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Exploring the Glorious Bhutan

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Bhutan is not just a prominent tourist destination but a wonderful place that has been preserving its glorious history for millenniums and a place where people encounter various hidden surprises. The country is renowned as one of the main Buddhist plains where monasteries are the major part and vibrant festivals and cultural art occupies a special position in people’s heart. Besides, being one of the smallest countries, it has taught the world that adopting happiness is the primary goal for the growth of mankind.

If you have a desire to visit Bhutan at least once in a lifetime, then we have a plan for you that will take you to the magnificent destinations of this kingdom of paradise. This 7 days trip will initiate from the capital city of the country, Thimphu, and will conclude at the verdant valley, Paro. Moreover, this tour will let you visit other exuberant destinations surrounded by velvet green hills, Wangdue and Punakha valley.


On the very first day of your trip to Bhutan, you will arrive at the only international airport of Bhutan situated in Paro. As you fly over the high peaks of the Himalayas like a bird, you will witness the majestic view of Bhutan. While you step into the jaw-dropping beauty of Paro, our amiable representative will welcome you warm-heartedly and will further assist your transfer to the capital city Thimphu, situated at 2350 7,710 ft. Post a 2-hours long drive, you will enter the Bhutanese town of Thimphu that has been holding the traditional art, culture, and architecture of the country with pride. By the time you reach this place, you will be tired and need to refresh. So, you will first be taken to your hotel where you can relax and unwind yourself. If you would be too excited to explore the real gems of the place, you can walk through the town and encounter various speciality of the area and meet loving people of the country.

As the night arrives, you will come back to the hotel and sleep in the excitement of awaiting adventure.

It is the second day of your trip which is going to be full of amusement. Therefore, relish the hot piping breakfast at the hotel and leave for Kuensel Phodrang where recites a gigantic statue of Lord Buddha. This mesmerizing location is encircled with an outstanding view of the snowy peaks and lush green hills that would not allow you to put your camera down and capture every little beauty of the place. Next, you will be taken to the National Memorial Chorten which is located amidst the capital city and is known for excellent and exemplary Buddhist architecture. Besides, the delightful work of art depicted through gorgeous paintings and sculptures is notably beautiful. Afterwards, visit Folk Heritage Museum that was established in the year 2001 and is renowned to give you a glance of Bhutanese rural lifestyle. Also, the precious household equipment, tools, and objects and their usage with various techniques and skills is something that no one can afford to miss.

After midday, the next stop would be Sangaygang View Point which is one of the most amazing places in Thimphu as you can catch a speechless view of the entire town from a great height. Plus, the cold weather and foggy atmosphere at this picturesque location will make your day. Up next there is Changangkha Monastery which hums day and night with the pilgrim activities. This 9-centuries old Lhakhang is a prominent place of worship for locals as they pay their call here to name their newborns with the grace of God. Followed by Takin Preserve Centre, you will visit the large fenced enclosure that was originally established as a zoo. Besides, tourists will encounter the most amazing species and the national animal of the country Takin. Finally, you will be visiting Tashichho Dzong which is the most popular and biggest tourist attraction of Thimphu. This place is special because it is the home and office of the king and the house of the secretarial board of Bhutan.

As the sun comes down and the place shines with the light of the moon, you will be brought back to the hotel where you can rest throughout the night.

Wake up at an early hour today and have a hearty breakfast because today you will be shifting towards another paradise in Bhutan, Punakha or Wangdue. Both the destinations are about half an hour apart, however, situated in the same valley at an approximate altitude of 1300 meters. On this 3-hours long drive, you will pay your call at the marvellous location Dochu-la-pass which is located at a height of 3150 meters above sea level. You must stop at this destination as you will witness the astoundingly beautiful scenery of snow-covered peaks of the great Himalayas with freezing temperature of higher altitude. By the time you are done at Dochu-La-Pass, you will continue your journey towards Punakha or Wangdue. As you reach this magnificent site, the first thing you need to do is check-in at the hotel and freshen up till lunchtime because after that you have to leave the hotel to start your excursion.

The first stop of your expedition would be Punakha Dzong which is inextricably connected to glorious occasions of Bhutanese history. This Dzong was built in 1637 by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal and started serving as the capital of the city until 1907. However, today, it is known as the second oldest and second largest dzong of the country with a number of traditional sculptures. The second stop of the day would be Chhimi Lhakhang which is also known as the ‘temple of fertility’. As the name suggests, the Lhakhang is the place where couples with no child worship and tourists pay their call to experience the cultural ceremonies and unusual traditions.

By the evening, you will be taken back to the hotel where you can spend the night in the cosiness of the room.

It is the fourth day of your trip to Bhutan and, today, you have two options available to make the best out of the day. First, you can go for an excursion at a gorgeous place, Gangtey, and second, you can stay in Punakha and explore more exotic places peacefully. After having the scrumptious morning meal at the hotel, you will leave for your traverse of the place of your choice.

If you choose to start your day with Gangtey, you need to indulge yourself into a 3-hours long drive to reach the place. Post a long drive, you will step into the charming valley encircled with green hills, cold weather, fresh air, and serene environment. Moreover, the peace and calmness of the place are the proof behind the existence of many endangered species of fauna and birds including graceful black-necked crane. Besides, this is renowned as the most unspoiled and beautiful valley of the country that every tourist should visit at least once. For more amusement and picturesque view, you can also visit Gangtey Gompa which is located on the top of a small hill and is known as the largest Nyingmapa monastery of Bhutan. As the night arrives, you will be taken back to the hotel in Punakha or Wangdue where you can have mouth-watering dinner and sleep with beautiful memories you made in an unforgettable place.

As an alternative plan, if you wish to stay in Punakha valley, you should first hit the hiking trail of 45 minutes towards Khamsum Yuelley Namgyal Chorten which is standing regally since ages atop Punakha valley. Furthermore, it is a quintessential destination to witness the delightful traditions and idiosyncratic Bhutanese architecture and the spectacular view from this place is worth trekking through the scenic paths. Apart from Chorten, you can also visit Punakha Suspension bridge which is the second longest suspension bridge of the country that stretches across 180 meters above the swift river Po Chu. The final place to be visited in Punakha is Sangchhen Dorji Lhuendrup Nunnery which is perched amidst rich pine trees and represents the finest designs and conventions of the country.

As the sun goes down, you are free to relax enjoying the luxurious facilities of the hotel. Nonetheless, if you are still not tired, you are free to wander in the local market and buy souvenirs for your loved ones. By the time the sky is full of stars and moonlight, you will come back to the hotel and spend the night unwinding yourself for more enthusiastic moments.

Wake up at an early hour on the fifth morning of your trip and have your delectable Bhutanese breakfast because today you will be visiting another exciting place in the country. Post a 5-hours long drive, you will visit the exquisite location and the starting point of your trip, Paro, which is situated at an altitude of 2280 meters. On the way to this amusing corner, you will stop at Lamperi from where you will walk for some time to reach the land of heavenly beauty, Royal Botanical Park which is exactly like the scenery we used to paint in our childhood. This photogenic location will make you soak into its matchless beauty as you encounter 28 types of rhododendron and approximately 220 species of birds reciting in this paradise. Later, you will continue your transfer towards Paro and, as soon as you arrive, you will first be taken to your hotel where you can refresh and keep your luggage to explore the place freely.

Whenever you are ready, you will start your traverse from Ta Dzong, also known as the National Museum, which has been preserving a range of relics, artefacts, and paintings for centuries. In fact, the museum was destroyed by a tragic earthquake in the year 2011, however, was reopened in 2016 and is also renowned for its collection of modern Bhutanese art. Further, you will be visiting the ‘fortress of the heap of the jewels’, Rinpung Dzong which is commonly famous as Paro Dzong. Build in the year 1677 under the orders of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal, today this dzong serves as the seat of the district of Paro.

As the sun sets and darkness arrives, you will come back to the hotel and spend the rest of the time tranquillizing and enjoying the luxury of the premises.

It is the second last day of your trip to Bhutan and it is all going to be about visiting brilliant places in Paro. After having delectable breakfast at the hotel, you will leave for the most amazing tourist attraction of Paro, Taktsang Monastery which is renowned as one of the most venerated places of pilgrimage in the Himalayan range. Besides, you must need to trek for 2 hours into the lush greenery of the hill station to reach the destination. Subsequently, you will visit Drukgyel Dzong one of the well-recognized archaeologist sites by UNESCO World Heritage Center. This Dzong was built in 1649 and served as a significant defence base till 1952 when it was destroyed by a fire caused by a butter lamp. Hereafter, you will be taken to Kyichu Monastery which is the most beautiful and the oldest monastery of the country.

As the day comes to an end, you will come back to the hotel where you can pack your bags because tomorrow you have to leave this paradise. Thereafter, spend the night in leisure at your hotel room.

It is the last day of your trip and today is the time to bid adieu to this heavenly kingdom. After having a scrumptious breakfast, you will be dropped to Paro international airport from where you can take the flight for further journey.

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06 nights/07 days

Exploring the Glorious Bhutan

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