Beautiful Lakes in Sikkim

On an emotional note, all we need is only one reason to fall in love…and that’s the tender feeling in the opposite person’s heart! But while visiting Sikkim, this landlocked Indian state will offer you a handful of reasons to fall for it! For the adventure lovers, it has the towering and snow-clad peaks, fascinating trekking trails and enthralling passes. On the other hand, for the peace seekers, the state offers abundance of places to visit, monasteries to attain mental stability and stunning lakes to visit.

Talking about the lakes of Sikkim, one can find quite a few options to visit. Most of these Sikkim lakes are located atop scenic mountains, and the journey to them is in itself a magical and unforgettable experience. In case, you are planning a visit to this scenic tourist destination, here is a list of the lakes that you must visit in Sikkim:

1. Tsomgo Lake:

Located at an altitude of 12,00ft, this ethereal lake is one of the Sikkimese offerings that you cannot miss out at any cost! Locally called the ‘Changu Lake’, it is nestled amidst lofty peaks and enchanting glaciers. Translated into the local Bhutia language, it means the ‘source of the lakes’.

Around 40km from the capital city of Sikkim, this oval shaped lake spreads around 1km and is 15m deep. While the winters freezes down this water reservoir, the spring makes it a colourful affair with many varieties of flowers. Also, a paradise for the bird-watchers, this Sikkim lake attracts a diverse range of migratory birds; the Brahmini Duck is one of the native species.

2. Menmecho Lake:

Moving 20km ahead from the Tsomgo Lake, you will find another charming lake of Sikkim known as the Menmecho Lake. Tucked away at an enthralling height of 12,500ft, it is located just below the Jelep La Pass and is the known source of Rangpo-chu River flowing through the state.

A famed Sikkimese destination for Trout-Fishing, it remains blanketed with layers of snow during the winters, but outshines most of the popular attractions in the state with the advent of the summer. Anglers from various corners of the country as well from other parts of the world throngs this charming lake and satiates their love for adventure or game fishing.

3. Khecheopalri Lake:

Besides being a major tourist attraction in Sikkim, the Khecheopalri Lake in Sikkim is also considered as one of the holiest lakes in the state. Worshipped by both Hindus and Buddhists, it is located at a towering height of 38,710ft and is cossetted by groovy patches of forests.

Legends has it that the birds around this Sikkim lake safeguards this celestial lake from any intruder; be it a leaf on the surface of the lake! Whatever the reality is, you will definitely enjoy the sights of this stunning lake.

4. Karthok Lake:

One among all the sacred lakes of Sikkim, the Karthok Lake is known to be the most appealing and serene lakes in the state! With its emerald water that are considered holy by the locals, it is said that any wish made beside this lake with a pure heart never goes unheard by the Gods! Every year, the locals hold a grand celebration is held beside this holy lake in order to thank the Gods for bringing prosperity to their lives.

5. Green Lake:

Located at the base of the Mt Khangchendzonga, the Green Lake is one of the mysterious lakes in Sikkim; according to some, the lake once disappeared and is now just a lake basin. However, the route to the Green Lake is one of the most popular trekking routes in Sikkim and on a clear morning, one can enjoy the reflecting of the Khangchendzonga peak on the surface of this lake.

6. Samiti Lake:

While on the enthrallig Goecha La trek or the Dzongri trek, one can witness the turquoise Samiti Lake romancing the lofty peaks and heavenly beauty of Sikkim. Cradled between two different mountains, though it is one of the tiniest lakes of Sikkim, its enchanting appeal and charm compels the trekkers to take a pause during their trek through this region!

7. Tso Lhamu Lake:

The water in the Tso Lhamu Lake in Sikkim holds a heavenly charm that can hardly be resisted by anyone. Source of the Teesta River, this lake also attracts a large of migratory birds from various corners of the world. On a clear sunny day, the water in the lake reflects the images of the nearby peaks and glaciers in the most befitting way!

8. Lakshmi Pokhari:

Such is the beauty of the Lakshmi Pokhari, it will make you believe that it is the home of the Gods! The enchanting charm and appeal of this high altitude Sikkim lake is one of the most sought after destinations for the nature photographers.

9. Gurudongmar Lake:

A sacred lake for the Buddhists and the Hindus, the Gurudongmar Lake is nestled amidst snow-covered mountains and peaks at an altitude of 17,100ft. According to the faiths and beliefs that exists around this lake, it is said that worshipping this lake grants the wishes of the couples who cannot have children. Another folklore says that after one of the parts of this lake was blessed by Guru Rimpoche, that particular spot never freezes no matter how hard the winter is!


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