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Because the weather in Bhutan slightly tilts more toward the cold, the best of this destination is explored during the spring season. And since May is the month of flower blooming and pleasant weather, one gets to experience the haven called Bhutan in a very different light. The hills , the long trails and mightly Mountains gleam with light as May begins. The nation has the amazing perspective on the Himalayas, picturesque valleys, and bounteous assortments of flowers. The streams ascending from the Himalayas keep you immersed in their excellence. Offering the ideal setting for encounters and landscapes, the demonstration of investigating the numerous vacationer puts in Bhutan is attractive and fulfilling in equivalent measure.

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Here are some of the best places in Bhutan that you should visit in May.

Punakha Dzong

Punakha Dzong

Being the second biggest dzong in Bhutan, the Punakha Dzong is well known for the remarkable structure it has. Dzong is a site of structural brightness where you’ll discover an inside and out various kind of stronghold. This sort of engineering is commonly found in the Tibetan regions of China and Bhutan. Punakha Dzong in many ways represents the Buddhist culture.

Facts: Considered as the most dazzling dzong in the nation, it is arranged at a stature of 1200 meters. A fascinating reality about this dzong is that no nails are utilized in its development.

Main Highlights: On visiting the Punakha Dzong, you will see that the excellent engineering and the unpredictable artistic creations which are difficult to pass up. The survives from tertön Pema Lingpa and Ngawang Namgyal are key attractions of the spot. For what it brings to the table as a traveler place, this Dzong is without a doubt perhaps the best spot to find in Bhutan.

Travel Tips: This destination is an ideal spot that can be visited anytime of the year. In the month of May, the spring breeze makes this destination all the more beautiful.

Dochula Pass

Dochula Pass

Encompassed by the dynamite Gangkar Puensum crest, the Dochula Pass is one of the most appealing spots to visit in Bhutan. Arranged while in transit to Thimpu and Punakha, the Dochula pass is a famous traveler area.

Facts: On achieving the pass, you get an amazing perspective on the Himalayas. This spot is perfect for an outing too, managing you to have some hot tea and lunch while you respect the excellence of the Dochula pass.

Main Highlights: Dochula Pass contains 108 stupas or Chortens developed by Wangmo Wangchuk. Another stupa here that is known for excellent insides is The Memorial Chorten, Thimphu. It is a Tibetan style stupa arranged in Thimphu. Try not to miss this spot on your interest to investigate the vacationer puts in Bhutan. The spot is a safe house for photographers.

Travel Tips: The pleasant weather of May makes this destination more visit-worthy. It is easier to land here during this time of the year.

Buddha Dordenma Statue

Buddha Dordenma Statue

The delightful bronze and gold statue, Buddha Dordenma Statue can be seen from practically any spot in Thimphu, and discovers its name in the rundown of best places to visit in Bhutan. There is likewise the Kuensel Phodrang Nature Park in the surroundings that you can visit.

Facts: Standing tall at 169 feet, the Buddha Dordenma statue is a statue of Buddha arranged in Thimphu.
Main Highlighhts: It is a monster statue arranged at a high mountain crest in Bhutan which symbolizes the nation’s prevailing religion.

Travel Tips: Since spring season is often known as the most favoured time of the year to visit Bhutan, once can commute through the corners of the capital best during the month of May.

Tiger’s Nest

Tiger's Nest

Additionally called as Taktsang Monastery, the Tiger’s Nest is among the most celebrated spots to visit in Bhutan. A simple yet agreeable trek for voyagers, the cloister is a position of journey in Bhutan. Set in the midst of the staggering perspective on the Paro Valley, the Tiger’s Nest is, point of fact, probably the best spot to visit in Bhutan in May.

Facts: Arranged in Paro, the Taktsang Monastery is a consecrated, outwardly shocking religious community of Guru Rinpoche. The spot has a somewhat interesting history; it is said that Guru Rinpoche, otherwise called the subsequent Buddha, rode to this very spot on the back of a tigress so as to stifle an evil spirit.

Main Highlights: You run over a cavern sanctuary and a few other littler sanctuaries inside the premises of the religious community.

Travel Tips: Being credited as the most religious site of Bhutan, the tiger’s home is situated on a bluff above rich backwoods that contain a great many types of blue pine and rhododendrons. You can experience the best shades of this beauty in the month of May.

Norzim Lam Street, Thimpu

Norzim Lam Street

At Norzim Lam Street, you will discover a lot of things, for example, keepsakes, neighborhood wine, woolen garments, and artworks. In the event that you like knickknacks, you’ll discover a great deal of things to purchase at Norzim Lam Street. From painstaking work to fine art, from nearby slows down to shops – you’ll see it all in here.

Facts: Arranged in Thimphu, Norzim Lam Street is a customer’s joy.

Main Highlights: The key attractions of the spot are the material structures and the customary clothing of Bhutanese ladies and men.

Travel Tips: This beautiful detsination remains visit worthy at all times of the year. Carry warm clothes as night gets chilly.

National Museum of Bhutan

National Museum of Bhutan

From antiquated statues to contemporary works of art, the National Museum of Bhutan houses around 3000 magnum opuses, and shows the social legacy of the nation. Visiting the National Museum of Bhutan around evening time is a visual treat, as the whole spot lights up to look incredibly excellent. The exhibition hall goes under the rundown of the best places to visit in Bhutan, particularly for history buffs.

Facts: Developed in the year 1968, the National Museum of Bhutan was worked to show the famous Bhutanese craftsmanship.

Main Highlights: The significant attractions of the spot are the displays, bronze statues and the sketches.

Travel Tips: May is considered one of the best time to visit this lovely destination.



It is a quiet peaceful magnificence and clean air, encompassed by unlevelled mountains, rich green fields and recorded structures make Paro the premier prominent goal in Bhutan. There are incessant visits to the alluring dongs, for example, Paro and Zuri; religious communities and royal residences like Paro Taktsang (Tiger’s Nest Monastery), Pelri Goemba, Ugyen Pelri Palace.

Facts: It is here in the city, where the main airplane terminal can be found. In this way, Paro gets most extreme number of visitors all year.

Main Highlights: Other best the travel industry spots incorporate sanctuaries, landmarks and galleries, for example, Bondey Lhakhang, Khangkhu Lhakhang, Tago Lhakhang, Druk Choeding and National Museum. Paro is a noteworthy town with serene air and it is best investigated by walking.

Travel Tips: The lovely town of Paro is best explored during the spring season of May.



Thimphu is a captivating goal and the capital of Bhutan. The city settled in the higher scopes of the Himalayas offers surprising sights of their emerald backwoods and lovely perspective on the Raidak or Chuu River. Thimphu is socially an absolute necessity visit spot graced with old world charms and innovation.

Facts: Today, the city is overflowed with photographers investigating the one of a kind fortunes of Bhutanese culture, food and way of life.

Main Highlights: Essentially, the top touring places that are prominently investigated in Thimphu are Buddha Dordenma, Memorial Chorten, Dechencholing Palace, Clock Tower Square, Motithang Takin Preserve. The travel industry spots incorporate Dzong, for example, Tashichhoe and Semtokha; Monasteries, for example, Dechen Phodrang, Tango and Cheri. For an outing break, Thimphu offers enchanting bistros and bars just as dance club and cafés to mingle and meet similar individuals.

Travel Tips: The best of Thimpu can be explored during the festive seasons as the city gloats and celebrates every festival with equal cheer.



Trongsa is a little town and separated from touring the main thing one can go for a walk along the shops that are perfectly improved with pot plants and swarmed by merry local people. Trongsa sits in the focal Bhutan and its lavish greenery makes a delightful spot to encompass your faculties and basically ponder.

Facts: This must see place in Bhutan is strategically located in the middle with a vital intersection associating streets to Bumthang, Gelephu and Punakha.

Main Highlights: A vital fascination in Trongsa is the Trongsa Dzong. This is outstanding amongst other Buddhist religious communities perfectly beat with red rooftops and white wash dividers set down over a valley.

Travel Tips: As winter begins, this destination gets really chilly so it is best to visit this place during the spring season.

Chokhor Valley

Chokhor Valley

Nearing the lower regions of Chokhor Valley lays Jakar, privately known as Chamkhar. This district is for the most part known for its exchanging focus and the acclaimed fascination this spot is the Jakar Dzong. Jakar no doubt may take a few days for a total voyage through the encompassing valleys.

Facts: Calmly sited over the town in the Chamkhar Valley of Bumthang, this mainstream dzong is most likely the biggest all over Bhutan. Jakar no doubt may take a few days for a total voyage through the encompassing valleys.

Main Highlights: Here, aside from the Jakar Dzong, other intriguing and generally visited attractions are Wangdichholing Palace which was worked in 1857, Bumthang Brewery, Lhodrak Kharchu Goemba established in the year 1970s by Namkhai Nyingpo Rinpoche; Cheese Factory which is the main business cheddar plant in Bhutan and the fourteenth century Jakar Lhakhang.

Travel Tips: This destination remains visit worthy all time of the year. May is one of the best season, carry your trekking gears.


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