Standing tall and strong, the fascinating mountains and peaks of Sikkim entices the visitors with all their grace and charm! These hill and mountains, not only adds to the enchanting charm of the state, but also makes it for a dream destination for the adventure junkies. Whether you want to explore the magical beauty of the Himalayas, kick-in some adrenaline, challenge or push your limits and discover the unknown, Sikkim is the destination for you.

While the fascinating hills and mountains contributes to the magical beauty of this landlocked state, they also serves as a charismatic destination for the adventure lovers; especially the mountain bikers. While most of the thrill seekers indulge in activities like trekking, paragliding, river rafting and others, the bikers get their dose of adrenalines gushing down or pedalling up the tricky and challenging slopes in Sikkim.

Though mountain biking can be done round the year, the advent of spring; or April-May, increases the thrill quotient related to it. Mountain bikers from all across the nation makes it to these slopes and satiates all the dreams and desires of mountain biking in Sikkim.

Why Us?

All our team members are well versed, highly trained and experienced with the tricky terrains and challenging slopes of Sikkim.With safety and thrill as our first concern, we make sure every quarter you ride on the wheels, should get you the pump or adrenaline boost that attracted you to Sikkim.

Also, since a majority of our group members are the natives of this region, we assure the maximum amount of fun and excitement during any of the mountain biking tours in Sikkim.With our internationally approved bikes, safety equipment and apparatus, the bikers need not to think about the terrains! All they can do, keep the spirit alive and let the fun, adventure and thrill follow them while mountain biking in Sikkim! Last, but not the least, being adventure aficionados by ourselves, we know how to handle critical situations; in case, there are any natural or unforeseen mishaps, our expert team members can tackle the situations better than any others!

Do We Rent Out Bikes Or Biking Gears?

Yes, we do! In case, you cannot bring your own bikes for mountain biking in Sikkim, you can rent a bike from our team. All our bikes are of international levels and are safety approved. Before renting the bikes, we ensure the safety quotient by testing them all by ourselves.

Considering the tough and extremely challenging terrains, we also arrange the stays during any of these tours in luxury and comfortable hotels, guesthouses or homestays. We also emphasize on the physical fitness during the tours by keeping an eye on the diet and activities related to mountain biking in Sikkim.

Some of the most popular mountain biking expeditions in Sikkim:

Biking And Trekking In Sikkim

If you are one of the ardent adventure enthusiasts, nothing can beat the allurement of this biking tour. Along with rolling down the challenging terrains, you can also get a much needed dose of trekking in Sikkim… Read More

Mountain Biking Excursion In Sikkim

Well, this is one of the shortest mountain biking tours in Sikkim. Though it is of only 09 days, the fun and excitement on this tour is just like any other mountain biking expeditions in Sikkim. Originating from Gangtok, it takes the riders through several major places to visit in Sikkim…
Read More

Mountain Biking From Sikkim To Darjeeling

On this 10 days mountain biking expedition in Sikkim, you will get to pedal through the quaint and rustic villages. Offering the real charm of the countryside, this tour will also take you to Darjeeling and several other destinations… Read More

Nature Mountain Biking Tour In Sikkim

If you a nature lover, you must undertake the Nature Mountain Biking Tour in Sikkim. Short yet equally fascinating, this 05 days biking tour in Sikkim takes place through all the ecological and lush trails, and offers a great opportunity to explore the natural beauty of Sikkim… Read More

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