Bhutan Tour Package from Ahmedabad

While the city of Ahmedabad is packed with wonders from the past, Bhutan is home to picturesque destinations adored by nature. Bhutan remains cold for most time of the year. One of the best time to visit Bhutan from Ahmedabad is during the summer and winter season. Here in Bhutan, you’ll get the chance to experience an exotic stay.

How to reach Bhutan from Ahmedabad?

By Flight

The easiest way to arrive at Bhutan from Ahmedabad is via flight. You can book a direct flight to Paro or a flight to Bagdodra and then by road there on. The newly opened Pakyong airport is also accessible but there are only few flights that land here.

By Train

The best part about travelling by train is that you get the chance to experience different landscapes as you travel through. If you have enough time, then this is a good option to reach Bhutan from Ahmedabad. If you are travellng by train, then book till NJP, once you arrive here, take the cab or bus to Jaigaon which is in the border in between Bhutan and India.

By Road

If you have your own vehicle, then go ahead and take a long drive from Ahmedabad to Bhutan. Experience the change in scenery as you head closer to Bhutan. Keep your camera handy as there are so many picturesque destinations on the way.

Best time to book Bhutan Tour Package from Ahmedabad

As compared to Bhutan, Ahmedabad remains hot for most part of the year. Most wish to escape the scorching heat, it is hence advised that you take a trip to Bhutan during the summer months to escape this often than not unbearable heat. Besides summer times, you can also visit this exotic destination during winter. There are couple of packages to choose from.

Things to expect from Bhutan Tour Package from Ahmedabad:

Places to vist:



Punakha Dzong

Panbang Town


Trang Valley

Things to do:

Scroll through some of the finest and richest wildlife sanctuaries


Experience the serene life and enjoy the exquisuite crafts across different monasteries

River Rafting and other adventure sports

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