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Sikkim Homestay Tour

About the Trek

This Himalayan homestay tour in Sikkim is all about the grandeurs and bountiful beauty of Sikkim and its warm hospitality. Over the 11 days of this rustic tour, you will get ample of opportunities to witness and enjoy the indigenous cultures, traditions and cuisine of the state along with the pristine and untouched beauty of the nature.

Originating from the capital city Gangtok, the Sikkim Homestay tour is in fact the best way to delve deep into the rich and diverse history and witness the local life from a close hand.

Short Itinerary

  • Day 01: Bagdogra Airport – Gangtok (Drive)
  • Day 02: Gangtok – Pelling / Pemayangtse (Drive)
  • Day 03: Rest Day in Pelling / Pemayangtse
  • Day 04: Pelling – Khechupelri (Hike)
  • Day 05: Khechupelri
  • Day 06: Khechupelri – Yuksom (Hike)
  • Day 07: Yuksom
  • Day 08: Yuksom – Tsong (Hike)
  • Day 09: Tsong – Labdang (Hike)
  • Day 10: Labdang – Tashding (Hike)
  • Day 11: Tashding – Bagdogra Airport / New Jalpaiguri (Drive)

Long Itinerary

Day 01 Drive from Bagdogra Airport to Gangtok

Day Schedule: After you arrive at the Bagdogra Airport, you will be warmlyreceived by our representatives and then driven to Gangtok, the capital city of Sikkim. As you arrive in the city, check in into a hotel and enjoy a half day sightseeing tour around Gangtok; overnight stay will be at the hotel.

Day 02 Drive from Gangtok to Pelling / Pemayangtse

Day Schedule: Today morning, start early from Gangtok and take a drive to the gorgeous town of Pelling. As you arrive in the vicinity, you will be checked in into a local homestay; today will mark the beginning of your homestay experience in Sikkim. Adorn and enjoy the warm hospitality of the homestay, and by evening, set out of your den to explore the stunning beauty of Pelling; overnight stay will be in the homestay.

Day 03 Rest Day in Pelling / Pemayangtse

Day Schedule: A rest or leisure day in Pelling will allow you to discover its enchanting beauty from a close point. During the day, visit some of the sacred monasteries like Pemayangtse and Sangachoelin, and get closer to the devotion and religious beliefs of the Sikkimese people. With your visit to the historic ruins of the Rabdentse Palace, the day will wind up in a pleasant note; overnight stay will in the Pelling homestay.

Day 04 Hike from Pelling to Khechupelri

Day Schedule: Today, you will be taking a hike from Pelling to the Khechupelri region of Sikkim; on the way, you will pass through the gorgeous Rimbi Village. This beautiful hamlet is the home to the mystical Khechupelri Lake. In this village, you will be stepping in into a local homestay and will spend overnights.

Day 05 Khechupelri

Day Schedule:On this day, you will be hiking to the spiritual caves of Khechupelri. You can also enjoy the remarkable views of the surroundings from a nearby view point. Before it starts getting dark, hike back to the homestay for an overnight stay.

Day 06 Hike from Khechupelri to Yuksom

Day Schedule: On today’s hike from Khechupelri to Yuksom, you will get to enjoy amazing views of Sikkim’s Himalayas; the hike will mostly descend through dense and beautiful forests. Yuksom is the preferred base for almost all the treks to Khanchendzonga and was once the capital of Sikkim. On arrival in Yuksom, check in into a local homestay and enjoy the warm hospitality of Sikkim.

Day 07 Yuksom

Day Schedule: After enjoying a delightful breakfast in Yuksom, hike to the Dubdi Monastery,Coronation Throne of Norbugang and the Karthok Lake. Evening will be kept reserved for visit the nearby villages; overnight stay will be in the homestay.

Day 08 Hike from Yuksom to Tsong

Day Schedule:Another day of hiking from the picturesque valleys of Yuksom will take you to the scenic village of Tsong. Home to some of the indigenous Nepali groups, this is one of the most gorgeous and peaceful hamlets of Sikkim. Arriving in the village, check in into a homestay and enjoy another day amidst Sikkimese treat and hospitality.

Day 09 Hike from Tsong to Labdang

Day Schedule:On today’s hike from Tsong to Labdang, you will get to visit the ancient and spiritual Hongri Monastery; overnight stay will be in a local homestay in Labdang.

Day 10 Hike from Labdang to Tashding

Day Schedule:Today will be last day of your hiking and homestay experience in Sikkim. During the day, you will be hiking from Labdang to Tashding for an overnight stay in a homestay.

Day 11 Drive from Tashding to Bagdogra Airport / New Jalpaiguri

Day Schedule:After having breakfast in the homestay, you will be dropped either at the Bagdogra Airport or at the New Jalpaiguri Railway Station. This exciting and rustic Sikkim homestay tour will come to an end with your drop.

Main Attractions of the Trek:

Gangtok, Pelling, Pemayangtse Monastery, Sangachoelin Monastery, Rabdentse Palace Ruins, Khechupelri Lake, Khechupelri Caves, Yuksom, Dubdi Monastery, Coronation Throne of Norbugang, Karthok Lake, Tsong, Labdang, Hongri Monastery, Tashding

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