Things To Do In Ladakh In June

Ladakh is easy to fall in love with at any time of the year. But it is particularly beautiful on the onset of the monsoons. Unlike many other tourist hotspots, there is a lot of awesome things to do in Ladakh in June. Being a rain shadow area, it receives bare minimum rainfall and becomes one of the few places in India to visit during the rainy season. Apart from the short bursts of heavy downpour, the skies are a pristine clear blue and the air is crisp and sharp.

During the rainy season, the magical spells of rain make the weather very sultry and apt for some meditation. The steep gorges against a deep azure sky is every nature enthusiast’s dream come true. On another hand, this is the ideal time to undertake some of the most challenging treks as well. In a nutshell, there is plenty of offbeat things to do in the rainy season in Ladakh for all kinds of travellers.

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Things you must do in Ladakh in June to enjoy nature

1. Spend some time feeding the donkeys

The hard lives of donkeys is always ignored and humans seem to be the most negligent towards this particular species of animal. After seeing this pitiable situation, Stany and Joanne decided to find a shelter and breed donkeys in Leh. Donkeys are owned and used by many locals owing to the non-availability of vehicles for transportation and then left out when they become old and sick. This shelter majorly caters such donkeys in the region. To visit and spend some time here is a must-do activity when in Ladakh. It is a very lively barn and is certain to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

2. Witness breath-taking vistas on the Darcha Padum Trek

If you wish to block the visuals of a fast-paced crazy city life that is brimming with cars and loud honking, set out on a trek and bask in the calming vistas on the Darcha Padum Trek. It is one of the most fulfilling nature treks in India. The route is set at a high altitude and it offers breathtakingly beautiful variations as you ascend. It is also dotted by quaint monasteries that are located alongside cliffs. The mountain valleys, deep gorges, and unscathed landscapes are a sheer sample of scintillating beauty you get to witness on the Darcha Padum Trek.

3. See the natural wonder of moonland

Moonland is a small village in Ladakh located near Lamayuru. It gets its name from the unique geographical feature that makes the landscape look like that of the surface of the moon. It is also said that during the full moon, it becomes even more exotic and pulls thousands of tourists every year to witness the glory. This tiny settlement has more to offer than what meets your eyes. The monks from Lamayuru gompa also reside in this hilly area. You can even test your fitness level by choosing to hike on these moon-like craters.

Things to do in Ladakh in June for a cultural and religious experience

1. Be a part of the celebrations at the Saka Dawa festival

Representing the most sacred and the holiest days in Tibetan Buddhism, the Saka Dawa Festival is associated with three major events in Shakyamuni Buddha’s life – his birth, his enlightenment that happened on a full moon night and his parinirvana. With the prayers being hummed and rituals being carried out by monks early in the morning at the monasteries, it is easy to be carried away in the spiritual essence of the festival. It is always celebrated on the new moon or full moon day in June and the followers refrain from eating or killing animals.

2. Enjoy the sights of full moon at the Sindhu Darshan festival
(People are celebrating Sindhu darshan festival at the bank of Indus river Leh, Ladhak, Jammu & Kashmir.)


Symbolising communal harmony and unity in India, the Sindhu Darshan festival is celebrated over three days on the banks of River Sindhu. The day of the festivities always falls on the full moon day where the dim moonlight adds beauty to the surreal environment. People spanning the width and breadth of the country come to take part in the Sindhu Darshan Festival. It embraces the entirety of Indian heritage and cultural diversity. Dance, music and artistic showcases are all a part of the celebrations.

3. Go on a shopping spree at the Handicrafts Industrial Cooperative Shop
(Front view of Tibetan shop clothes and souvenirs outside the tourist town of Leh, India)


One of the highlights of activities to do in June in Ladakh is to go for plenty of shopping. Bringing back souvenirs is essential to remind you of your holiday. You can easily end up spending hours by only browsing through the curios. While Ladakh is apparent in the number of stalls and shops, a visit to the Handicrafts Industrial Cooperative Shop is recommended. It is an enterprise which is highly supported by the rural natives. You will find beautiful hand-woven rugs and carpets, silver and turquoise jewellery, thangka paintings with delicate embroidery and pashmina wool garments. These are so colourful and pretty that it can add a dash of colour and drama to any kind of room.

Best adventurous things to do in Ladakh in June

1. Take a tour of the land on a bactrian camel back

To ride on the back of the Bactrian or double-humped camel is the most amazing thing to do in Ladakh in June. These camels were once the major mode of transportation to make it to the silk route. They are the remnants of the land’s glorious trading past and today offer exciting safaris to all its visitors. The sand dunes of Hunder set in the Nubra Valley can be explored on its back and this journey roughly takes about two to three hours to complete. You can enjoy the change in terrain over this ride from lush greenery to a sandy desert.

2. Spend a night camping under the stars

Camping is the best way to explore the beautiful valley of Ladakh in leisure. People from all across the world come here to spend some quality time amidst natural settings in this untouched region of the Himalayas. It helps you connect to nature in its pure unaltered form. A night under the stars when your tent is perched on a hilltop is an experience you cannot afford to miss. Indulge in the simple ways of life by enjoying with friends and soft music over a bonfire. Camping is purely therapeutic and a stress buster.

3. Opt for Yak safari- a must do thing in the Himalayas

The Himalayan valleys are home to many yaks, which are rare, unique to the terrain and the largest animals in Ladakh. A ride on its back amidst the marvellous sand dunes is an experience one cannot miss when in Ladakh in June. It is an adventure activity in Ladakh that is distinctive to the land. They are found in the higher altitudes and you can explore pristine lakes, gurgling streams, glacial valleys and chiselled snow peaks on their backs. It is the most thrilling way to explore the high altitude cold desert of Ladakh.

Despite a few challenges, planning for an activity-filled trip to Ladakh in the monsoons is an experience like no other. So get packed and transport yourself to a land before time, as beautiful as it is surreal.

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