Why Should I Go

Sikkim is the land of monasteries and Buddhism is intertwined into its social fabric. However, Hanuman Tok (temple) can be a welcome break from gompa exploration. The main reason why this temple attracts travellers is because of its vantage point. As you walk up the stairway lined with bells hanging from the roof, you reach a viewing gallery that offers a breath-taking view of the Kanchenjunga. Situated at a height of over 7000ft, the surreal mountains in the distance shrouded in mist is a sight that will linger long after you’re done with Sikkim. The temple itself has certain elements of Tibetan-style architecture and looks right out of a fairy tale.

At the beginning of the stairway is the burial ground of the Sikkimese Namgyal family.

The temple is maintained by the Black Cat division of the Indian Army.

How Do I Get There

If you’re planning to visit Nathula, Hanuman Tok is on the way to the popular tourist destination. Situated at a distance of 11 km from Gangtok town, hiring a taxi for this trip is not a bad idea.

When Should I Land Up

The summer months (March-June) are perfect because they offer crystal-clear views of the Kanchenjunga and surrounding mountains. The temple opens at 6 a.m. and the best time to land up is after a couple of hours. That way you give yourself a chance of a 360° view of the mountainous landscape and the town below. An hour spent here should be sufficient and there is no entry fee.

In Folklore

Legend has it that Hanuman, the Monkey God, rested at the exact spot where the current temple lies, while flying with the Sanjeevani that eventually saved Lakshman, Rama’s brother, from dying. This makes the temple a must-visit pilgrimage site for many.

Whether you’re a rookie photographer or a professional, Hanuman Tok is one of the best places to capture the Kanchenjunga. The fog that surrounds the mountains adds a mystical edge to any photograph. Since the temple is conveniently located from Gangtok, you can easily add it to your Sikkim travel list.

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