While the gorgeous Himalayas add an eternal charm to Sikkim, its friendly local and their delightful culture always make the visitors feel home in this very state! Adding more to this pleasant and quaint experience, the local and village life of Sikkim offers the visitors, an amazing opportunity to have a close look of their daily lives and taste a bit of their colourful and indigenous traditions.

Though the state is jotted with several hotels, lodges and guesthouses, the real joy and pleasure of experiencing the rustic life of Sikkim is best offered by the homestays. Away from all types of commercialisation and all the prodigies of the luxury hotels, these homestays add the true blend of Sikkim’s local and quaint life.

In addition to getting you acquainted with the life of the Sikkimese people, these homestays also get you introduced with the opulent and picturesque beauty of the state and its untouched nature! While spending pleasant time in one of these homes away from home, you can also participate in a wide range of engrossing activities and revel in the enchanting beauty of the Himalayas and the bountiful beauty of Sikkim.

Some of the most popular and sought after activities that can be enjoyed in Sikkim homestays are:

1. Village Tours:

These type of tours are especially crafted to get you an insight of the local life and culture around the various villages. Embark on any one of these tours, walk through several villages and be a part of their indigenous cultures, traditions and daily life.

2. Village Tours with Traditional Healers:

On these tours, besides getting introduced with the rustic charm and appeal of the villages, you will also get to visit the traditional healers of Sikkim. Depending entirely on the nature and its various gifts like the plants, herbs and others, still practice the herbal healing process in the utmost natural ways.

3. Cultural Tours:

Any tour to Sikkim is incomplete without a cultural tour! Join these tours and get to know about the vibrant and colourful folk music and dance of Sikkim.

4. Cultural Tours Participation:

If you are still not happy with the various cultural tours of Sikkim, you must participate in any of the cultural festivals and experience the joy and merriment of the Sikkimese.

5. Festival Tours:

In addition to the enchanting beauty, Sikkim is also known for its grand and opulent celebration. On the festival tours in Sikkim, you will get a chance to know more about the cultural and traditional aspect of life in this hilly state.

6. Flora and Fauna Tours:

Taking your experience with the Mother Nature one step further, these tours are meant to discover the lush and alluring flora and fauna of Sikkim. In any of these tours, you will be getting ample of opportunities to explore and discover the diverse range of flora and fauna of the state.

7. Cardamom Plantation Tours:

These aromatic and flavoursome tours in Sikkim will take you deep inside the scenic cardamom plantations. On such a tour, you will get acquainted with the different methods and procedure of planting, maintaining and harvesting cardamoms.

8. Cattle Tours:

Till you sign in for the cattle tours, your Sikkim tour will not get completed! On these tours, you will get an opportunity to learn how to milk the cows and also about preparing butter in the most traditional ways.

9. Cattle Tours with Fodder Collection and Feeding:

If you want to explore and discover the countryside of Sikkim, you must extend your cattle tours with fodder collection and cattle feeding. Allowing you to get close to the cattle, these tours will teach you the basics of living country life, where everything is connected with the Mother Nature!

10. Folklore and Story Tours:

The homestays in Sikkim not only offers you an opportunity to taste its cultures, traditions and hospitality. These tours also allow you to revisit your golden childhood days! The folklores and amusing stories related to Sikkim and its locals will surely make you feel nostalgic.

11. Local Food and Beverage Tours:

Tasting the local foods and beverages of Sikkim is indeed a flavoursome journey. On these tours, you will not only get to sample the various gastronomic delights, but will also get to learn how to prepare them and pamper your taste buds even when you are away from Sikkim!

12. Pilgrimage Site and Monastery Tours:

The entire of Sikkim is fringed with several holy and religious sites. The best and ideal way to visit and explore the sanctity of these pious sites is the pilgrimage site and monastery tours.

Things to do in a Himalayan Homestay:

Enjoy the kind and warm gesture of the local families; try not to interfere or disturb their daily life in any form.Sikkimese worship the nature as their indigenous deities; do respect their emotions and comply with them.Sikkim is truly an eco-friendly destination; do not litter around and help the locals to maintain the ecological balance.Even while meandering around, keep in mind that you are in the lap of Mother Nature; maintain all the ecological decorum even when visiting the lakes and streams.Respecting the local culture and tradition in a must; maintain the dress code suggested by the tour guide or the locals.Even while taking photographs or participating in any of the activities with the locals, seek their permissions.While visiting the monasteries and other religious sites, follow the local cultures and traditions precisely.
Things not to do in a Himalayan Homestay:

Disturb the local peace and harmony.Disturb the wildlife in any form.Do not indulge in plucking flowers or affecting the flora and fauna.Smoking, indecent behaviours or consuming alcohol while visiting the sacred places.Giving tips to the local children in any form.

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