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Did you know about the existence of Gross National Happiness? Well, this is something that came into existence when Bhutan decided to measure its development with the average happiness instead of income. And ever since, this country is known as the happiest country in the world. The secret to their happiness? Nothing but healthy leaving. Clean air, roads and lush green nature all round with artistic monasteries playing peek-a-boo amidst the mountains, this is Bhutan. A landlocked kingdom ruled by the kings.

From Siliguri, this destination is definitely at a close proximity and one of the best options for a trip. Unlike Siliguri, this destination is chilly for most time of the year and remains untampered by the hustle of development. There are a couple of tour packages available from Bhutan to Siliguri, pick one that matches your need and get ready to be mesmeised by this exotic beauty.

How to reach Bhutan from Siliguri

Two ways to reach Bhutan from Siliguri:

By Flight

If you wish to save loads of time and are in no mood to hit the road, book a flight from Bagdodra to Paro. From Paro, the capital is at a distance of 30 kms and the different destinations in Bhutan are at all a close proximity. Once you arrive at Paro, you can take a cab and land at the destination you choose.

By Road

The most feasible way to arrive at Bhutan from Siliguri is by road. You can take a cab or take your own vehicle and drive to Phuentsholing via Jalgaon. This is one of the most favored route taken by most travelling from Siliguri to Bhutan.

When to book Bhutan tour package from Siliguri

The most ideal time to visit and book Bhutan tour package from Siliguri is during the spring season that begins from March end to May. The entire country is spread across with different colours and you’s sure feel like you have arrived in one of those fairytales.

Things to expect from Bhutan Tour Package from Siliguri:

Places to vist:



Punakha Dzong

Panbang Town


Trang Valley

Things to do:

Scroll through some of the finest and richest wildlife sanctuaries


Experience the serene life and enjoy the exquisuite crafts across different monasteries

River Rafting and other adventure sports

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