Why Should I Land Up

Located at a height of 15,300 feet, there is no reason to visit Yumesamdong than for the sheer gorgeousness of its landscape. It has earned the nickname, Zero Point, since it is here that the road comes to a literal end. The Indo-Chinese border is a stone’s throw away from Yumesamdong and tourists are not allowed to go any further beyond this point.

Unaware of its bounteous natural beauty, most travellers skip a trip to Yumesamdong to avoid the bumpy ride that leads to this point. However, if you happen to be a snow junkie then look no further. Owing to its high altitude, Yumsesamdong is perennially covered in a blanketed of snow.

Zero Point is also very close to Dongkha La, a mountain pass that opens towards Tibet as well the splendid Tso Lhamo Lake.

How To Get There

Yumsesamdong is usually covered as a park of a three-point tour that takes you across North Sikkim to Lachung, Yumthang Valley and Yumesamdong/Zero Point. Only government registered vehicles are allowed in this part of Sikkim. The best way is to halt at Lachung overnight and head to Yumsesamdong early next morning.

When Should I Land Up

Take a taxi to Zero Point early morning from Lachung since visibility is better around this time at such high altitudes. The best time to visit is between April and May when rhododendrons are in full bloom and the entire route that leads to Zero Point looks almost like a painting by Money but in motion. The months of December and January are best avoided since the region experiences heavy snowfall during that time of the year.

The Finer Details

The steep valley below where three rivers converge, enclosed by towering peaks of snow-clad mountains against a cerulean sky will leave you feeling awestruck at nature’s charisma.

Travel Tips

The trip to Zero point is not advisable for people suffering from breathing difficulties for it might lead to altitude sickness.

Since it lies in a protected area, valid permits are required to visit Zero Point. They can be obtained from the tourism office in Gangtok or District Administrative Center at Mangan, or at the Chungthang Sub-Divisional Magistrate’s Office.. Wear adequate warm clothing. However, you will still need to rent a pair of snow boots, gloves and overcoats. All are available for rent at Yumthang Market, which is on the way to Zero Point. Carry enough cash since there are no ATMs around this area. Also make sure you carry medicines in case you suffer from altitude sickness.

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