For Away From The Hues Of Urbanization, A Little District For Those In Search Of Peace

South Sikkim is a perfect destination for adventure lovers and obviously for those who are looking for an escape from the touristy places and clamouring city life. The district offers plentiful open doors for unwinding, boating, trekking and natural life exploration.

Despite the fact that South Sikkim isn’t as famous as North Sikkim yet this little region of Sikkim can possibly pull in sightseers with assorted interests – be it nature-cherishing travellers or religious and profound looking voyagers or legacy and chronicled visitors. With the beautiful scene, rich greenery, landmarks and social legacy, south Sikkim arouses and resuscitates internal peace.

Here are must visit places in South Sikkim


Effectively the most prominent destination of South Sikkim, Namchi has been presently created as a functioning focal point of religious tourism. All the four heavenly dhams of India have been duplicated in Namchi and there is likewise a monstrous statue of Guru Padmasambhave. Another imperative religious fascination in Namchi is the Samdruptse Hill.

There are two vital celebrations that happen every year in Namchi. The Gold Cup football competition held in Baichung stadium is the main occasion. The second occurs in February, the yearly flower festival (the biggest in Sikkim) which stars an astounding cluster of orchids. In October various mid-scale social and sustenance celebrations occur in Namchi. The town square of Namchi and the Central Park is a wonderful place to sit back.


March to May the climate is lovely in Namchi while September to November is another great time for a trip.


LA drowsy town in South Sikkim, Ravangla has as of late picked up a great deal of consideration due to its massive shining brilliant Buddha statue. The recently built Buddha Park is another noteworthy creation of the Sikkim government toward religious tourism. Ravangla is a hill top settlement and its scenery is beautiful. You can see the mountain ranges from all corners of the town.

A couple of eateries, parks, bars and a vivacious market is on offer besides the old and celebrated monasteries. Striking among these are the antiquated Ralang Gompa, Palchen Monastery, Mane Choekhorling Gompa and Yungdrung Kundrakling. Ravangla is an incredible base for trekkers, for example, Ravangla Maenam trek and Ravangla Khechupelri trek. Another incredible explanation behind making a trip to Ravangla is to utilize it as a base for Peling, Namchi, and Kaluk and so forth.


Summers and harvest time are best here that is between March to May and September to October.


Roosted pleasingly on the banks of Rangeet River, Sikip is one of the most renowned destinations of South Sikkim. You will hear it alluded to as a fishermen heaven. There are a lot of streams here abounding with angle and the laidback mood is ideal for day long trips. Stream boating down the Rangit is a favoured activity here. Numerous travellers who come here like to camp under the stars.


All year but the best can be enjoyed during the month of March to May and October to December.


Jorethang is one of the greatest towns in South Sikkim and it sprawls on the foot of the slopes that is close to the Rangit River. It’s not at a high height (just 300 m above ocean level) and that is the reason it claims mild atmosphere all year through. The essential fascination of Jorethang is its Akar Suspension bridge. In the event that you travel around 500 meters north of this extension you will spot a lovely sanctuary called the Sisne Mandir. The excellent Maghe Mela which has a ton of social exercises such as craftsmanship and sustenance celebrations and melodic party occur in Jorethang in January.


All year however, the winters are grandly more excellent


Tendong has been outstanding as a prevalent trekking destination in South Sikkim. The tendong Hill trek begins from Damthang that is 13 km far from Ravangla. The trek begins from the Damthang bazaar and is 6 km till Tendong Hill Top, it will take 5 to 7 hours to complete this trek.

This is a small stretch of land flanked by verdant woodland cover on a ridge. It is said that Tendong has a profound association with otherworldliness. The lamas who have submitted their lives to reflection had picked Tendong as the site for their isolation. This is an extraordinary place to appreciate the exquisiteness of nature and to set out on long treks to the various attractions close-by.


Best season here are spring and summers i.e. between March to June.


On the off chance that you travel to Tendong then a visit to the Maenam sanctuary is a must. This great asylum is simply over the Tendong hill and covers around 37 sq. km. The high height and assorted territory of this asylum makes it perfect for treks, nature strolls and bird viewing. There is a tremendous assortment of fauna inside. You can discover red panda, marble feline, woofing deer, regular slope partridge, and civet felines, goral and more. There are additionally mind blowing assortment of birds including a few kinds of fowls, blue necked Pitta, and jaybirds.


November to May is a decent time to get clear views of the mountain tops. Anyway in winter it snows abundantly here.


The more prominent Rangeet zone of south Sikkim has a stunning spread of tropical backwoods which is proposed to end up the Kitam Bird haven. This zone covers the lower regions of the external Himalayan district and has soak valleys and profound canyons. You will discover wild orchids, mammoth bamboo shoots and wild bananas here in bounty alongside rich pine covers.


Summers, harvest time and winters are perfect for visit. Downpours are substantial here so it’s best to stay away from this place in between July to September.


Sikkim’s solitary tea plant is an awesome destination for visitors searching for an alternate sort of involvement. The vast majority of the tea delivered here in this 453 section of land extensive garden is sent out and the flavours are sensitive with a totally unique contort that enable them to be differentiated from the Darjeeling Tea. The tea cultivation sprawls everywhere on a mellow hill that starts from the Tendong Hill. The street and surroundings are loaded up with pine trees and there are various strolling trails all around.


Visit between Octobers to February in the event that you wish to enjoy Mountain Views. November and December are the greatest months for nature lovers who wish to see the cherry blooms in their full wonder.

So, hurry and explore the less-visited district of south Sikkim and enjoy the feeling of peace and tranquillity.

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