Things to do in Sikkim in August

Sikkim is like a multi-starrer movie that offers a touch of everything to every kind of audience. From adventure to history, nature’s beauty to heart melting culture, it is a complete package. The highlight of the state is its high altitude lakes and the gorgeous waterfalls that look even more enchanting during the month of August.

The rains bring with them a sweet smell of the land and the drizzle at the waterfalls and lakes uplifts your experience at the place.

Here is a list of the things that will enhance your experience in Sikkim in August.

Prayers at Ravangla Buddha Park

The Ravangla Buddha Park offers you spiritual enlightenment and tourists from all over the globe come to attend the prayers at the Buddha Park.

Tourists also meditate at the park and pray to the holy God. They feel this might help them attain nirvana and spiritualise their soul.

The most appropriate time to visit the park is during the monsoons. Nature helps you feel connected to the place and this eventually helps in your meditation. This makes it one of the must-visit places in Sikkim in August.

Price: Free Entry

Things to Remember

It is advisable to wear traditional clothes in the park.

Leisure Time Amongst Locals of Lachen/Lachung

It is a known fact that the locals of the state are very warm-hearted and welcoming people. They host you just like a guest of their house and their hospitality is one of the topmost highlights of the state.

During the monsoons, you can visit some of the locals of Lachen and Lachung and spend some time in their house. You can also try out some local dishes of Sikkim and maybe learn the recipe too. This helps you to know about their culture and their daily well-being. History enthusiasts, this is perfect for you.

Price: Free Entry

Things to Remember

You can carry some gifts or souvenirs for the locals when you go visit them, as an act of gratitude.

Explore Sikkim Culture

During the monsoons, the vibe of Sikkim is very relaxed. This makes it the perfect time to go around the place and interact with the locals and learn about the culture of Sikkim in August.

You can visit the monasteries and spend time with the monks and ask them about the culture and history of the place. The monks are very humble and will surely entertain any questions you have regarding the state’s culture. This helps you learn in depth about the state you are visiting and maybe then share your first-hand knowledge with your friends and family.

Price: Free Entry

Things to Remember

Make sure you do not mention anything offensively during your conversations with the monks or locals.

Bakthang Waterfalls – Gangtok

If you are in Sikkim in August and you haven’t visited a waterfall then your trip to Sikkim is incomplete. One such waterfall that is a must-visit in Sikkim in August is the Bakthang Waterfall. The highlight of the waterfall is its width. The fall is broad that it almost covers a mountain and that makes it so beautiful. The flowing water falls over a canopy of green creepers and during the month of August, the flow of the water is even faster, enhancing the charm of the place.

Price: Free Entry

Things to Remember

Make sure you carry an extra pair of clothes and a towel to dry yourself after bathing under the fall.

Caving in the North Lha-Ri-Nying Phu

The caves are popularly known as the Old Caves of God’s Hill.

It is believed to be one of the holiest caves in Sikkim and during August you feel nice and cold inside the cave because the rocks are wet from the outside. Hence, the best time to visit this cave in Sikkim is in August. The caves also present a wonderful opportunity of watching the interiors of the Himalaya.

To reach the cave you must start from Tashiding, and a three days walk will take you to the mouth of the cave. You can enjoy the thrill of this fun-filled activity and also seek blessings of the local deity on your way to the cave.

Price: Free Entry

Things to Remember

Wear comfortable shoes and do carry a first aid kit along

For the ones who have claustrophobia are advised to be prepared before entering the cave

Visit Namgyal Institute of Tibetology

The institute is one of the oldest institutes of the state.

The institute promotes researches in the field of Tibetan language, art, religion and culture. The compound has a museum, which has a collection of statues, coins, masks, thangkas and ancient manuscripts.

During the month of August, the rains anyway bother a lot, so it is best to stay indoors and still be able to have the most of your trip.

Price: Rs.10/-

Things to Remember

The institute is closed on every Sunday, second Saturdays of each month and public holidays

Spend Time with Monks – Gangtok Monastery

In the Gangtok Monastery many tourists come to develop and combine research on the monks of Sikkim. Some are making short films, documentaries or even writing books.

The monks are very humble and co-operate with the tourists and donate whatever time they can to them. If you are someone who wants to learn more about the culture and their lifestyle, you can spend some time with the monks. During the monsoons, a cup of coffee and some conversations are the perfect thing to do in Sikkim in August.

Price: Rs.10/-

Things to Remember

Make sure you take a diary along to note down some points of reference if any.

Try Sikkimese Dishes

A very famous dish in Sikkim is the Sikkimese Tongba. It is said that the North East never disappoints with food and Sikkim boasts of the most finger licking variety of culinary delights, one of which is the Tongba.

With a number of restaurants in the state with the best multi-speciality dishes, where you can take your taste buds on a stimulating ride you will also find the Tongba. The foodies must try the dishes like sisnoo, gundruk ka jhol, fermented soyabean chutney, and some scrumptious pork curry. This makes of a lovely evening in Sikkim in August. While it is raining, you can sip on some mildly hot coffee and enjoy the hot food and savour your tummy and mouth.

Price: As per the restaurant

Things to Remember

Make sure you try all the dishes and choose the best one later on

Traditional Dance – Rumtek Monastery

The traditional dance at Rumtek is one of the highlights of Sikkim in August. The dance happens inside the monastery and many tourists come to see the performance. They say Rumtek was the first monastery built in India with all the traditional architectural designs. In fact, about 2 km away from Dharma Chakra Center is the rebuilt 300 year old Rumtek monastery.

During the month of August, you can spend time in the monastery even though it is raining outside. But in fact, the rains make the view even more alluring.

Price: Free Entry

Things to Remember

Carry your camera along to click some beautiful pictures.

Visit Enchey Monastery

Visiting a monastery in August is the best time to spend at the monastery. Even though it is raining outdoors you can make the most of your trip by being indoors.

The Enchey Monastery is one such monastery that is a must-visit in Sikkim in August. It is nestled on a height of 2080 meters and houses attractive statues of Guru Padmasambhava and a ‘zang-thok-palri’ – the celestial palace of the Guru.

Price: Free Entry

Things to Remember

Carry your camera along to click some beautiful pictures.

After this stupendous line-up of things to do in Sikkim in August, we are sure you will have to make some changes in your itinerary if you have already prepared one.

All in all, we hope you have a wonderful time and that you make the most of your trip to Sikkim.


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