Why Should I Land Up

What better way to spend a few hours away from the hustle and bustle of Gangtok Town than at a waterfall? Banjhakri Falls doubles up as an Energy Park and is the perfect place for a picnic, or a leisurely stroll amidst nature.

Spread out over 2 acres of forestland, the park contains a man-made lake, gazebos, paved pathways and a footbridge. The park is thematically designed to portray the myth surrounding the Ban Jhakri, a shamanic deity, said to be the god of the forest and founder of Nepali shamanism.

The Banjhakri Falls is naturally sourced from freshwater springs higher up in the mountains. It is the crowning jewel of the park and ups the natural aesthetic value of the tourist attraction.

How To Get There

Situated around 6kms from Gangtok town, one can hire a local taxi from the market area and reach the park in about 30 minutes. Since the park is on the way to Ranka village, you can stop by the park after checking out the Ranka Monastery.

The entry fee is ₹50 and if you’re carrying a camera you have to shell out extra for photography inside the park grounds.

When Should I Land Up

The park opens at 8 a.m. and if you’re an early riser, a morning stroll here is a great start to the day. As you walk past Banjhakri Falls, the soothing hum of the waterfall is uplifting, to say the least.

Banjhakri Falls and Energy Park closes at 6 p.m. if you’re here during the winters, the park is lit up by solar-powered lamps that make the waterfall look even more enchanting than in the day time.

The Finer Details

There are a number of ethnic figurines and statues placed around the park depicting traditional Nepali shamanic deities. A local guide will explain the mythology behind Ban Jhakri and it’s interesting to note the varying beliefs of people from a similar region.

The Banjhakri Falls ends in a crystal pool of water and the tranquillity of the place is only heightened by the lush vegetation all around. This initiative by the Sikkimese government has helped elevate the popularity of the waterfall and at the same time make use of renewable sources of energy. If you’re travelling with kids, this is the perfect place for them to play about on the swings and slides. Hire a paddle-boat on the man-made lake before you head back to Gangtok town.

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