Gangtok Weather in September

The paths covered with fallen leaves, trees blanketed with cherry blossoms, a sight to behold as autumn begins!


It’s the beginning of autumn, the skies are clear and the weather in Gangtok is pleasant. September is one of the best time to visit Gangtok. After the harsh monsoon, the sun has peaked its way into the city of Gangtok again. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the mountain ranges. Its good time for adventure activities and you can explore the scenery of Gangtok in September. The entire city is filled with cherry blossoms and the landscape is amazing during this season. The temperature during September gets up to 14 degree Celsius. You can enjoy a scenic, cool holiday amidst Gangtok weather in September. So go ahead, travel to Gangtok in September to enjoy the magnificient view of the city.

Festivals in September


Celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna in the lonely planet of Gangtok

Janmashtami is one of the most popular festival celebrated in the country. And the state of Sikkim also celebrates this festival with much zeal and enthusiasm. Temples across the state organize bhajans, kirtans, rasleela, and Puja to celebrate this occasion. People across the state perform traditional dances and walk the streets with the statue of Lord Krishna. Various dance shows and dramas enacting the life of Lord Krishna is held during this festival. The city is colourfully decorated and the birth of Lord Krishna is welcomed with grandeur in Gangtok. So if you are in Gangtok during September, take part in this grand celebration and rests to rhythm of devotional songs that are sung during this occasion.

Get a better glimpse of the city during the celebration of World Tourism Day

Gangtok is one of the most popular tourist destination for tourists from across the world. And to celebrate this, the state celebrates World Tourism Day in the capital city. During this celebration, the diverse natural beauty of the state is displayed and people from different communities perform traditional dances and move to the rhythm of folk songs. The culture, traditions, and lip-smacking delicacies of the state is showcased to celebrate this festival. Various tourism agencies are also promoted and awarded. The State Tourism award of excellence is also presented during this celebration. Stakeholders from across the state come together to interact with each other on ways to promote the beautiful land of Sikkim.

Celebrate the festival of Indrajatra in Sikkim

This is a festival popularly celebrated in Kathmandu Valley. It is of great religious importance to the Newar community. This festival stems from the believe that Indra’s (Indra is the king of heaven) mother centuries ago asked for specially scented flowers (Parijat). To fulfil his mother’s wish, he went miles looking for this flower, and finally found them in Kathmandu Valley. He then thought of stealing these and giving them to his mother. But when he was on this mission, he was caught by the people in Kathmandu and imprisoned. Months later, Indra’s mother came to the valley in search of his son. At this point then, the people in Kathmandu realized the mistake they had done as Indra is the king of heaven. To therefore calm his anger, they dedicated a festival now known as Indrajatra to him. This festival is celebrated with pomp in Nepal and in all parts of Sikkim.

How to reach Gangtok


Want to explore the beautiful Gangtok but not sure how? Read on…

By Air: If you wish to reach Gangtok in a jiffy, take a flight to Bagdodra airport. This is the biggest and fully functional airport close to Gangtok. Once you arrive at this airport, you can take a cab to Gangtok. The journey from the airport to Gangtok can be covered within 5 hours. If you wish to save more time, you can also take the helicopter ride from the airport to Gangtok. This will take you only 20 minutes. Besides Bagdodra airport, Sikkim has also launched its very own Pakyong airport. But this airport is comparatively small and not all flights land here. So, check accordingly.

By Road: If you are planning on exploring the city of Gangtok by road, you have made the right decision. Since this is a landlocked city located on the hills, the journey is breath taking. Before you reach Gangtok, you will get the chance to pass through beautiful destinations and stop by stalls that offer mouth-watering food. The path to Gangtok is adorned with beautiful lush green nature, pristine lakes and waterfalls. So get ready to witness the beautiful nature that surrounds Gangtok while journeying by land.

By Train: For those that don’t mind long journeys and love the soaking into the culture as they travel, train is the best option. By train, you will get to pass through the scenic interiors of different states and get the view of the beautiful countryside. The lonely planet of Gangtok is also accessible by Train. Book a train to New Jalpaiguri Railway Station in Siliguri. Once you arrive at Siliguri, book a cab or take the bus to Gangtok. The journey by land from Siligurti to Gangtok will take you approximately 4 hours. Enjoy this ride as the view gets better as you reach higher.

Fun awaits at Gangtok

There is so much to be explored and so much fun that awaits for you once you are in Gangtok. So prep yourself up and get ready to make memories worth a lifetime while in Gangtok. Here’s some fun that you should take part in.

Trek and mountain biking in Gangtok


For those that love adventure, the hilly terrains of Gangtok is a paradise. You can trek through beautiful paths and reach the scenic mountain top or take part in mountain biking. The routes will definitely get your adrenaline rushing and offer thrill. While trekking and mountain biking, you will also get the chance to explore the rich biodiversity, villages, lakes and waterfalls in Gangtok.

Raft through the rush at River Teesta


Since September is beginning of autumn and the end of monsoon, the rivers at Gangtok have high density of water at this time. During this season you can take part in river rafting. As you raft through the multidimensional flow of water, you will get a sense of immense peace. Though the gushing water may scare you at first, keep that fear aside and let the fun takeover. Also spend time by the banks of River Teesta unwinding and enjoying the scenic view.

Indulge in tasty treats at MG Marg


The local cuisine in Sikkim is ‘healthilicious’. So make it a point to indulge in these lip-smacking delicacies. You can spend an evening in the cafes here and delight your hungry stomach with juicy momo and tea. You can also enjoy a picturesque view of the mighty Himalayas from the cafes here.

Tour across the Monasteries


One of the most popular place that you shouldn’t miss while in Gangtok are the monasteries. Take a tour across the different monasteries here and let the innate scenicity in them exhilarate peace in you. Also, spend time unwinding and exploring the little intricacies in the architecture of the monasteries here.

Go ahead and become a part of magical Gangtok weather in September.


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