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Trekking in sikkim

Sikkim Trekking

The Himalayan Range, standing graciously with its lofty peaks, is the desire of every adventure aficionado! Be it trekking, mountaineering or any other adventure sports or activities, this mighty range allures everyone.

Located under the shadows of this gracious mountain range, Sikkim, one of the North Eastern states of India, takes the pleasure of being one of the befitting trekking destinations in the country. Not only trekking, this beautiful state is also known for its captivating list of offerings.

Among the many other offerings of Sikkim, one can always enjoy and delight on packages like Sikkim High Altitude treks, Sikkim Low Altitude Treks, Sikkim Expeditions, Himalayan Homestays in Sikkim, Mountain Biking in Sikkim, White Water Rafting in Sikkim, Bird and Butterfly Watching in Sikkim and several others.

No matter you have just started with your adventure quest or has been into these amazing world since long, Sikkim will always offer you with something or the other. Here are some of the most popular things to do and get indulged in Sikkim

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Sikkim High Altitude Treks

Feel the world under your feet with the high altitude treks in Sikkim. Join these treks, challenge the imposing as well as enthralling snow-covered peaks of the Himalayas and live you dreams of trekking in Sikkim...

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Sikkim Low Altitude Treks

Though trekking in Sikkim is an all-time adventurous experience, the low altitude treks are the most ideal for those who started trekking a short while ago! The Sikkim Himalayas offers some of the most appealing low altitude treks...

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Himalayan Homestays in Sikkim

In order to enjoy the true charm and witness the real beauty of Sikkim, you must experience any of the Himalayan Homestays in Sikkim. An abode of several colourful cultures & traditions, rustic lifestyles and warm hospitality Sikkim homestays offer more than an experience...

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Mountain Biking in Sikkim

Put on the right gears, get your bicycles and hit the winding terrains of Sikkim. Pedal through these challenging and serpentine trails and enjoy mountain biking in Sikkim like never before...

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White Water Rafting in Sikkim

If the ruffling waters and the exhausting rapids gives you an adrenaline kick, you are truly a devotee of white water rafting in Sikkim. The Teesta River flowing through the state is an ideal destination where you can challenge rapids of grade-I to grade-IV+…

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Bird & Butterfly Watching in Sikkim

Not only adventure in Sikkim, you must also enjoy the colourful and exotic beauty of this North Eastern paradise. Go for bird and butterfly watching in Sikkim and discover the different colours of nature that cannot be found in any other places, but Sikkim...