At times, wonders come in small sizes and shapes” -whoever said this line, said it very correctly! If you want to experience saying, you must join any of the white water rafting experience in Sikkim. A unique, enthralling and extremely adventurous way of manoeuvring the gruesome rapids, white water rafting is all about fun and excitement.

Teesta and Rangeet are two of rivers that serves as the lifeline to Sikkim and its people. Besides being meeting the daily requirements of the locals, these two rivers also plays an enticing host to river rafting expeditions at several places.

Though the state serves as the origin point of many adventure expeditions and quests, river rafting is something that must not be missed while on a trip to Sikkim. In addition to all the enthralling rapids and challenges associated with them, these expeditions also offers the best views of Sikkim’s rich and diverse natural beauty and appeal.

Some important information about Rafting in Sikkim:

Raft: It is an inflatable and sturdy rubber boat that can withstand immense amount of pressure, turbulence and can easily surpass the raffling rapids. While the capacity of the raft depends entirely on its size, the fun and adventure one can have on it depends entirely on the grade of the rapids and the navigating skills of the rafters.

Grades of the Rapids:

Grade I: Easy to navigate with smaller waves and are suitable for beginners.Grade II: Moderately challenging waves that requires prior rafting experience.Grade III: Higher level of challenges and requires skilled navigating skills plenty of experience.Grade IV: Offers turbulent waves and requires expert rafters.Grade V: Extremely challenging waves. It is a strict no for beginners or less experienced rafters.Grade VI: Cannot be navigated.

Rapids in Sikkim:

Teesta River:
Grade: I to IV+
Best Season: October to April
Rangeet River:
Grade: I to IV+
Best Season: October to April

Poplar White Water Trails in Sikkim:

For Swimmers:

Tarkhola to Malli (20 Km / 2 Hours)
Tarkhola to 29th Mile (33 Km / 3 Hours)
Rongpo to 29th Mile (28 Km / 3 Hours)
Tarkhola to Kali Jhora (37 km / 5 Hours)

For Non-Swimmers:

Malli to 29th Mile (11 Km / 1 Hour)
Malli to Rayang (13 Km / 2 Hours)
29th Mile to Kalijhora (18 Km / 2 Hours)
Malli to Kali Jhora (24 Km / 3 Hours)

Instructions and Guidelines for Rafting in Sikkim:

Carrying a valid Passport is mandatory for the foreign nationals to cross the Teesta Bridge Participants suffering from major ailments like asthma, heart problems, epilepsy are strictly not allowed for rafting; expecting mothers are also strictly not allowed. The minimum age limit for rafting in Sikkim is 14 years; at certain places the limit might drop down to 10 years. Please check with the authority about the same. Participants under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicants are not allowed for rafting in Sikkim. Knowing swimming is better; non-swimmers can also participate in rafting. However, non-swimmers are not allowed to all the rapids in Sikkim.

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