Peace, spirituality, and natural beauty are the three words that are enough to describe the Royal Kingdom of Bhutan! Tucked away in the lap of Eastern Himalayas, this scenic country steeped with myths, legends, and numerous folklores, boasts of its colourful and resonating history.

Bhutan – the name is believed to be extracted from ‘Bhotant’; a Sansktrit word meaning ‘End of Tibet’. Some also believe that the name has been derived from another primitive word called ‘Bhu-uttan’ that translate to ‘high-land’ in local language. However, despite what legends say, the locals often refer their motherland as ‘Druk’ which means ‘Dragon’ in local Bhutanese language; thus, this scenic country is often revered as the ‘Land of Thunder Dragons’.

Though Bhutan or the ‘Happiest Himalayan Kingdom’ is one of the smallest nations in the world, and was also a least visited tourist destination, it is now gaining much momentum in international tourism. Its untouched natural beauty, scenic towns and valleys, iconic landmarks, and other such grandeurs enchants visitors from all across the globe. Also, the fact that Bhutanese locals are known to be among the most warm-hearted, pleasant, and hospitable hosts, visitors find this country a home away from home!

In addition to its natural charm and appeal, climate in Bhutan also draws a large chunk of tourists round the year. Despite its size, the country enjoys four different season – summer, winter, autumn, and fall. Alongside, as climate in this country changes with its elevation, visitors get to enjoy a pleasant mix of climate in the Land of Thunder Dragons.

While talking about Bhutan, ‘Buddhism’ appears to be an eternal bond that unties and binds the country as one happy destination. Buddhism in Bhutan dates back to almost around 747AD when Guru Padmasambhava flew to the Land of Thunder Dragons on a tigress’s back. The Guru landed on Paro Valley on a spot, and start meditating on a sacred site called Paro Taktsang. At present times, this pious monastery is popularly called the ‘Tiger’s Nest Monastery’, which has also become of the most desired or photographed religious destination in the entire world.

On a whole, Bhutan is a country that believes in happiness to be the ideal way of leading and living life. And this is pretty evident from the fact that this is one unique country known for pioneering or practicing the concept of ‘Gross National Happiness’! keeping all these in mind, one must visit Bhutan at least once in their lifetime!

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