Top Honeymoon Destinations In North East

As sweet as honey…and as bright as the moon! Honeymoon, a journey to a world filled with wonders, happy, affectionate and caressing moments, comes once in a lifetime! Endless promises to be with each other, dreams to sail the ship called ‘love’ and to stand beside each other forever and beyond that; honeymoon is all about an eternal journey for the rest of our lives.

While deciding honeymoon, you might come across several regions in the country; from east to west & north to south. However, on this once-in-a-lifetime and devoted affair, plan a trip to the North-Eastern part of the country and begin the new life with all the blessings of Mother Nature and create romantic, pleasant and memorable moments with your love and devotion!

Have a look on the 15 most romantic as well as appealing honeymoon destinations in the North-East:

1. Gangtok, Sikkim:

A dream come true destination, Gangtok is all about romance amidst the enchanting nature and its scenic marvel! Such is the beauty and appeal of the capital city of Sikkim, it is also counted as one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in the entire country.

Situated at a height of 5,500ft above the sea level, each and every moment in this enchanting city will bring you closer to each other. While the honeymooners who seek natural beauty can have enough reasons to get pleasantly lost in the environs of Gangtok, the adventure seekers can also quench all their desires in here.

2. Haflong, Assam:

The only hill station in a paradise land called Assam, Haflong is tucked amidst scenic hills and mountains. One of the very few places that still has the ‘meter gauge’ railway lines, every corner of this hilly town is painted by nature itself.

Plan a trip to Haflong in Assam, find reasons to love each other, find reasons to be beside each other, find reasons to hold each other for the rest your lives!

3. Dzükou Valley, Nagaland:

A mesmerising valley, where the blue sky romances the pleasant breezes, where the green colour speaks all the emotions of the nature, where seasonal flower sings the hymns of love and romance for you! Located on the Nagalnad-Manipur border, this remarkable valley is an ultimate honeymoon destination in the North-East India.

Ornamented with a pristine stream that flows through its bosom and home to the rare ‘Dzükou Lilies’, this picturesque valley in Nagaland is the true reflection of how to make every moment worth loving and memorable!

4. Pelling, Sikkim:

While others promises the sun, or the moon, or the stars to their better halves, promise her a world where love and romance prevails in the air! Plan your honeymoon trip to Pelling, Sikkim and fill this loveable journey with the pristine beauty of nature.

And in case, you have a weakness towards adventure sports, you cannot just ignore Pelling! Rising up to 7,200ft above the sea level, this Sikkimese town is ideal for river rafting, nature walks, treks and the most promising views of the Khangchendzonga Peak.

5. Mechuka, Arunachal Pradesh:

Arunachal Pradesh, or the land of the rising sun is amongst the least explored regoins in the North-East. Within the scenic locales of this state, you can find an evergreen valley called Mechuka or ‘Menchuka’.

A cradle of gentle hills, snow-covered peaks and the stunning Siyom River, this town can be a treasure trove for the couples who are much into culture and traditions. Home to the ancient Memba, Ramo, Bokar and the Libo tribes, the untouched and virgin beauty of Mechuka will surely add more pleasant and romantic moments to your honeymoon!

6. Shillong, Meghalaya:

Shillong or the ‘Scotland of the East’ is one of the primal destinations that you cannot miss while planning your honeymoon in North-East India. The capital of Meghalaya, this pictorial hill station city is known for its enchanting beauty and appeal.

Nestled amidst the East Khasi Hills, this city is also one of the most visited places in the north-eastern part of the country. Some of the must visit places in Sikkim are the Elephant Falls, Shillong Peak, Lady Hydari PArk, Golf Course, Motphran, Cathedral of Mary Help of Christians, Crinoline Falls and others.

7. Champhai, Mizoram:

Champhai or the ‘Rice Bowl of Mizoram’ is truly a heaven for the honeymooners! Almost hidden away from the rest of the world, this colourful town is cultural as well as the historical hub of Mizoram.

Why to select this quaint town as your honeymoon destination? Well, how about having the gentle breezes ushering life to your new beginning, the soothing natural beauty inciting love and romance into the relation!

8. Majuli, Assam:

It’s your honeymoon; it’s your journey into a new and loving world! Begin the new phase of your life with all the good-will and blessings from the Gods. Plan your honeymoon trip to the largest river island in the world and be a part of the world, where life is driven by faith, devotion and trust in the creator.

Situated amidst one of the largest rivers in India, Brahmaputra, Majuli in Assam is a scenic river island and is home to several indigenous cultures of the region. The beauty and devotion that can be found in the ‘Shatras’ of Majuli will surely make your honeymoon, a blessed journey!

9. Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh:

Well, Tawang has more than a myriad list of reasons to be one of the best honeymoon destinations in the North-East. Home to the most pious Tawang Monastery, this hill-town of Arunachal Pradesh is really a charming place to visit in the entire state.

Moreover, owing to its mesmeric beauty and appeal, it entices love-birds from all across the country to begin their love journey from this town. Come to Tawang, and you will never be away from serenity, pleasant moments and togetherness!

10. Lachung, Sikkim:

When it’s Sikkim, we don’t have to ask ‘why’; all we need to do, just get going! One of the most spectacular offerings of Sikkim Tourism, Lachung, with its magical beauty and splendours flaunts as one of the most scenic honeymoon destinations in North-East India.

Let both of your hearts unite just like the Lachen and Lachung river, paint your new beginning jut like the nature has painted Lachung and embrace each other just like the heavenly snows embraces the bosom of this Sikkimese town!

11. Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh:

While stepping into the most romantic phase of your life, let both of your hearts to be filled with all the love and emotions you have for each other! Let the surreal beauty of Mother Nature fill both of your lives with immense happiness and pleasure. And to accomplish this, no other destinations in the North-East can outlook the scenic Ziro Valley in Arunachal Pradesh.

Showcasing pleasant climate throughout the year, Ziro Valley is pristine and untouched from the outer world! Also, if you and your better half are music fans, this scenic valley can be the most ideal destination for you; it is the venue of the Ziro Music Festival.

12. Jampui Hills, Tripura:

The once a land of the Mizo tribe of North-East, Jampui Hills in Tripura is also one of the most wonderful North-Eastern honeymoon destinations in India. Spreading from the north to the south of the state, this scenic hill rises upto 1,000m above the sea level and allures the honeymooners with its stunning beauty and appeal.

While beginning a new phase of life, flee to this magnificent destination and experience the essence of life with the most wonderful sunrise views ever in your life! Even when the sun goes down, this region casts a magical as well as romantic spell on its visitors. Don’t miss out even a single moment in Jampui Hills; you never know, which moment will later become a memorable memoir for you!

13. Yuksom, Sikkim:

If you and your better half are the ardent lovers of nature, Yuksom can be the most befitting honeymoon destination in North-East India. On the other hand, if you both seek some adventure and adrenaline rush in your honeymoon, very less places can stand against this Sikkimese beauty! One of the most fascinating offerings of Sikkim tourism, Yuksom is the origin point of several enthralling treks, hikes and other adventure sports across the state.

Calm and beautiful, tenderly and appealing, romantic and cuddling, the colourful valleys and meadows of Yuksom can usher love and romance like any other honeymoon destinations in India.


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