Enchanted by the magical beauty and charm of the mighty Eastern Himalayas, Bhutan; or the Kingdom of Bhutan, usher liveliness and a unique sense of happiness among its visitors. One of the most beautiful and scenic landlocked countries in South Asia, this warm-hearted country showcases a scenic display of gorgeous valleys, fascinating glaciers and slopes, untouched nature, the happiest of locals, and an impressive range of flora and fauna.

Sharing its boundaries with Tibet, China, and India, Bhutan or the ‘Land of Thunder Dragons’ offers an array of tourist destinations, quaint villages, modern towns, and offbeat destinations to its visitors. This is one such country, where visitors get to unravel the pristine beauty of nature and discover natural wonders at almost every step!

Often revered as the ‘Last Shangri-La’ by the globetrotters, this piece of heaven is also known for its uniqueness. Kingdom of Bhutan is probably the only place on earth where happiness defines richness. It is in this royal country, where one can find the rare ‘red rice’. It is in this country, where indigenous cultures get perfectly blended with modernity. It is in this country, where natural marvels are considered as pious as of any religious establishments. It is in this country, where every visitor is greeted and treated as a family member, and is offered with soul-stirring hospitality and an open heart.

Perched at an astounding range of 200m to 7,000m, Bhutan or the ‘Happiest Himalayan Kingdom’ showcases a mix of terrains, valleys, climatic conditions, and cultures. Though indigenous to the Bhutanese locals, the country serves as an ideal home to many different ethnic groups and primitive tribes who inhabits different parts of the country. However, irrespective of which part of the country you visit, you would always find yourself engulfed with a unique Bhutanese essence!

As a country, the Kingdom of Bhutan is divided into three major parts – Western Bhutan, Central Bhutan, and Eastern Bhutan. Pertaining to the different altitudes, mix of cultures and traditions, and climatic conditions, all these three regions has their own charm and appeal.

Thimphu – the capital city of Bhutan, is one of the most sought-after or admired tourist destinations in the world. Famed as one of the most modernised tourist destinations in Western Bhutan, Thimphu or the largest Bhutanese city is known for its lively climate, traditional houses and buildings, religious sites and ancient monasteries. The city also offers an amazing nightlife to its visitors.

Other must-to-see destinations in Western Bhutan includes the gorgeous Paro Valley, Punakha Valley, Haa Valley, Gasa, Wangdue Phodrang, Samtse, and many more places. Paro Valley in Western Bhutan has the only international airport in the country, and is visited by thousands of visitors, who yearns to witness and experience the miraculous beauty of the esteemed ‘Tiger’s Nest Monastery’ or the Paro Taktsang.

Adding more to the gracious charm of Bhutan is the Central part of the country! This is the part of the country that showcases more about the cultural and spiritual facets of Bhutanese kingdom. Dotted with promising destinations like Phobjikha Valley (or Gangtey), Bumthang, Trongsa, Sarpang, and others, Central Bhutan houses an array of ancient Buddhist monasteries, temples, sacred sites, and meditation grounds that once served the pious Buddhist gurus and treasure discoverers. Central Bhutan is also a cultural ground that hosts many colourful festivals including the much-acclaimed ‘Mask Festival’.

Lastly, there is Eastern Bhutan that resonates nature’s untouched beauty and a serene ambience that could easily soothe away one’s body, mind, and soul! With major destinations like Samdrup Jongkhar, Mongar, Lhuntshe, Trashigang, and others, this part of the Land of Thunder Dragons is still not much explored by the outer world. Owing to this, you can always find a unique sense of peace and tranquillity in Central Bhutan!

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