Things To Do In Ladakh In July

It may not always be a traveller’s common choice to plan a journey full of activities to do in Ladakh in July, but it is certainly a great decision to make. The destination is beautiful during the monsoons because it is a rain shadow area and receives very less rainfall. It is the best travel destination in India in monsoons for those who missed out on a summer vacation. Its high rising mountain peaks, salubrious weather, stunning lakes and breathtaking scenery will overpower the gloomy season of monsoons.

By mid-year, all the snow melts away and this Himalayan valley blooms into a youthful beauty. Moreover, July is a great time to visit Ladakh since the prices for accommodation are slashed to half and you may not find too much influx of tourists crowding the sightseeing spots. You will be able to tick many things to do in Ladakh in July in peace and at your own convenience.

Things you must do in Ladakh in July to enjoy nature

1. Visit the splendid Lungalacha La Pass

This happens to be one of the favourite passes amidst the hikers and the trekkers. That is because it offers a mix of both- challenge and charisma. The Lungalacha La Pass has played an important role in war, trade and migration. You can drive up to the pass and spend some time sipping on hot cocoa while admiring the surrounding natural beauty. It is bounded by the mountain ranges on either sides and you can see endless chains of hills for as far as your sight reaches. The pass is certain to imprint itself on your memories and keep you reminded of its magnificence long after you have left it far behind.

2. Soak in the serenity of Taglang La Pass
(Monument of Taglang La Pass on the Leh-Manali Highway in Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, India. Taglang La is situated at an altitude of around 5328m above the sea level.)


The second highest mountain pass in Ladakh, the Taglang La Pass is primarily home to the cattle and goat herders. It is perched at an altitude of 17,582 ft. This pass can present itself as an exciting challenge, all you need to be or have is an experienced person behind the wheels. Wet conditions make driving even more challenging so be careful as July sees mild showers often in the city. Notorious lack of oxygen is yet another challenge that travellers face. However, the vistas from atop are unmatched with hundreds of Buddhistic prayer flags flying in the air.

(View of hairpin turns and mountains in Taglang La pass, the second highest motorable road in the word, Ladakh, India)


3. Experience the thrilling Zoji La Pass

Set at a height of 11, 649 ft, the Zoji La pass is an important link between Kashmir and Ladakh. It holds a significant place in the Indian history as it was once captured by the Pakistani raiders. The thrill of this pass can be experienced by soaking in amazing views of the mighty Himalayan ranges. At present, work to build Asia’s longest tunnel- Zoji La tunnel project is under operation and soon to be finished. The month of July with its mild rains makes it challenging to travel and cut across. The roads are narrow and the drops are pretty steep. You need to be careful if you are driving as there is no barrier between the abyss and you.

(Zojila pass, one is the most dangerous road in the world / Zojia Pass, India)


Things to do in Ladakh in July for a cultural and religious experience

1. See the grand celebrations of the Hemis Tsechu festival

Attracting everyone right from a child to an adult, the Hemis Tsechu is one of its kind. To participate and attend the festivities is a thing not to miss out on in Ladakh in July. It is celebrated in Hemis Monastery which dates back to 300 years. The festival is the best way to absorb the traditions of the place and get a soul-touching experience. It is celebrated annually on the birth anniversary of Guru Padamsambhav. It marks the triumph of good over evil. You will find the valleys and mountains thriving on the beats of drums, trumpets and cymbals.

2. Admire the majesty of Tak Tok Festival

July is the month of festivities and the Tak Tok festival is another grand celebration that you cannot afford to miss out on. Celebrated in the cave gompa of Tak Tok, you can witness a blend of numerous cultures of Central Asia in this festival such as that of Tibet, China and Northern India. Folk dances and songs are prominent and the art and handicrafts of the local Ladakhis all come alive in a colourful kaleidoscope. It is a huge hit among the locals who you will see attending the festival with full enthusiasm in vast numbers.

3. Witness Tibetan culture by attending the Yuru Kabgyat festival
(Unidentified monk in mask perform a religious masked and costumed mystery dance of Tibetan Buddhism during the Yuru Kabgyat Buddhist festival at Lamayuru Gompa, Ladakh.)


If you are only expecting snow-capped mountains in Ladakh then brace yourself for you will encounter endless festivities and celebrations in July. The Yuru Kabgyat festival is one of the most energetic festivals of the land where all the locals dress in bright coloured clothes and partake in the dance and dramas. An important tradition is that of a masked dance. It is considered to be sacred and continues to be one of the main Buddhist traditions. It is performed by all the Lamas in a circle where an idol of Lord Buddha is kept in the centre and prayers are offered to this idol.

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Best adventurous things to do in Ladakh in July

1. Hike up to the high altitude Thiksey Gompa
(Ancient buddhist Thiksey Monastery, Leh-Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, India. Thiksey is one of the Picturesque monasteries of Ladakh)


Apart from the lush green landscapes, deep gorges and Himalayan valleys, visiting the monasteries are a must do thing in July in Ladakh. The Thiksey Gompa is set at an altitude of approximately 11,800 ft. Hike up to this magnificent complex that looks stunning in its red and yellow structure. It rises grandly above a number of monk cells and is known for its pilgrim activities, sightseeing, architectural elements and exploration. From atop the roof of this monastery, you can enjoy a panoramic view where the Zanskar ranges make for an amazing backdrop.

(Thiksey Monastery or Thiksey Gompa, Leh Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, India)


2. Set out for an excursion in a Jeep

One of the best ways to explore the unexplored places is to do it in an open jeep. With Ladakh’s rocky landscapes and the in-accessible geo-morphological countryside, it is best and safe to go around cruising in a jeep. It provides you with an exciting and a unique experience. They are a boon for elderly people who cannot cut across miles of distance on foot. The jeep safari in Ladakh will take you through the adventurous and uncommon routes from where you can examine the rare species of flora and fauna.

3. Go backpacking across Ladakh

The roads in Ladakh are maintained and kept in the best possible condition owing to its proximity to the border and effective safety. Hence, it offers the perfect opportunity to hit the road and go on a backpacking trip. Ladakh is known as The ‘Mecca’ of all road journies in India. Being on the road and travelling without a definite plan opens many adventurous as well as self-learning opportunities. It makes you appreciate both- nature and simplicity. Keep ascending and descending across the rugged terrains, hilly vicinities and fascinating forests.

With this list, we hope we have catered to your queries of what to do in Ladakh in July. Travelling to Ladakh in the monsoons gives you a feeling like no other destination can. So pack your bags and head for an eventful journey.

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