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Trekking in sikkim

Sikkim Trekking

The Himalayan Range, standing graciously with its lofty peaks, is the desire of every adventure aficionado! Be it trekking, mountaineering or any other adventure sports or activities, this mighty range allures everyone.

Located under the shadows of this gracious mountain range, Sikkim, one of the North Eastern states of India, takes the pleasure of being one of the befitting trekking destinations in the country. Not only trekking, this beautiful state is also known for its captivating list of offerings.

Among the many other offerings of Sikkim, one can always enjoy and delight on packages like Sikkim High Altitude treks, Sikkim Low Altitude Treks, Sikkim Expeditions, Himalayan Homestays in Sikkim, Mountain Biking in Sikkim, White Water Rafting in Sikkim, Bird and Butterfly Watching in Sikkim and several others.

No matter you have just started with your adventure quest or has been into these amazing world since long, Sikkim will always offer you with something or the other. Here are some of the most popular things to do and get indulged in Sikkim

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Sikkim High Altitude Treks

Feel the world under your feet with the high altitude treks in Sikkim. Join these treks, challenge the imposing as well as enthralling snow-covered peaks of the Himalayas and live you dreams of trekking in Sikkim…




Sikkim Low Altitude Treks

Though trekking in Sikkim is an all-time adventurous experience, the low altitude treks are the most ideal for those who started trekking a short while ago! The Sikkim Himalayas offers some of the most appealing low altitude treks…




Himalayan Homestays in Sikkim

In order to enjoy the true charm and witness the real beauty of Sikkim, you must experience any of the Himalayan Homestays in Sikkim. An abode of several colourful cultures & traditions, rustic lifestyles and warm hospitality Sikkim homestays offer more than an experience…




Mountain Biking in Sikkim

Put on the right gears, get your bicycles and hit the winding terrains of Sikkim. Pedal through these challenging and serpentine trails and enjoy mountain biking in Sikkim like never before…




White Water Rafting in Sikkim

If the ruffling waters and the exhausting rapids gives you an adrenaline kick, you are truly a devotee of white water rafting in Sikkim. The Teesta River flowing through the state is an ideal destination where you can challenge rapids of grade-I to grade-IV+…




Bird & Butterfly Watching in Sikkim

Not only adventure in Sikkim, you must also enjoy the colourful and exotic beauty of this North Eastern paradise. Go for bird and butterfly watching in Sikkim and discover the different colours of nature that cannot be found in any other places, but Sikkim…


Top 10 Treks in Sikkim

Sikkim is one of the most scenic and pristine locations in the country, rewarding travellers with exceptionally beautiful visuals when they trek through the terrain. Road trips do prove exhilarating but the best preserved natural settings off the beaten track are better experienced when journeying on foot! While almost all trekking trails/destinations in the state are appealing, our top picks are as follows.

1Goecha La

Undeniably one of the best trails in Sikkim, the journey to Goecha La peak just under 5000 meters above the sea offers a myriad of spectacular views – the rising and setting sun lighting up the terrain, impressive array of mountain peaks, colourful and lush terrain, rivers, forests, and meadows, plus the experience of outdoor camping. Trip starts off from base camp at Yuksom, along Rathong River, over the Paha Khola Bridge, past Sachen and Bhakim, to Tshoka, winding on to Phedong and further uphill to Dzongri offering exceptional views of Kangchendzonga, Kabru, Pandim, Rathong, Simvo and other peaks enroute. The trail then continues to Thangshing, running through Samiti Lake and Zemathang to reach Goecha La, before the tracing the path back to Lamuney, Dzongri, Phedang and Tshoka along the Prek Chu river to Yuksom.

2Green Lake

The trail to the Green Lake on the Zemu Glacier, takes trekkers right along the foothills of the Kanchenjunga, offering a beautiful views the massive Kangchenjunga as well as Simvu, Siniolchu peaks and experience the joy of journeying through verdant valleys, forested terrain and quaint hamlets with local flora and birds adding a dash of colour along the way. The typical route runs from Lachen to Tallem via Zema, ascending to Shobuk, and falling steeply to Jakthang, across flood prone terrain further down and along the Zemu Chu river, past Zemu Glacier’s moraine field to the edge of the Lhonak Valley and then on to the Green Lake for camping overnight under the stars. The return trip traces the same path back to Lachen.

3Singalila Ridge

Trekking along the Singalila ridge that separates Sikkim and Darjeeling from Nepal is a challenging yet visually rewarding experience as it opens up scenic vistas unique to this part of the country. Sights of Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Everest and several notable peaks located in Nepal and Sikkim such as Kumbhakarna, Kabru, Jupono, Frey and Tenchenkhang are breathtaking. The play of light during sun rise and sun set is indeed stunning, and so are picturesque forests, Rhododendrons, mountain passes, native birds, lakes and pastures. The trek typically covers Uttarey, Chiwa Bhanjyang, Dhor,Pare Megu, Lam Pokhari,Gomathang, Tikip Chu, Dzongri, Lamuney, Goecha La, Thangshing, Lampokhari, Kokchurung and Tshoka before ending in Yuksom. Be it this Uttarey-Singalila trail or the trek from Yambong to Singalila the beauty and thrill of the trip is memorable.


A trek to this highest peak on Singalila Ridge gives travellers an opportunity to travel along India, Nepal border, with the trail at parts winding through Nepalese terrain. The “Sleeping Buddha” with the Kumbhakarna peak forming the face of Buddha, Kanchenjunga the upper body and Frey, Rathong, Kabru, Simvo, Pandim, Narsing plus other notable peaks completing the structure is indeed a pleasure to behold. The foot trail starts from Jaubhari,through Lamayadhura, Megma, and Tonglu to Tumling, and further to Kalipokhri (Black Lake) via the Singalila National Park, Gairibas (home of the red panda) and Kaiyakatta. Singalila peak is roughly 3 hours trek away from Kalipokhri, from where excellent views of Annapurna range are revealed. The descent via Sabargram, Phalut, Gorkhey and Rammam brings trekkers to Sepi, the end point of the trek. An alternate trail runs from Phalut and ends at Sirikhola. Clear views of Singalila and Annapurna ranges, spectacular scenery at the National park and glimpses of elusive red panda and other native fauna make this challenging trek worth the effort!

5Kanchenjunga Base Camp

The Kanchenjunga massifs (5 peaks in all) stretching between India,Tibet and Nepal is indeed a majestic sight to behold. While Kanchenjunga main peak towers at over 8500 meters, simply making it to the base camp at 5200 meters proves a remarkable feat. Snow capped peaks, rivers and lakes, remote hamlets, dense patches of forests interspersed by meadows, colourful flowers, impressive landscapes blanketed by wisps of cloud are but few stunning visuals on this moderately challenging trail. There are several treks offered to K.B.C that trace different routes, some of which may be quite similar to Goecha La or Green Lake trails. Do check ahead about the itinerary before signing up for the package.


One of the easy and rewarding treks, the trail to Dzongri from Yuksom running through dense Pine and Oak forests, rivers and waterfalls, impressive view points, valleys and gorges, with snow clad peaks in the distant horizon is indeed scenic and exciting as well. Kanchenjunga, Kabru, Narsing, Pandim can be spotted enroute. Dzongri trail is an integral part of the longer trek to Goecha La. The trek starts from Yuksom and runs past Sachen and Bakhim to Tshoka, continuing to Dzongri via Phethang. After scaling Dzongri top to experience panoramic views of surrounding peaks, trekkers then retrace the path back to Tshoka and Yuksom.


Best experienced during the months of April and May, the many Rhododendron forests across Sikkim offer spectacular visuals of the region blanketed by the flowers in full-bloom. Trekking through Barsey’s (Varsey’s) Rhododendron sanctuary on the Singalila range, home to diverse forest landscapes (Sub-tropical, Coniferous, Deciduous) and tree species, native birds and the Red panda proves a delightful experience. There are three different entry points to the sanctuary and hence different trails are active. One popular trail runs from Uttarey, via Chitre, Kalijhar, Achalay, Deoningali Dhap, Barsey and down to Hilley. Alternatively a short, scenic 4-km trek from the entrance at Hilley brings travellers to Barsey town, a vantage point for panoramic views and much needed rest.

8Tosar Lake

This trek across the Naga Reserve Forest following ancient cattle trails takes travellers through some of the most pristine, well-preserved, beautiful landscapes – mountains clad in snow, forested terrain, colourful flowers and birds. Special permission is required to journey on this trail, which runs from Naga village through Naksuk and Sohar Antsok Patam Valley to Tosar Lake at 4000 meters above the sea and back through Maram, Meyong Tar and Kaley to Naga. The entire path winds past reserve forests of different types including wet-temperate, temperate, sub-alpine, alpine and coniferous. Though a naturalist’s paradise, the terrain can prove challenging.


The trek to Tholung Monastery is a great way to get acclimatized to the weather conditions and appreciate the local culture and life style. Scenic settings – mountains, forests, quaint huts set amidst ragged cliffs and deep ravines, spice plantations and the Tholung river keep travellers company throughout the trip. The trek begins from Lingza, running via Changey to Tholung Monastery, further to Upper Tholung before retracing the trail back to Lingza.

10Phoktey Dara

There are different trails that run through Phoktey Dara, some passing through the Rhododendron Sanctuary in Barsey. Typical this trek through forested terrain also offers spectacular views of Simvo, Siniolchu, Kanchenjunga, Jupino, Pandim, Makalu and Nuptse peaks apart from that of Mt. Everest. Trekkers can also catch a glimpse of lush Nepalese rural terrain as well as the Dhaulagiri range on this trail from Uttarey, through Hageypani and Kalizar to Phokdey dara, returning to Uttarey via Chewabhanjyang catching a glimpse of Mainibas Falls enroute.

As noted treks in Sikkim have their unique appeal, making it really difficult to rank them. It is perfectly natural for your preference to differ from ours! Opt for suitable treks that best meet your travel interests.