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Sikkim Tour Packages - Amazing Sikkim Gangtok Holiday Deals !

If you want to enjoy the natural ambiance and the vicinity of Sikkim & Gangtok, our cheap & luxury tour packages allow you to explore the ethnical blend of the Lepchas, Bhutias, Nepalis and their culture, tradition, the way they live and many more things about them. Our special Sikkim tour packages will drive you to the highest mountain passes of the world which also acted as a major part on the ancient trade route. We understand your travelling needs and hence we have designed few Sikkim-Gangtok tour packages to give you entirely memorable experience.

About Sikkim Tourism and Tours

Sikkim is the top most tours & travel destination in India. It is one of the most politically stable and peaceful place in India. This landlocked state is blessed with some of the most spectacular landscapes, flora and fauna making it a haven for adventure enthusiasts and naturalists. Lying at an elevation of 8,586 metres, the state’s highest point is the summit of Kanchenjunga, the third highest peak of the world. Sikkim tourism has lots to offer a discerning traveller. Foreigners here can visit Gangtok, Rumtek, Phodong, Pemayangtse and the Yuksom -Zongri trekking route on the basis of restricted area permits which can be obtained. There are numerous Lakes and Monasteries which make the hill station vibrant and lively. To experience complete rejuvenation, Sikkim is a perfect place to travel for holiday.

Sikkim Best Sellers!!

Sikkim Super Saver Packages!!

Sikkim Sikkim Family Tour


5 Nights | 6 Days

(2N Darjeeling + 1N Kalimpong + 2N Gangtok )

₹ 9,999/- Per Person

Glimpse of Sikkim


5 Nights | 6 Days

(3N Gangtok + 2N Pelling)

₹ 8,999/- Per Person

kashmir With Jammu Tour


6 Nights | 7 Days

(3N Darjeeling + 3N Gangtok)

₹ 9,999/- Per Person

Sikkim Valley Tour Package


6 Nights | 7 Days

( Darjeeling 2N + Gangtok 2N + Pelling 2N )

₹ 9,999/- Per Person

Sikkim Family Vacations

Sikkim Sikkim Family Tour


3 Nights | 4 Days

DARJEELING (3 Nights/4 Days)

₹ 6,999/- Per Person

Glimpse of Sikkim


43 Nights | 4 Days

GANGTOK (3 Nights/4 Days)

₹ 6,999/- Per Person


4 Nights | 5 Days

(2N DARJEELING + 2N Gangtok)

₹ 8,999/- Per Person

Glimpse of Sikkim


5 Nights | 6 Days

2N Darjeeling + 3N Gangtok

₹ 9,999/- Per Person

Love In Sikkim


5 Nights | 6 Days

(3N Gangtok + 2N Pelling)

₹ 9,999/- Per Person

Glimpse of Sikkim


4 Nights | 5 Days

(3N Darjeeling + 3N Gangtok)

₹ 11,999/- Per Person

kashmir With Jammu Tour


6 Nights | 7 Days

( Darjeeling 2N + Gangtok 2N + Pelling 2N )

₹ 10,999/- Per Person


5 Nights | 6 Days

(2N Darjeeling + 3N Gangtok)

₹ 10,999/- Per Person

About Gangtok Tourism and Tours

Located in the Shivalik Hills and at an altitude of 1437 m. Gangtok is the capital and the largest town of the Indian state of Sikkim and is also known as the land of monasteries, as it has got maximum number of monasteries in the whole world. It is a significant Buddhist Pilgrimage Centre and Buddhist people visit this place every year. Gangtok is situated in the eastern Himalayan range, nestled within higher peaks of the Himalaya Mountain and having mild temperate climate year-round, Gangtok is the most important centre of the tourism industry of Sikkim. The tourists here can have complete enjoyment in terms of adventure, climate, religious tours and unparalleled natural beauty. Gangtok is a cosmopolitan city offering all possible amenities to the travelers here. Cyber cafes, pool parlours, night clubs and Shopping complexes are available in good number for those who love the night life. MG Marg, the main street of Gangtok is a great place to chill out throughout the day, it’s the country’s first litter and spit free zone, no vehicular traffic is allowed into the marg. This place is also the venue for the annual Gangtok Food and Culture festival held in December every year when Sikkim’s multi-cultural cuisine, along with music and dance performances is exhibited. For a complete view of Gangtok and all its surrounding, you can go to Ganest Tok located on a ridge at a distance of seven kilometers from Gangtok, from this place you can get a view of sprawling Gangtok town, while across the hills Mt. Khang-chen-Dzonga and Mt. Siniolchu loom over the horizon. The view from Ganest Tok is truthfully incredible with snow peaks providing the wonderful background for a panoramic view of Gangtok town. You can also visit the Namgyal Research Institute of Tibetology, it is the most prestigious research institute of its kind in the whole world, it is a treasure of vast collection of rare Tibetan, Lepcha and Sanskrit manuscripts, statues and rare Thankas (colorful tapestries used in Buddhist liturgy). Except for an attractive museum, it has over two hundred Buddhist icons and other prized objects of art and also a renowned centre for study of Buddhist philosophy and religion in the world.

Let’s have a look on the awards and recognitions this landlocked Himalayan has bagged in the recent years:

1: Sikkim: Best Tourism Performing State in the North East (National):

This scenic journey of Sikkim Tourism came into the map of the nation’s tourism industry for the first time in 1998-1999, when the Ministry of Tourism (MOT) recognised this charming state with the prestigious ‘Best Tourism Performing State in the North East’. From just a beautiful state to a national tourism attraction, Sikkim took away everyone’s attraction in the following year. Well, this was just the beginning. Following the first win over other strong contenders, Sikkim Tourism never looked backed after this! In the next few year: 1999-2001, 2001-2002, 2002-2003 and 2005-2006, Sikkim Tourism bagged this prestigious title and became the most sought after choices of the tourists.

2: Best Eco Tourism Destination:

‘Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder’; Sikkim once again got into the eyes of its admirer in 2005, when it was awarded with the ‘Best Eco Tourism Destination’ in the country by Hospitality India. Though Sikkim by now became a synonym to untouched beauty, pristine ambience and tourist-friendly destinations, this time, its revolutionary step towards making the entire state an eco-friendly zone, got it this reputed award. Just an FYI: the ‘Mahatma Gandhi Marg’ in Gangtok is India’s first litter and spit free street in the entire country.

Best State for Tourism Related Programmes:

Sikkim Tourism once again got all the attention and stood bright in the podium in 2006-2007, when it was awarded with the title of ‘Best State for Tourism Related Programme’ by India Government’s Ministry of Tourism. This milestone for Sikkim was only possible due to the rigorous effort of the State Government in developing a culture across the state that would promote various tourism related programmes. Glories didn’t just stop there for this Himalayan state; Sikkim, once again recreated history by winning this prominent award for the second time for the tenure 2007-2008!

Sikkim :Most Picturesque Destination :

The year 2007 is considered as one of the best period for Sikkim Tourism. And why it won’t be? After all, it was in this year, this gorgeous state was once became a national news after it got caught into the attention of Today’s Traveller – a pioneer magazine for travel and leisure. The opulent natural beauty, scenic appeal and enchanting charm of Sikkim was the sole reason, the state got recognised with the ‘Today’s Traveller Platinum Award’ in 2007.

Emerging Tourism State:

A heart-warming ambience for the tourist was not all an easy feat for the second smallest state of India! In addition to all the beauty and allurement, nature has bestowed upon Sikkim, the kind efforts and encouragement from the local government as well the people were very much required to mark a global presence. As it’s already said in the beginning: "A thing of beauty is a joy forever...", Sikkim Tourism once again got recognised as the ‘Emerging Tourism State’ in the year 2008, and went ahead of several other destinations in the race of ‘Today’s Traveller Platinum Awards’.

Sikkim: Best Adventure Tourism Destination:

After the enormous successes achieved in 2007, the next year – 2008 put Sikkim Tourism into a whole new dimension in the India’s tourism map! It was in this year, the state successfully bagged two awards at two different occasions. Though the award was for the same category, the state got this recognition from two different sources. For the first time in Sikkim’s history, the state got recognised as the ‘Best Adventure Tourism Destination’ from Safari India National Award and Pacific Area Travel Writers Association (PATWA). Well, Sikkim repeated this feat with the Safari India National Award once again in the year 2010. Sikkim: Most Responsible Tourism State of 2009: Sikkim Tourism once again got into the attention of Today’s Traveller. But this time, it was in the category of ‘Most Responsible Tourism State of 2009’. Unlike the other 2 times, this time Sikkim Tourism was felicitated with the ‘Today’s Traveller Diamond Award’.

National Award for Best State/ Union Territory in Tourism Related Programmes & Development of Infrastructure:

After 2006, Sikkim’s endeavour towards promoting its tourism sector caught the eyes of India’s Ministry of Tourism once again in 2010. By then, the development in the state’s tourism programmes and infrastructure brought Sikkim Tourism the prestigious award called ‘National Award for Best State/Union Territory in Tourism Related Programme & Development of Infrastructure’ from the Government of India. After this accomplishment, Sikkim once again got bestowed with this award in the year 2011.

Best Performing State:

By 2010, Sikkim has undergone a tremendous as well as progressive change in terms of tourism. The thriving number of tourists visiting this state every year, their involvement within the state and the way, they were rewarded by the state made it the ‘Best Performing State’ in 2010. This time, it was the Commonwealth International Travel Mart, who recognised this potential of Sikkim Tourism.

India's Most Progressive Tourism State:

Awards, recognition and identity became a common trait for Sikkim and its tourism sector by 2010. One single year, and Sikkim had already carved its name over two prestigious category. But then, ‘Today’s Traveller’ added another star in Sikkim Tourism’s couch by awarding them with the ‘India’s Most Progressive Tourism State’ in the same year.

Best Rural Tourism Project:

Even after winning numerous awards, Sikkim didn’t lose its roots and continued developing its rural areas! Soon, even the remotest part of this landlocked state became tourist hubs, and tourists from various corners of the globe made Sikkim their second home. And it was this feat achieved by the state, it once again got all the limelight from the Government of India in 2010. This year, Sikkim Tourism was felicitated with the prestigious award as one of the ‘Best Rural Tourism Project’ for the year. With all the glories and achievement Sikkim Tourism had attained so far, it won this year five consecutive time 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and created a new record in India’s tourism industry.

Best State for Comprehensive Development of Tourism:

Government of India once again appreciated and valued the pristine beauty of Sikkim in 2012. This year, the Ministry of Tourism awarded this quaint North Eastern state with the much deserved ‘Best State for Comprehensive Development of Tourism’ award. By then, the state has etched a niche for itself and its development in the tourism sector!

Most Innovative & Unique Tourism Project:

In the year 2011, Sikkim came up with one of the highest Lord Shiva statues in the country! A part of the 'Siddhesvara Dhaam', this gigantic statue of the Lord was erected at the Solophok Hill near Namchi. It was a festive moment for the Hindu devotees as Sikkim Government's hard work and selfless efforts to build the replicas of the most pious 'Char Dhams': Jagannath Temple in Puri, Dwarka, Rameswaram and Badrinath under one roof came to reality. The then Chief Minister, Pawan Chamilng inaugurated this sacred project in 2011. Later in the year, this project of the regional government got recognised with the award for successfully completing one of ‘Most Innovative & Unique Tourism Project’ by the Indian Ministry of Tourism in 2012.

Best State - Campaign Clean India:

Sikkim, by 2012 had already marked its strong presence in the Indian Tourism Map! Its enchanting appeal, surreal ambience and lush beauty had already made it one of the brightest as well as colourful states in the country. But then, in the same year, Sikkim Tourism rose up to a level, where it got awarded with the ‘Best Sate – Campaign Clean India’ category from the Ministry of Tourism from the Government of India.

Main Tourist Attractions of Sikkim and Gangtok


Rumtek Monastery

Located at a distance of 23 km from Gangtok, this place offers a spiritual solace to the pilgrims and travellers. An architectural fancy, Rumtek Monastery is designed with traditional Tibetan patterns, and the interior is decorated with murals, sculptures and paintings. This monastery is widely famous for the ultimate destination where Buddha teachings are preserved since centuries and preached to everyone, no matter if you belong to that community or not.


A pretty small town, is like a second home for trekkers , the main attraction of Yuksom is ; it offers a ready accessibility to Mount Kanchenjunga Base Camp, with this several other trek routes too organized from this village, and to add up little more specialities this town has numerous spellbinding monasteries, monuments, waterfalls, gardens to explore, this land of charming beauty.


After Gangtok, Pelling is the other most visited tourist attraction visited in Sikkim. “The seat of the religious body” a beautiful elucidation of Pelling in Buddhist scriptures, the place itself holds captivating surroundings that can be traversed around in all seasons of the year. The main attraction is Khangchendzonga Festival that offers fun adventure activities like white-water rafting, trekking, mountain biking, traditional sports and bird- watching, or initiate the promotion of traditional crafts and ethnic of the region.

Tsomgo Lake

Most sacred lake in Sikkim region that holds the numerous mythical tales, and it is believed widely that in early days Buddhist monks forecast the future by studying the colour of the water of this lake.Located at an elevation of 12310 ft, this lake is one of the prominent tourist destinations. The Lake itself cover the distance of 1km approximately and offers a cherishing ride on colourfully decorated yaks and mules at a site to the tourists.

Yumthang Valley

An enchanting valley girdled with an innumerable variety of flowers that blossom in the months of late February to June mainly. Uniquely situated at the elevation of 11800 ft with the proximity of Tibet, where the tree line ends. With the surreal and captivating view, the valley is encircled with hot springs as well, where water is naturally is rich in Sulphur and have healing powers.


Located at the height of 8600 feet, a 6-hour drive from Gangtok took to reach this small town of Sikkim. From here, travellers can find and traverse through a plethora of adventure sports, and those who are in seek of peace can explore through unique cultures and traditions of Sikkim here. A prominent Buddhist pilgrimage, celebrate Saga Dawa Festival in the month of June, that signifies the three important events of Lord Buddha’s life, i.e., his birth, enlightenment and death.


A town situated in the lap of nature, offers a most scenic view to the travellers, located in the West of Sikkim with a connecting route to Geyzing and Pelling situated around on the banks of river Rangit. This place offers few pilgrims destinations and hot springs to relish the alluring beauty of Legship.

Tashi View Point

Close to Gangtok with a distance of 6 km away, is a must visit for nature lovers, for them this place is much more than a treat for the eyes! Spectacular views of grandeur Himalayan mountains and undoubtedly the mesmerising view of Siniolchu peak and Mount Kanchenjunga is impeccably fantastic. You can relish and visit the Labrang Monastery and Phodong Monastery as well from here.


Located at the height of 7000 feet, Ravangla is an obscure place in Sikkim, far from chaos offers an ultimate peace and fresh atmosphere to people who visit here. Gradually tourism of this place is increasing, and travellers explore the exotic flora and fauna, snowy Himalayan mountains, cascading waterfalls, beautiful tea gardens, sacred monasteries and lastly mysterious small caves.

Gurudongmar Lake

One of the highest lakes in the world, is located an altitude of 17000 ft, is considered to be the sacred lake in Sikkim. Etymology belongs the Guru Padmasambhava, who have visited Tibet through this area. A prominent tourist attraction, for its breathtaking appealing beauty. To attend, Gurudongmar Lake it requires a permit as it located close to the Indo-Tibet border.


One of the charming teeny-weeny towns of Sikkim is located at the height of 10,100 feet. Zuluk carries a small population of around 700-800 people. You cannot find the tranquillity and calmness in any other place, a pure exemplary natural beauty of Zuluk will take anyone’s heart away. To catch the glimpse, visit in the months of August to September when the village blossoms with bright wildflowers.

Namgyal Institue of Tibetology

Located at a distance of 2 km from Gangtok, Namgyal Institute of Tibetology, is one of the well-renowned institutes in the world. Following the Tibetan Architecture, one of the finest traditional Tibetan designs were executed while designing the building of this institute. Erstwhile, late King of Sikkim Tashi Namgyal donated the land for the institute; the area is surrounded in a small forest of birch trees, oak and magnolia creates an enthralling scenery.

Phodong Monastery

Build in an early 18th century, Phodong Monastery comes under one of the 6 most important monasteries in the Sikkim and is famous for its architectural beauty through its reconstructed many times. It is located at an altitude of 4500 ft, from where one can relish the view of picturesque peaks of Himalayan ranges or even the valleys and small lush gardens.


Found in South of Sikkim, Namchi is gradually getting its fame as the Culture Capital of the state. Located at an altitude of 5,500ft, Namchi is a serene and quaint religious site with certain wonderful tourist attractions that Namchi Rock Garden, Char Dham, Namchi Helipad, and Samdruptse Monastery.Tourist generally opts for a day trip to Namchi from Darjeeling.

167Sikkim Tourism-Gangtok Tour Packages

Gangtok Package 001

Package type - :3 Nights|4 Days
Price: image6,999/- ***Per Person
(2N Darjeeling + 3N Gangtok) Find out more
169Sikkim Tourism-Gangtok Tour Packages

gangtok package 002

Package type - :5 Nights|6 Days
Price: image8,999/- ***Per Person
( 2N Darjeeling + 3N Gangtok ) Find out more