Things to do in Geyzing

Inhale an air of serenity in Geyzing

Geyzing is a pleasant little town with a portion of the best attractions encased inside its region. The capital of the west Sikkim area, Geyzing is likewise the region base camp of Sikkim. Lying over the magnificent Himalayan reaches and the Rangeet River. There are various energizing activities in Geyzing. From authentic destinations to social attractions, explore the comprehensive rundown of attractions in Geyzing. Find new places to see and special activities adjacent to Geyzing.

Here’s all that you should indulge in while in Geyzing!

A day amidst Rhododendrons in Varsey

Varsey blossoms at its brightest best during the spring season, the wondrous magnificence of blooms draws guests to visit the haven. Set up in 1996, this asylum is one of the top most attractions for tourists in Geyzing as here, you get the chance to explore different variants of oaks, pines and Magnolia. If you are on your way to this beautiful asylum via trekking, then you may also get the opportunity to spot Himalayan creatures such as Red pandas, Black Bear, fox, Crimson Horned Pheasant, Leopard feline, Himalayan Yellow Throated Marten, Kaleej Langur, Monal Pheasant, and numerous bird species. This is a perfect destination for those that enjoy time amid nature. You can walk around and explore the nooks and corners of this all-blooming sanctuary. Once you are here, you can also partake in popular trekking trails that starts from Uttrayey, Hilley or Dentam.

The best time to visit Varsey is amid the long stretches of April and May. The entire area is painted in red and pink and yellow rhododendrons. You can also enjoy a spell-binding view of the Himalayas from this place during the winter season.

Dafeybhir Pass Trek

This is an offbeat destination that is slowly gaining popularity among those that enjoy adventure. If you wish to explore the best of Geyzing, trek the trails here. This trek goes on for 10-11 days and further acclaimed Yuksom Goecha La trek from its East Sikkim join with this trek. Dafeybhir trail without a doubt gives you an extreme stunning loving excursion for a lifetime! Starts from Uttarey Village, takes the course of Sikkim and Nepal Border and then brings you back to the town. Enroute Dafeybhir trek you will experience the merry nature’s charming excellence in the middle of the lofty and rough landscape, and lavish greenery, falling cascades, little spouting streams and waterways and wonderful, pristine lakes.

A day at the scenic town of Yangtey

Yangtey town is a pristine beguiling magnificence in West Sikkim. It is a prestigious as a curious hill station situated 2 km away from Geyzing. Surrounded with beautiful views of glorious Himalayan ranges and ragged fields, the air of Yangtey is loaded up with invigorating and woody scent of timberland, spouting cascades, and peaceful blue and white skies. One can savour the excellence of this little town with the locals here. Their affable and warm cordiality engraves will give you umpteen memories. Besides the stunning views of the mountains, Yangtey have some flawless attractions also, explorers can check out the popular monasteries here. These monasteries embody the chronicled conventions of Sikkim’s glorious past, craftsmanship and culture, captivating artistic creations and hypnotizing statues portraying the profound established relic of Kingdoms and administrations.

A session of peace at Khecheopalri Lake

If you wish to enjoy peace and tranquillity then this is a place you should be in. The Lake is known to be a characteristic piece of the Demazong loved valley of rice. Privately known as the Sho Dzo Sho Lake. The name of this lake originated from the encompassing Khecheopalri hill which is likewise believed to be a blessed mountain. This paradise of Padmasambhava is situated at a separation of 147 km from the Khecheopalri town. Known to satisfy wishes of their devotees, the lake is thought to be blessed by both Buddhist and Hindu lovers and is revered by a huge number of supporters from around the world. As per chronicled references, it is said that the lake began after the Nepali attack of the medieval kingdoms amid the seventeenth century. The Nepali armed force destroyed the castle of the Namgyal. A fascinating truth about the lake is that the leaves are not permitted to fall into the lake as the feathered creatures make a point to lift them up when they drop on its surface. The lake is moderated because of the rich biodiversity it holds making the lake an essential one from ecotourism and viewpoints. The holiness and immaculateness of the lake is saved till date.

Know the rich ‘Sikkimese’ history at Rabdentse Ruins

For those that love history, this is an ideal destination. The garden is created by the tourism division of Sikkim and has increased colossal fame from that point forward. The rich green scene is flawlessly and creatively embellished with fields of blossoms and all kinds of trees. Here, you will find guides that will help you understand the significance of this place better. It is also a perfect place for a laid back evening. You can enjoy the sounds of nature and birds chirping here. The place is perfect for a picnic with family. You can also indulge in fun activities such as swimming here. The place is also loaded with food joints and cafeterias, do get your hands on the delicacies here. Enjoy the mesmerizing view of nature’s wonders here. The quiet Darap town is only 5 km from Rabdentse Ruins, and here you can experience the way of life and conventions of the Limboo community.

Submit to the divine at Pemayangtse Monastery

Situated at a high elevation of 6840 feet over the ocean level is the cloud brushing Buddhist legacy specifically the Pemayangtse Monastery. The sanctuary is an ideal aggregation of Buddhist sacred texts, collectibles, models and different works of art that will influence you to go wonderment in awe. This monastery was arranged, outlined and established by Lama Lhatsun Chempo in 1705. But at recent times this place has been renovated under the administration of Chogyal Chakdor Namgyal lord. It is a three-storied structure most visited amid the Cham dance Festival. During this festival, the beautiful best image of this monastery is displayed. It is a lively festival that draws visitors from across the world. There are 108 priests in this monastery. You can enjoy the breath-taking view of the majestic mountains from here and spend time inhaling peace and offering prayers to the Divine Being.

Home to some of the loveliest, Geyzing is a paradise for all that love nature!


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