Why Should I Land Up

Sikkim is the kind of place where you set out with a particular destination in mind, but you land up visiting three or four along the way. Bakthang Waterfall is on the way to the popular Tashi View Point and though the latter attracts tourists by the thousands, the former is as arresting.

Bakthang Waterfall is not vertically imposing. However, its broad horizontal flow is what makes it extremely beautiful. Fed by the Ratey Chu (river) that originates at a staggering 12,500ft, this waterfall is the perfect pit stop whether you’re travelling alone or with the family.

In the Sikkimese language, ‘bak’ means jungle and ‘thang’ signifies meadow. As the water gushes down from above, you will be taken in by the boulders covered in creepers that jut out from underneath. The water forms a shallow pool at the bottom. It is the perfect location to rest, click a couple of photographs and have a cup of tea at the cafeteria.

How To Get There

If you have a couple of hours to kill in Gangtok, take a local taxi via Indira Bypass Road and NH10 to Bakthang Falls at Swastik, near the army cantonment camp. The tourist spot is merely 7kms away and it shouldn’t take you more than 25 minutes to get there.

If you’re on your way back from Tashi View Point or Hanuman Tok, ask your driver to stop by here.

When Should I Land Up

As any local taxi driver will tell you, the best time to visit Bakthang Waterfall is during the monsoon or right after the rainy season(August September). That is when the waterfall is at its mightiest and cascades down from above creating a cool mist around the area.

Make sure you land up as the day brightens to get the best out of Bakthang Waterfall.

Travel Tips

Make sure you don’t get too close to the waterfall as the ground get slippery around here.

Since Bakthang Waterfall is located by the roadside, make sure you keep an eye on passing vehicles while gaping at the beauty of the falls.

This waterfall is far away from the pollution of Gangtok Town so make sure you don’t litter the place.

There are a couple of women who provide traditional attire that you can wear to click a photograph for a nominal fee.

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