Rajasthan tour packages from Pune are revered as the ultimate ways to step into the world of wonderment, royalty, cultural treats and lot more! These delightful packages takes the holidaymakers through a mix of worlds.

Pune, the ‘Queen of Deccan’ holds a prominence in India’s history as a knowledge hub and the birthplace of many freedom movement. Rajasthan or the ‘Land of Kings’, still resonates royalty and elegant lifestyle. Combining these two worlds, Rajasthan tour packages from Pune truly makes it for unforgettable or everlasting experience among the visitors!

Best Time to Book Rajasthan Tour Package from Pune

Crowned as the ‘Queen of Deccan’, Pune is a melting ground of different cultures, thoughts, and social practices! Once a pivotal political centre, this city has emerged as a prominent education hub, tech centre, attracts young minds from across the globe, and enjoys an amazing connectivity with the rest of the country.

Talking about the Rajasthan tour packages from Pune, they opens a chirpy corridor for the holidaymakers to explore the Golden Thar Desert from the bosom of Deccan Plateau. Owing to the well-laid communication network, travel enthusiasts from within or around the city can avail these packages and satiate all their desires to witness, feel, and live alongside the royal splendours and marvels of Rajasthan!

Best Time: November to February

Things to Expect from Rajasthan Tour Packages from Pune :

Wildlife expeditions
Palace and forts tour
Adventure tours
Desert Safari
Traditional folk dance and music
Colourful fairs and festivals
Beautiful handicrafts
Camel breeding farms/camel ride
Puppet shows

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