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About the Trek

Hiking or trekking in Sikkim has always been an adventurous experience for the trekking and nature enthusiasts. Taking this experience further, the Sikkim One Day Hiking and Tour adds a new flavour and charm to this landlocked state.

Originating from Yuksam and getting over within just a day, this amazing hike as well as tour will take you through beautiful places, tribal settlements, magnificent lakes, pious monasteries and stunning view points. The trek usually starts early morning from Yuksam and pleasantly passes through Tashiding, Khechupelri Lake and finally concludes with your arrival in Pelling.

Also, as it takes you to and through some of the ancient monasteries in Sikkim, you will get an opportunity to get acquainted with the various religious beliefs and sentiments of the locals. While passing through the tribal settlements, you will get to witness the local life and culture in the most fabulous ways.


Yuksam :After all the group members assemble and have their morning tea in Yuksam, the tour guides will take you to the holy Dubdi Monastery. Located on a hilltop, it is amongst the oldest as well as one of the most devout monasteries in Sikkim. Also referred as the ‘Hermit’s Cell’, this pious monastery was founded by LhatsunNamkhaJigme, under whose leadership, the first king of Sikkim was crowned in 1642.


After the monastery visit, you will be driven towards the Kathok Lake, which is located at Yuksam’s heart. Visit this serene lake and witness the breath-taking beauty of its azure water before you start walking towards the Coronation Throne which is located within a close proximity of the lake.


Tashiding :After the delightful experience in Yuksam, have your breakfast and take a drive to the ancient Tashiding Monastery. Founded in 1641 by NgadakSempaChempoPhunshokRigzing, it is also one of the most oldest and sacred monasteries in Sikkim. Later; almost after a century, the monastery was extended and renovated by the ChogyalChakdorNamgyal III. Every year, during the 14th and 15th of the Tibetan calendar’s first month, the monastery hosts the grand ‘Bhumchu Ceremony’, and is visited by several devotees from across the globe. By the time, you complete your Tashiding Monastery visit, it will be time for lunch; enjoy a delicious lunch in Tashiding and proceed towards the next destination.


Khechupelri Lake :Also known as the ‘Wishing Lake’, this magnificent as well as sacred lake is located in the Tashiding settlement of Sikkim. According to the legends, anyone who visits this lake, gets their wishes fulfilled by the Gods! In addition to this, the crystal clear water and the magnificent surroundings of the lake makes it a must visit destination in Sikkim. And while talking about the clear water of the lake, the locals believe that even if a single leaflet falls on the water, the birds pick it up and maintains the clarity of the lake; one has to visit Khechupelri Lake to believe this!


Visiting the lake, you will be visiting two of the monasteries within the region. One of these monasteries is located on a hilltop and the other lies close to the lake.


Pelling :The magnificent hill station of Pelling (2,150m) will be the last destination for day. As you arrive in this gorgeous hill town, visit the Pemayangtse Monastery, which is the dominant monastery of the Nyingmapa order among the Buddhists. Founded by LatsunChembu during the mid-17th century, this monastery was later rebuild and renovated as well. It now serves as the home to plenty of ancient artefacts, scriptures and sculptures. Amongst all these, the wooden structure of Mahaguru’s Heavenly Palace Sangthokpalri is the most noted one. In case, your travel dates matches the 28th and 29th of the last month of Tibetan calendar, you can witness the main dance of this sacred monastery.


After this spiritual visit, you will be driven towards the SangaChoeling Monastery. Built in and around 1697, it is also one of the oldest monasteries in Sikkim and is located around 7km from the Pemayangtse Monastery atop a ridge in Pelling. In addition to the sanctity and spirituality that exists in the SangaChoeling Monastery, its location makes it for amazing views!


The last destination to visit in Pelling will be the historic ruins of Rabdentse. Once served as the second capital of Sikkim, this ancient town was attacked and vandalised by the Gurkha Army! Declared as a ‘National Important Site’ by the Archaeological Survey of India, a visit to these ruins will bring an end to your Sikkim One Day Hiking and Tour.


Main Attractions of the Trek:

Dubdi Monastery, Kathok Lake, Coronation Throne, Tashiding Monastery, Khechupelri Lake, Pemayangtse Monastery, SangaChoeling Monastery, Rabdentse

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