Things to do in Ladakh in March

While there is so much raw exquisiteness in India that you can opt to explore, Ladakh certainly tops the list of exotic places. Home to a number of ancient structures, sightseeing spots, cultural programs, thrilling sports and delicious gastronomy, you can guess that the things to do in Ladakh in March is varied.

It is a land of myriad marvels where you can experience beauty, peace and serenity all at once. It is replete with numerous enchanting hills, deep-running valleys and lavish green dense forests. To make you agree as fervently as we do, we have listed down a number of offbeat things to do in Ladakh in March that will make you want to lift your bags and head there already!

Things you must do in Ladakh in March to enjoy nature

1. Feel the calmness of the several quaint villages
(Quaint Himalayan Village [Nestled in the Himalayan ranges is a beautiful village enroute Pangong Lake in Ladakh])


With settlements that are more than 900 years old, the best thing to do in Ladakh in March is to explore these quaint villages. They make promises of surreal panoramic views of the vast mountain deserts. Lingshed, Padum, Nang, Merak and Chushul are a few villages worth exploring when in Ladakh. These are the offbeat gems of Ladakh culture. The locals will welcome you into their homes like you are one of their own. The time spent here will be remembered for a lifetime. You can choose to put up your own tent and enjoy the barren desert, the magnificent mountains and the endless sky.

2. Come close to nature at the Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary

The natural enchantress, Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary is a part of the Hindu Kush Himalaya. It is located on top of a plateau. It encompasses the two world-famous high altitude water lakes- Tsomoriri and Pangong Tso. Moreover, it is home to 11 lakes and 10 marshes making the land fertile, fresh and filled with flora and fauna. The landscape provides picture-perfect opportunities with clear blue waters that are set amidst the cold, vast, brown desert. At the sanctuary, you can spot the threatened and rare animals such as the Tibetan wolf, Wild Yak, Tibetan argali, Tibetan gazelle and also the Tibetan antelopes. The endangered Black-necked cranes also breed here before flying away in winters.

3. Witness the beauty of the Royal ruins of Leh Palace

(The former royal palace of Leh among the Himalayan mountain in late October at sunrise. At the background is the line of the highest motorable road to Khardund pass â?? Leh, Ladakh, India)


The ruins of the Leh palace make for a great thing to do in March in Ladakh. It was constructed in the 17th century and is today in a semi dilapidated condition, however, beautiful none the less. The elevation at which it rests offers panoramic views of the entire Leh town. the Zanskar range can be spotted on one side and the Ladakh range on the other. Once you reach the marketplace, a 15-20 minute walk will take you across rows of tiny Ladakhi houses before you reach atop. One must also see the rich collection that used to exist in its heydays of artwork, artefacts, murals and jewellery in the palace museum.

(Night view of Leh city, Leh palace and Himalayas. Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, India)


Things to do in Ladakh in March for a cultural and religious experience

1. See the many wonders of the Spituk monastery
(Budhist temple Spituk, better known as Spituk Gompa or Pethup Gompa, India)


Situated on the hilltop, the Spituk monastery was established in the 11th century and is the home of over 100 monks. It was recently restored with a series of courtyards, tiers and steps. The unmissable part of the monastery are the icons of Buddha and the five thangkas that share space with numerous sculptures and miniature chortens. There is also an astonishing statue of Buddha which is 10 feet high Inside the assembly hall of the monastery. This Monastery’s museum has a rich collection of antique arms, ancient masks, other icons and a number of Thangkas.

(Spituk Monastery with view of Himalayas mountains. Spituk Gompa is a famous Buddhist temple in Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, India.)


2. Dive deep into Buddhism at the Chemrey Monastery
(Chemrey Monastery (Chemrey Gompa) in Leh, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, India. The Monastery was originally built in 1664.)


The Chemrey Monastery is set on a steep hillock that is spectacularly sprawled across buckthorn bushes and barley fields. It is bounded with a maze of pathways and Tibetan buildings. To soak in its serenity is a must-do thing in Ladakh in March. The temperature starts to get nice and pleasant around this time of the year and the skies are a clear blue. More than twenty monks and their pupils dwell in the monastic quarters of this shrine. A complete tour of the various sections in the monastery depict the philosophy of Buddhism.

3. Experience tranquillity at the oldest monastery in Ladakh- the Diskit monastery

Diskit is not only the oldest but also the largest Buddhist Monastery in the cold desert of Ladakh. The structure stands tall at an elevation of 10,300 ft. Founded in the 14th century, it is famous for housing the 106 ft. tall Maitreya Buddha statue. The entire monastery is painted in milky white colour that adds to the peaceful environment of the monastery. For the adventure lovers, the journey to the monastery gives you an opportunity for a scenic hike alongside the stunning white Chortens. The unmissable part is the panoramic views of Nubra Valley that you can get to see from the top of the monastery.

(The Buddhist monastery of Diskit in Nubra valley in the Indian Himalaya. Diskit, Ladakh, India)


Best adventurous things to do in Ladakh in March

1. Trek to the Drang Drung glacier
(Beautiful landscape of Drang-Drung Glacier with flowers, Mountain glacier on zanskar road at Himalaya Range, Zanskar Range, Pensi La, Jammu and Kashmir.)


There are only a few glaciers on a planet that can be reached via road and the Drang Drung glacier is one such dazzling sight in India. It is an amazing activity to undertake in March in Ladakh as it is the land’s largest glacier accessible to tourists. For all the adventure enthusiasts, to trek to the glacier requires three days strenuous trek from Padum. The trekking voyage is beautiful and you can expect to see the natural marvels like spectacular mountain ranges, stunning glaciers and the fruit orchards. Do not miss out on your binoculars that will help you see the stunning view from the Pensi La Pass.

(Drang Drung Glacier a mountain glacier near the Pensi La mountain pass at the Kargil – Zanskar Road in Jammu and Kashmir, India.)


2. Challenge yourself to biking on the mountains

Imagine biking through snow-covered mountains, rugged terrains, downhill of valleys and through banks of surreal rivers – adventure activities to do in March in Ladakh definitely has a lot to offer. It may not be an easy sport to indulge in but is absolutely worth owing to the scenic panoramic views. The routes range from 30-35 kms and a few takes you across streams of Khoksar river, small untouched villages, monasteries, vegetation and surreal lakes. Biking let’s you witness spectacular views of the Himalayan ranges.

3. Cross the Indus River in a raft

Ladakh seems like an enormous playground for the adventurers. It is home to the Indus River that flows across the northern region before finally entering Pakistan. Among the adrenaline kicking activities to do in Ladakh in March, the river rafting proves to be most thrilling. Course down the untamed Indus rivers that have rapids ranging from grade 1 to grade 4. Cut through gorges and combat several obstacles as you enjoy vibrant landscapes, gushing rivers and unpredictable flora and fauna. Moreover, the raft has you crisscrossed by the ancient monasteries and remote scenic villages.

To describe it all in a nutshell, Ladakh with all its admiral beauty is a heaven on earth. So pack up, build you bucket list from all these exciting things to do in Ladakh in March and visit this land of wonders now.

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