How to plan Sikkim tour in March

Sikkim is a hill station in North Eastern piece of India. Known for its elevated mountains, interesting towns, perfect landscape, heavenly lakes and lively Buddhist Monasteries. Sikkim is likewise a heaven for experience oddities, trekkers and mountain climbers attributable to its horde adventure activities during the month of March. Regardless of whether you are searching for a laid back break, taking in the spectacle of nature’s magnificence or looking for a thrilling gutsy occasion, Sikkim won’t leave you disillusioned. Sikkim in March is pleasant, perfect for those wanting an escape.


The weather of Sikkim in March is pleasant. The 1st week may be a little cold but it gets better as time pass. It is sure to be pleasant by the end of the month. North Sikkim may still be chilly, hence we recommend that you pack woolen so you keep save from harsh winter weather here in Sikkim. The temperature during March in Sikkim hovers around 10-14 degree celsius.

Road Conditions

Snowfall subsisdes as March begins hence, the roads are clear and you will experience a hassle free travel. Though the winds can get harsh during this time of the year, the roads are clear from obstructions. Keep your woolens handy as you journey into this beautiful haven nestled in North-East India.

Major Attractions in Sikkim in March

Changu Lake

Tsomgo lake located 38 km from the capital city of Sikkim, Gangtok, is one of the most favourite popular tourist places in Sikkim to visit during the month of March. A zig-zag road amidst rocky mountain and lush green forest takes you to the famous Changu Lake. If you are in East Sikkim, then you must visit this place.

Lachen and Lachung

Lachen and Lachung both are wonderful spots since they possess characteristic scenic magnificence. March is one of the best time to visit this placed. You can see cold desart, Gurudongmar lake largrest pool of sikkim at an altitute of 17100 ft and tibeten mountain. In the month of March, the skies are clear and you can get an amazing view of the Himalayas from here.

Nathula Pass

Nathula pass, situated in the Himalayas, interfaces India with Tibet is viewed as among the best places to visit in Sikkim. The place is at 4,310 m above ocean level structures a piece of a side-shoot of the ancient Silk Road. This is side usually remains close during the months of heavy snowfally but as March begins, the landscape is beautiful here and you get the chance to view some amazing scenes from up here.


The second most-visited fascination after Gangtok, Pelling will woo you with its lavish backwoods and changed untamed life. The pleasant weather at Pelling in the month of March calls for a stroll. Make sure, you enjoy a speactacle of the Himalayas from here.

Gurudongmar Lake

Situated in a high level region of Sikkim is probably the most noteworthy lake on the planet, Gurudongmar Lake. This excellence is situated at an elevation of 17,800 ft. The lake is toward the north of Kang Chengyao go and is encouraged normally by the icy masses. The lake remains solidified in the month of March and remains beautiful.

Yumthang Valley

The Yumthang Valley or Sikkim Valley of Flowers asylum, is a nature haven with waterway, underground aquifers, yaks and munching field on moving knolls encompassed by the Himalayan mountains in the North Sikkim region of Sikkim state in India. The Yumthang Valley or Sikkim Valley of Flowers haven, is a nature asylum with stream, underground aquifers and yaks. At this time of the year, the weather remains and plesant and the environ is green.


Since the greater part of the touristy zones in Sikkim lie in limited zones, it is fitting to check for the licenses expected to visit these territories.

You may require authorizations from the travel industry office, woodland office and Army specialists relying upon the sort of region you intend to visit; apply for the grants well in advance.

Respect social conventions and traditions while visiting religious communities or temples.

The climate stays cool consistently thus, it is constantly prescribed to convey appropriate woolens along.

For experience exercises, consistently consider an authorized visit administrator who gives all of you the vital wellbeing apparatuses and equipment.

Respect tidiness while visiting parks, untamed life asylums and national parks.

For exercises like trekking and mountain biking, go in groups.


March is considered one of the best time to visit Sikkim. The climate is pleasant, recovering from the chills of January and February. If you wish to experience the blooming natural beauty in Sikkim, the best season to visit would be in spring which begins from March. Sikkim is the lovely state and each period of this state has something to offer its visitors. The roads opens up, you’ll be able to visit freely the different destinations in the nooks and corners of Sikkim.


By the month of March, snowfall is rare, except in the high altitude regions. If you wish to experience snow. You may not be able to partake in snow skating exercises, due to the weather but you will get to witness the green side of Sikkim.


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