Things to do in Ladakh in September

The tourist season is at its full in the month of September and is majorly considered as the best time to visit Ladakh. It becomes a trip of more convenience and minor risk. As it marks the start of the autumn season in the land, the vistas en route and in the city will leave you spellbound. Be treated by lush green hills in the alluring Ladakhi valleys.

Another reason is that there are many things to do in Ladakh in September. Be it adventure enthusiasts, nature lovers or spirituality seekers, you will have no regrets in basking in Himalayan wonderland as it offers all of this and much more to all its visitors. There is no denying the swarm of travellers and tourists that the place sees and all hotels and guest houses run on full occupancy. You will have to make all your bookings well in advance. So, go ahead and scroll because here are all the offbeat things you can do in Ladakh in September.

Things you must do in Ladakh in September to enjoy nature

1. Enjoy a serene walk at the Tso Kar

Also known as the White Lake, the Tso Kar is among the only 3 high altitude salt-water lakes in Ladakh. It is called the white lake because of the white salt deposits on the water. It is rich with wildlife and hence very popular among nature enthusiasts and bird watchers. The black-necked cranes that are rare and unique to the Himalayan valleys also come here and lay eggs. Enjoy a serene walk on the picturesque plains with the backdrop of snow-clad mountains.

2. Sip on a cup of kahwah at the Nyak Tso

Soak in the inspiring sight of the graceful blue waters that reflect the intensity of the clear skies at the Nyak Tso. With the onset of winters, the best thing to do in Ladakh is to sip on a cup of kahwah. The subtle simplicity of the pristine waters and the unobtrusive beauty of the surrounding mountains can be taken in peacefully at the Nyak Tso. You can enjoy amidst untouched nature with your loved without the hassle of crowds. There is also the option of visiting this lake by planning a Ladakh lake trek which will take you across the most popular and picturesque water bodies in Ladakh.

3. Witness nature in its purest form at the Saser La Pass

Majestic in its span and fascinating in the depth, to visit the Saser La Pass is the best thing to explore in Ladakh in September. It offers a variety of experiences. This motorable pass is where sheer cliffs stand in severe starkness, long vacant roads beckon invitingly, gorgeous lakes glisten invitingly on all corners and an atmosphere of purity and peace fills the air. Making a trip to such a fantastic site will leave you with grand memories.

4. Pay your respects at the Lamayuru Monastery

One of the oldest Tibetan monasteries, the Yuru or the Lamayuru Monastery is the oldest and biggest religious institutions in Ladakh. It is still considered as the Tharpa Ling, which translates to the “Place of Freedom”. A tall prayer flagpole at the centre is sure to grab eyeballs. Nearly 150 monks have resided here who lures spirituality learners to spend some quality time at this beautiful gompa. It is nestled on a hilltop amidst the sacred aura and the tranquil ambiance of the monastery is mesmerizing.

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Things to do in Ladakh in September for a cultural and religious experience

1. Watch the performance of the Chhams

The chham dance is a vivacious masked dance and costumed dance that is associated with the sects of Buddhist festivals and Tibetan Buddhism. It is one of the most sacred, religious and historical celebrations in Ladakh. It prospered in the Great Himalayan Mountain Ranges and till today is performed with fervour. It is filled with euphoria and to witness the performance is an absolute delight. The dance is accompanied by monks playing traditional music by using ancient Tibetan musical instruments.

2. Experience spirituality at the Namgyal monastery

This is where a unique culture bubbles and awe-inspiring landscapes welcome you. To experience its tranquility is a thing you must do in Ladakh trip in September. Get closer to the spiritual aspect of Buddhism. The monastery was built to guard the valley against evil spirits. On you way to the monastery, you will see the nature at its best. You will cut across the beautiful mountain passes and serene villages. The peaceful and calming vibes at this monastery are amazing.

3. See the celebrations at the Ladakh harvest festival

The Ladakh Harvest Festival is the one you must attend and be a part of. It is a two week long colourful celebration that takes place in the first half of September. The festival takes off with a procession of cultural troupes that goes through the entire Leh Market. People wear bright traditional attire and there is an array of dance and musical performances. This festival is a glitzy merriment of the rich cultural aspects of Buddhism. Other activities include archery and polo that are played during the festivities.

4. Recite your morning prayer at the Shanti Stupa

(Budhist monument Shanti Stupa in Leh, Ladakh, India)


The Shanti Stupa is set on a steep hilltop at 4267 meters above the sea level. A Japanese architect constructed it and it dominates the skyline of Ladakh in this region. The place affords a splendid panoramic view of the town of Leh and the snow-clad mountains. The architecture and the finesse of this place are unexplainable. The construction style is completely different from the traditional Ladakhi style. One must do thing in Ladakh in September is to try and discover the hidden beauty of this region.

(Shanti Stupa in night time, Leh, Ladakh, India)


5. Eat Hot Butter Tea

Locally also known as Po cha, the hot butter tea is a traditional Tibetan drink that is made from churning salt, tea and yak butter. Owing to the warming quality and the high calorie count, this beverage is consumed several times in a day in high altitude areas. It tends to keep the energy levels up and also helps prevent chapped lips. Moreover, the tea is delicious in taste and aids digestion, promotes a healthy cardiovascular system and keeps the mind focused. To sip on it in the cold month of September is an amazing thing to do in Ladakh in winters.

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Best adventurous things to do in Ladakh in September

1. Run the Ladakh Marathon

Participate in the highest marathon in the world, which also happens to be the toughest. It commences at a height of 11,500 feet and goes up to 17,618 feet. It pacifies your adrenaline rush and offers the runners a unique opportunity to compete with local Ladakhis. It is an annual event that is held during the month of September. You need to come in to the city at least a week prior so that you can get acclimatized. Crisscrossing the most stunning landscape as you marvel at the stunning vistas of rivers, mountains and valleys help you curate lifelong memories.

2. Hop on the raft and go white water rafting

Rafting in the Zanskar River is slowly becoming a famous high-altitude water-sport in Ladakh. It is the most adventurous thing to do in Ladakh in September. You have the choice of medium to difficult levels with grade 2 to 4 rapids. The river way offers magnetising views of the town of Ladakh and the Zanskar Ranges. The whirling rapids along with the icy cold water in September get together with beautiful surroundings landscapes to create a memorable experiences of white water rafting in Ladakh.

3. Row your Kayak and cut across the river

White Water Kayaking is an exciting sport for adrenaline junkies. And especially in Ladakh, your kayak on the river waters will take you to places you would have never imagined before. If you are a beginner, it may seem impossible to navigate past the raging rapids. But with some guidance from the trained professionals, it is possible to be comfortable navigating these waters. The land also plays host to the world’s highest kayaking and rafting competition as well. The journey takes you through some breath-taking scenery and you will certainly be enthralled.

4. Travel back in time with a visit to Kargil

This battlefield raises goose bumps on every Indian’s body and also on those who is well-versed with the history of India and Pakistan. It is the second biggest town in Ladakh and is strictly patrolled by the army. Kargil’s landscape is replete with rugged, mountainous and high roads with the minimum elevation being at 8,000 feet. It is among the world’s coldest permanently inhabited places. It is also of strategic importance as it is set at an equal distance from Srinagar and is the gateway to Ladakh.

Now that you know more on why you should visit Ladakh in September, pack your bags and commence your jouney to this stunning haven. Easy, solitary strolls in Leh, a leisurely cup of coffee, cycling tracks and gorge over gorgeous meals await your presence.

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