Mongar Town

Perched at an altitude of 1,600m, Mongar is one of the most scenic and highest towns in Bhutan. The gateway to the Eastern Bhutan, this town is also known for its wide mix of cultures and traditions; one could find multiple dialects and indigenous groups like ‘Khengpa’, ‘Kurotep’ and ‘Tsangla’ dwelling in this town. Over the period, Mongar town has become a popular shopping destination among the locals as well as for the neighbouring regions. The town, in fact, is a major trade and travel hub in the Land of Thunder Dragons.

This pristine town is also known for its aromatic lemon grass that are commonly used to extract oil. The town is also a home to some of the most skilled weavers, who are globally known for their traditional fabrics and wood works. In fact, most of the houses in Mongar town has intricately carved facades and verandas made out of wood.

Adding more to the pristine outlook of Mongar town, there is the journey to this town that accolades the town’s beauty further. A drive to this town in Eastern Bhutan is considered as one of the most pleasant experience one can have. It takes the visitors through fascinating cliffs, lush and colourful forests, scenic pastures, exotic rhododendron gardens, and winding trails. While on this journey, visitors can even enjoy the breath-taking views of the Gankhar Puensem (7,541m), which is world’s steepest unexplored mountain.

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