozes with appeal and otherworldliness. This monastery situated at a short separation from the primary town of Namchi was worked amid the rule of Chogyal Gyurmed Namgyal by Tensung Namgyal as the castle for Her Highness Pendi Ongmu. Today, you can see the monastery is bolstered by press railings, and another Gumpa is likewise being built as the old structure endured harm because of the quake in the seventeenth century. Ngadak is one of the most seasoned monastery in Namchi and it is an apt place to look for peace and reflect in the midst of nature.

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Solophok Chardham


To advance Religious Tourism in Sikkim, this (Solophok Chardham) recently created Pilgrimage-cum-Cultural Centre is developed over the Solophok Hill in South-Sikkim. View for miles, the 26½ m high statue of Lord Shiva in sitting stance that denotes the area of the fundamental sanctuary. Aside from this monster statue, the reproductions of twelve Jyotirlingas alongside the four Dhams; Badrinath, Jagannath, Dwarka and Rameshwaram are additionally introduced in the mind boggling (7 sections of land approx.). This impersonation of chardham in the midst of the tranquil idea of Sikkim, has turned out to be one of the best traveller destinations in Sikkim, particularly among the aficionados of Lord Shiva.

Serdup Choling Monastery


This captivating Buddhist place of love, Serdup Choling Monastery is extraordinary compared to other attractions to visit in Namchi. It is situated against a grand setting of Mount Khangchendzonga separated by priests’ quarter. Serdup Choling Monastery appeared in the year 1967 by a joined endeavours put by late Serdup Dungzin Jigme Wangchuk Rinpoche and late Khachoed Tulku Dudjom Dorjee. Inside the premises of the fundamental altar, a great show of three statues of Guru Rimpoche, Santaraksita and Tri Detson can be seen.

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Tendong State Biodiversity Park Namchi


The Tendong State Biodiversity Park; sprawled on the southern piece of the Maenam-Tendong edge covers around 255 hectares of land favoured with shrubberies of Chestnuts, Bamboos, Canes, Oaks, Walnuts and Alders, and rich troves of restorative and blooming plants. The place is wealthy in avifauna of different variety and furthermore raises assortments of imperilled types of Sikkim Flora like the Barking Deer, Flying Squirrels and some more. Tendong State Biodiversity Park is a liberal endeavour of the Department of Forest, Environment and Wildlife, Government of Sikkim, to expand the number of inhabitants in such uncommon, undermined and endemic species for rebuilding in their normal living spaces and additionally creating other exploratory patio nurseries for protection.

Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary


Maenam is a ‘money box’ of exceptional natural life in Namchi. This place is perfect for individuals who get a kick out of the chance to appreciate time with nature. The asylum sits at a height of around 10,600 feet and spreads across a zone of 36.34 sq. km. This must visit attraction is situated on the Maenam-Tendong Ridge and it is likewise a place to see therapeutic plants and herbs. Here, you can discover types of the calm backwoods, for example, Red Panda, Serow, Goral, Barking Deer, Leopard-Cat, Marbled-Cat, Civet-Cats, and winged creatures like Common Hill Partridge, Blood Pheasant, Magpies, Blue necked Pita, Sunbird and Black Eagle. Aside from untamed life touring, Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary is additionally an awesome place for trekking.

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So, go ahead and explore the rich works of nature in Namchi.


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