Things to do in Ladakh in August

In this age and day where technology is the king and the planet is getting digitalised, planning for an amazing holiday tour to Ladakh seems to be a prize. It is a destination that boasts opulent wildlife, untouched settlements, lofty snow-capped mountains, gushing streams, aromatic spices and lip-smacking flavoursome food.

August is the ideal month for undertaking activities to do in Ladakh in August. The rains have subsided by now and the temperature is pleasant. The sweet smell of the land after rains still lingers in the air and the slight drizzle at the waterfalls and lakes uplifts your experience at the place. It is the perfect time to head out and explore the outdoor activities of the city. Here is a complete list of all the things that you explore in Ladakh in August.

Things you must do in Ladakh in August to enjoy nature

1. Challenge your strength by visiting the Pensi La Pass
(Pensi La also known as Penzi La, mountain pass 4,400 m. between Suru valley and Zanskar valley, Ladakh region, India.)


An extremely dangerous pathway to cross, the Pensi La Pass journey is filled with thrill and excitement. It is the Gateway to Zanskar valley and will test your endurance. The roads here abound in twists and turns and you can enjoy The Drang Drung Glacier views from here. It is surely the places to spend some time and get a few photographs clicked owing to the majestic mountain views and courageous ride across narrow roads. You can also enjoy a whole host of activities such as skiing, skating, riding a snow scooter, paragliding, etc., among others.

2. See the rock carvings at the Namika La Pass
(Namika La (pillar of sky) pass, mountain pass of Ladakh, 12198 ft or 3718 Metre high, situated at Kargil to Leh highway, Jammu and Kashmir, India)


Known as the pillar of the sky passes, the Namikala pass is located at the Zanskar range and is a part of the historical and cultural character of the region. It is one of the tallest passes in the country and is renowned as it is the gateway between Kargil and Leh. the rock carvings of Maitreya Buddha are an attraction here that draws many tourists to the pass. It also gives a scenic view of ice topped mountains and lush green valleys of Leh.

3. Reach the highest point on Srinagar-Leh Highway

There are dozens of passes in Ladakh, however, only a limited ones among them are open to motorists. The Fotu La Pass is luckily one among them. It stands tall at an altitude of 13,478 feet and is the highest point on the Srinagar-Leh highway. It is the best thing to explore in Ladakh in August if you wish to behold some of the most astounding views of the rugged brown mountains. It has tea stalls and also interesting monuments nearby that are worth a visit.

4. Spend the evening at the Sangam Point
(Sangam, the point where three famous mountain ranges Himalayas, Hindukash and Karakoram meet.)


Boasting of a faultless landscape, the Sangam Point is nature’s handiwork. Sangam stands for point of confluence and this is where the Zanskar and Indus rivers meet. The merging of the murky waters of Zanskar with the cobalt waters of Indus is a captivating sight for all the travellers. You can enjoy boating here that is the best activity to do in Ladakh in August as you ride through the glimmering waters.

(Sangam point confluence of Indus & Zanskar Rivers)


Things to do in Ladakh in August for a cultural and religious experience

1. Hog on some local delicacies
(Thukpa, noodle soup a famous traditional Ladakhi food in Tibet culture)


(One of the best ladakhi traditional food roasted barley flour with butter.)


Ladakh cuisine attributes to some of the most delicious and iconic dishes of India. the delicacies here reflect the crossroads of trade between Nepal, Tibet, and Kashmir. The dishes mostly comprise of pieces of bread, stews, dumplings and soups, which are both- filling and capable of keeping the body warmed up in the freezing temperatures. Ladakhi people moreover are self-sufficient and cultivate most of their own vegetables and grains. Such organic food is enormously nutritious and consists mainly of potatoes, barley flour, beetroots, pumpkins dry fruits and beans and are enhanced with liberal use of striking Himalayan spices.

(Tibetan yak butter tea or po cha a blend of black tea yak butter and salt)


2. Pay Tributes At Hall of Fame
(Indian flag in the Hall of Fame, Leh, India)


This is the place where you can feel immense pride. It is located on the Leh-Kargil road and stands as a reminder of the many sacrifices made by our country’s soldiers to ensure the security and safety of our nation. The Hall of Fame museum comprises of two stories which are divided into a number of sections containing several displays of arms and ammunition that was captured by the Indian Army during the war. It gives you a mixed sense of grief and pride and a visit to the hall of fame is a must to do thing when you visit Ladakh in August.

3. Witness the celebrations of Phyang Tsedup festival
(Phyang Tsedup Festival in Phyang Monastery, worshipped and marks the triumph of good over the evil, Similar to Hemis Festival, the traditional festival in Leh)


This festival is full of rejoicing and merry-making. Celebrated at the Phyang Monastery, you can witness smiling Lamas dressed in bright attire performing dance dramas. This dance remains the centre of attraction during the entire festival. As a part of the festival’s rituals, the Thankha of Jigten Gombo is also worshipped. That is because it is symbolic of the triumph of good over the evil. Exhibition of Buddhist artefacts where different messages of Lord Buddha are displayed is another major attraction. This festival is one of the best activities to do in August in Ladakh if one is planning a trip.

4. Meet locals at Dha Hanu

The villages of Dha and Hanu are home to the Drogpa tribe of Leh which is quite different from the Ladakhi tribe. They are popular for being very warm and hospitable and people from all over come here to spend time with the locals here. They are culturally, linguistically and racially very distinct and are presumed to be the only living descendants of the earliest Aryan (Indo European) race. If your interests lie in studying cultural diversity, a visit to these settlements must be on your list of things to do in Ladakh in August.

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Best adventurous things to do in Ladakh in August

1. Find the places that are not explored by other tourists

Ladakh is a huge area of mountain lands where if one is ready to take some troubles, they can discover sites that no one has ever ventured into. There are many areas that are untouched and not commercialised. The Bagso village is one example of an offbeat place that is famous for its apricots and farm fields. Panamik is another site that is a hot spring in Nubra valley. Among the popular lakes, the Tsokar lake is the more hidden one and smallest in Ladakh, yet the most picturesque. Keep your itineraries away and embrace something new and out of the box.

2. Spend a night in the warmth of a campfire and local music

When the majestic Himalayas form a backdrop, a campfire night and grooving to local traditional music becomes the best activity to do in Ladakh in August. The land is tough, barren and arid in most of the places and spending a chilly night beside the campfire makes it a favourite activity for every daredevil. It presents a myriad of colours and the sprawling campsites will make it a night worth remembering with lake-facing camps, unparalleled comfort, delicious barbeque and local music.

3. Indulge in rock climbing

Rock climbing is considered to be among the key adventure activities to do in Ladakh in August by the people who possess a craze for adventure. It is for all those with an unbelievable daring and a high tolerance level. Ladakh especially is blessed with a remarkable variety of terrain and hence this activity is the preferred choice. The hills are surrounded by mesmerising meadows which further adds to the thrill of the sport. The difficulty levels range from easy to moderate and the safety facilities offered are top-notch.

4. Embark on the Stok Kangri Trek
(A group of people with backpack trekking to Stok Kangri base camp, Himalayan mountains in Ladakh,India. Himalayas mountains on background. Lifestyle adventure active summer vacations outdoor concept.)


One of the most enthralling places on the planet is Stok Kangri that is situated at an elevation of 3,800 meters. It is the most adventurous destination for the trekking lovers and hence it attracts travellers from every corner of the world. It gives you the opportunity to experience peace and tranquillity owing to the lush green deserted surroundings. It is home to many ridges and you will notice the sudden change in scenery at every few meters. Once you have made it to the top, the peak provides you with the entire view of Indus and the Zanskar Valley.

(Climbers -Mountain Climb- Stok Kangri (6,150m / 20,080ft), India)


5. Greet the wildlife at the Hemis National Park

A high altitude national park, the Hemis sanctuary is famous among tourists for being home to snow leopards. It happens to be the largest national park in the country. Even so, no animals can be found commonly in this area owing to the heavy snowfall the region receives almost all through the year and the very scarce vegetation. You can also visit the 400 years old Hemis monastery and find colourful flowers and birds in this region. If you can, try and resist the temptation of the unscathed landscape. You will want to capture it all in your camera and visit this unspoilt and exotic landscape always.

With this, we come to an end of our list of the most amazing things to do in Ladakh in August. From adventure to nature, from history to gastronomy and from nature’s beauty to heart-melting culture, Ladakh is a complete package for any traveller. So, what are you waiting for? Go now and book your tickets to make some unforgettable memories on your trip to Ladakh in August.

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