Bhutan is a mystical country that is tucked away within the Himalayas. It holds an ancient charm and preserves its culture and tradition strictly. Immerse yourself in the strikingly scenic Bhutan by experiencing the age-old deeply spiritual culture along with rewinding at its boutique wellness retreats. It is an evolving wellness destination in Asia. For all those who seek a place of rest, recuperation and relief, Bhutan is the ideal travel destination for you. You can relax by soaking yourself in a mineral hot spring or opt for contemplative meditation, the choices are abundant. These treatments offer spiritual and cultural discovery and evoke holistic wellbeing. Bhutan’s natural environment along with its exceptionally opulent flora has enabled the growth of an unparalleled pharmacopoeia.

Meditation and Retreat

The natural setting of lush forests and verdant valleys make Bhutan the ideal spot for meditation and relaxing therapies. Meditation and retreat tours in Bhutan are quite frequent and popular. The mediation retreats here provide you with the ultimate places of respite from the stress and cares of everyday life. Being the last strongholds of Vajrayana Buddhism, to meditate is a common practice amongst Bhutanese monks. The retreats provide the perfect opportunity to draw attention upon your inner self and focus on the purpose of life. Meet with the Bhutanese healers who help restore a patient’s harmony and balance with nature and with himself. They also pressurise on weaving daily yoga and restorative spa into your day-to-day life. You must take a spiritual tour on your holiday trip to Bhutan to feed the soul.

Hot Spring Therapy

Locally known as known as Tshachus or menchus, hot springs are found in many parts of the world. Bhutan too is a destination blessed with nature’s best gifts. More than just being a tourist spot, it is reputed to have a variety of therapeutic benefits. That is because, this body of water is warmed geothermally and has a number of natural minerals known to cure an array of ailments such as arthritis, skin diseases, nasal congestion, blood flow and circulation, etc. They can be found in many parts of Bhutan and the most popular ones include Gasa Tshachu, Duenmang Tshachu, Dhur Tshachu, Gelephu Tshachu and Chuboog Tshachu.

The calmness of the body and mind is a sure take away from your visit to Bhutan. And why wouldn’t it be? After all, there is no other country where Gross national happiness is the development philosophy.

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