Things to do in Ladakh in May

Ladakh’s unworldly picturesque beauty, natural splendour and numerous activities that can be done in Ladakh in May lure thousands of travellers each year. What else can you expect from a destination that is gifted with the sheer brilliance of the Himalayas? It is gifted with the most iconic and unreal natural topography that is sure to take you on a picturesque pomp ride.

Ladakh is replete with visually stunning structures as well as historically significant stories. It is an amalgamation of sensational sightseeing sites and energetic and vibrant cultures that exists high up in the mountain ranges. With such great heights comes stunning natural settings, some unnerving adventure opportunities and the land’s cultural aspects makes room for spiritual healing. Proving all this and much more, Ladakh is an ideal holiday destination for all kinds of tourists. And we have carefully curated a list of the most exciting things to do in Ladakh in May.

Things you must do in Ladakh in May to enjoy nature

1. Capture panoramic views at the Bara Lacha La Pass
(A desolate desert of the Himalayas. Mountain pass along the Manali-Leh highway with stunning sand and rock formations, snow-peaks and glaciers)


One of Ladakh’s highest mountain pass, Bara lacha La is the connection between the two prominent mountain ranges of India- the Pir Panjal and Zanskar valley. Nestled deep at the foothills of the lower Himalayas, it is home to the most popular trekking routes in the region. If to cross the pass is one among the various things to do in Ladakh in May, then it is advisable to cross it before noon as it may get slippery later in the day because of the melting of the snow. The Baralacha Pass is surrounded by numerous beautiful sights so you must go with your camera to capture the beautiful vistas which will leave the onlooker spellbound and yearning for more.

(A desolate desert of the Himalayas. Mountain pass along the Manali-Leh highway with stunning sand and rock formations, snow-peaks and glaciers)
2. Enjoy a steaming cup of kahwah at the Pangong Tso

The Pangong Tso is the landscape’s most beautiful lake body. It is one of the highest saltwater lakes in the world. What makes it so unusual and attractive is that it is completely landlocked and the lake does not drain anywhere by flowing into a river or the ocean. In a freezing temperature at such a high altitude, the best thing to do in Ladakh in May is to sip on some hot kahwah. It is traditionally prepared with exotic spices and saffron that will help the body’s temperature to warm up slightly. A cup of hot local tea against the stunning lake is every traveller’s dream come true. The formation of mineral deposits has made it look brackish over time but beautiful nonetheless. Make sure you have all necessary permits in place as it is set in a border area.

3. Spend an evening at the cultural centre and river rafting venue- Sindhu Ghat

Ghat is a flight of steps that lead down to a river. And the Sindhu ghat in Ladakh is beautiful and a tranquil. The Sindhu or Indus river that flows is surrounded by barren mountains and beautiful skies that offers a remarkable sunset view. The Sindhu ghat is a symbol of communal harmony and many festivities and events take place here often. Many cultural programs are also organized at the venue that is followed by a short sightseeing trip and campfire night. Roaming by the bank of river Indus, you can enjoy the afternoon with the gentle breeze and rolling clouds, splendid views of the mountains and rippling waters. The location is just appropriate for a poster picture.

4. Treat yourself to some noodles at the world’s highest cafeteria

Finding a cafe at an unimaginable height may sound like a dream. However, when it is Ladakh, nothing is impossible. To have a meal at the Rinchen Cafeteria which is the highest cafeteria in the world is a must-do thing when in Ladakh in May. It rests at a height of 18,360 feet above the sea level. It is set amidst the picturesque landscapes and is a gem in its own way. This café is dedicated to and named after Col. Chewang Rinchen who played a prominent role in the mission of seizing POK. The interiors of the cafe also showcase the life and discipline of the army life.

5. Witness the anti-gravity at the magnetic hill
(A gravity hill where slow speed cars are drawn against gravity is famously known as “Magnetic Hill” , a natural wonder at Leh, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, India)


Is it merely an illusion or there are some mysterious magnetic properties that exist at the magnetic hill? You will never know that unless you do what is the must thing to do in Ladakh in May – visit the magnetic hill. It is set at an altitude of 14,000 feet above the sea level and draws to itself every car on the road, even though it is in the neutral gear and the engine is off. This magical experience also draws tourists from all across the globe. The phenomenon is certain to leave you spellbound. Moreover, you will enjoy the countryside as it is cradled in a picturesque backdrop of the mighty Himalayan Range.

(Magnetic hill sign board near Magnetic hill in Leh, Ladakh, India, Asia.)


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Things to do in Ladakh in May for a cultural and religious experience

1. Delight your taste buds to some delicious local cuisine
(Thukpa, noodle soup a famous traditional Ladakhi food in Tibet culture)
(One of the best ladakhi traditional food roasted barley flour with butter.)


Apart from being renowned for its fluttering prayer flags and barren mountains and a strong influence of Tibetan Buddhism, Ladakh also has a popular name for providing its visitors with some delightful local cuisine. than There is much more to savour than just the quintessential instant noodles. There are many restaurants that offer local versions of English breakfast such as khambir and salted butter tea. Sea Buckthorn Juice is a drink that cannot be found anywhere in India except Ladakh. That s because it is made from the berries that are exclusive to the land. Another must-try food is the traditional thupka soup that is made of flat noodles and comes with assorted vegetables.

(Tibetan yak butter tea or po cha a blend of black tea yak butter and salt)


2. Travel in time by visiting the Stok Palace
(Beautiful scenic view of Kings palace and twisty road in Stok against the background of distant colorful mountain range, the surrounding Leh city, Ladakh range, Jammu & Kashmir, Northern India)


Built in the year 1825, the Stok Palace is the residential palace of King Sengge Namgyal’s royal descendants. The architecture of this palace showcases a perfect mix of the contemporary and traditional architectural styles. It is home to a number of beautiful gardens and library that has a massive collection of teachings of Lord Buddha. Moreover, the palace also houses a collection of royal clothing, artefacts, crowns and other important things that will take you back in time. It is surrounded by peaceful greenery with the backdrop of the mountain ranges, the beauty of which can be seen while on the excursion of the palace.

3. Go shopping on the quaint streets of Ladakh
(Main bazar street in Leh city, Ladakh. This is the local market and famous place for tourist to visit in Leh, Ladakh India.)


The hardest thing to do in Ladakh in May is to rip your eyes and heart off the curios and souvenirs that are laid out in the bazaars and markets of Leh. If you are after a bargain or looking for some colourful photo opportunities, you must visit the many marketplaces in Ladakh. The everyday carnival of the Tibetan market is something you must experience. You can get your hands on some truly exquisite wood and antique works here. The Moti market near the bus stand is replete with popular selling items like the Pashmina shawls and stoles, locally handmade woollen socks, caps and gloves, and other trinkets that are a favourite of tourists in Ladakh.

(Front view of Tibetan shop clothes and souvenirs outside the tourist town of Leh, India)


4. Pay your respects at the Sankar Gompa

The Sankar Gompa is a fine example of incredible architecture. It is home to various attractions that will lure nature enthusiasts, adventure junkies and people seeking spiritual experience alike. That is because it is perched on a small hilltop surrounded by mountain ranges, can be easily accessed to on foot and it is a treasure-trove of history and art. A sight which will leave you captivated is the statue of Avalokitesvara. It stands tall with its 11 heads and a thousand arms. There are many other enchanting murals that depict the lifestyle of the lamas.

5. Mark your presence at one of the only high altitude post offices in India

One of the myriad interesting facts about India is that it is home to many high altitude post offices. One of the many in the country is the Leh post office. It is perched at a height of approximately 10,000 feet above the sea level. While most post offices remain shut on most months due to heavy snowfall, this is the only one which works even if the climatic conditions are unpredictably fluctuating. You can buy picture postcards from this office and carry them back as souvenirs. Also, keep extra batteries for your camera for it provides for endless photo opportunities.

Best adventurous things to do in Ladakh in May

1. Cross the highest motorable pass in India- the Rohtang La

Curl up on the seat in your car as you will feel the chills of thin air with every increasing metre of the altitude. The Rohtang La pass leads you into a blitz of alluring views and leaves you stunned with its grazing pastures, hanging glaciers and glistening blue waters. The journey takes you through scenic village settlements and vast mountain ranges. It is nature’s perfect spectacle. If you wish to indulge in activities to do in Ladakh in May, Rohtang La Pass offers snow scooter adventure tours and paragliding opportunities. These sports activities in Kashmir are highly considered by the adventure enthusiasts and adrenaline seekers.

2. Indulge in high altitude trekking at the Drass valley
(Dras is a town in the Kargil District of Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir on NH 1. It is often called “The Gateway to Ladakh”.
Drass is one of the coldest cities in the world.)


Composed of lofty snow peaks, deep gorges, lush green valleys, fast flowing rivers, flower-bedecked meadows, beautiful temples and monasteries and enchanting mountain lakes, Drass valley clearly has a lot to offer to all its visitors. It is a tourist hub owing to the high altitude trekking routes. It happens to be the second coldest place that remains inhabited in the world. The average temperature here is -12 degree celsius and the town is known for its historical and political importance. A trek to such a place will leave a lasting impression on your mind.

(Drass village with blue cloudy sky background , Kargil, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, India)


3. Go rafting in the Zanskar river
(Double rainbows and overcast rainy sky and pagodas in Zanskar valley, India)


Do you wish to steer through the unbridled water of the Zanskar River? Reputed as one of the most striking regions of the Himalayas, rafting in this river is an experience that only an adventurer at heart can appreciate. this utterly thrilling water sport requires you to battle its turbulent waters and is the most exciting thing to do in Ladakh in May. Remala is the starting point of the rafting and comprises of some spectacular scenery. Such breathtaking landscapes throughout the rafting journey is what altogether makes for one of the most unforgettable trips.

4. Drive across the Kardung-la Pass
(Khardung La pass, India. Khardung La is a high mountain pass located in the Ladakh region of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. The elevation of Khardung La is 5,359 m.)


The breathtaking views en route the Kardung-la Pass make the journey worth experiencing. At least once in your life, you must grab an opportunity to come here and spend quality time with your loved ones. It is full of adventure and awe-inspiring views and plays an important role as it is the gateway to Nubra and the Shyok Valley. The thrill of standing at the very top of the world and overlooking deep gorges is sure to give you butterflies in your stomach.

(Khardungla Top, Khardungla pass highest motorable road in the world, Leh Ladakh, India.)


5. Opt for quad biking in the Nubra Valley

The Nubra valley offers you a lot of prospects to make your day in Ladakh adventurous and amazing. One among the many activities to do in Ladakh in May is quad biking. The ATV rides take you up and down on the sand dunes and add a thrill to your journey. No other destination can come close to Ladakh when it comes to the thrill and excitement that quad biking offers to its visitors. Their experts are very well trained and equipped to take care of your requirements thoroughly.

On one end are the Buddhist monasteries, friendly locals and calm and peace of the valleys, and on the other end, there are spine thrilling activities for hardcore adventure junkies. So buckle up and set out to tick all these activities to do in Ladakh in May. A tour to such one of its kind location is sure to leave you enthralled.

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