Things to do in Ladakh in April

Ladakh is one such place in India that meets the requisites of every kind of traveller. Be it nature loving, adventure pursuing or spirituality seeking, the list of things to do in Ladakh in April is almost unending. It is the heavenly milieu that can calm all your stressing nerves. The picturesque beauty of Ladakh lures millions of travellers and explorers year after year. It is an all in one package and that is the absolute reason why it pulls so much attraction.

Ladakh is one of the few places in India that offers soul-stirring landscapes, romantic palaces, half-timbered towns and vibrant culture. If you do not believe us, look for yourself by scrolling down and you will know why Ladakh tops ever traveller’s wish list. Here are the best things to do in Ladakh in April that will prove that perhaps, this place is the ultimate holiday destination this season.

Things you must do in Ladakh in April to enjoy nature

1. Stargaze from The Lamayuru monastery

For all the sky-watchers, your quest for finding the best spot for stargazing ends in Ladakh. It is an astronomer’s paradise. The land falls under light-polluted skies and craters to a star-studded desert sky. Out of the many stargazing spots in Ladakh, the one at Lamayuru monastery turns out to be more special. That is because it is set at a higher altitude, is dry and very dark in April. It enjoys transparent and clear skies for most of the nights in a year.

(Lamayuru Buddhist monastery and scenic mountain view, sunset with full moon, Ladakh, India)


2. Come close to nature at the Hemis National Park

Did you know that one of the best things to do in April in Ladakh is to explore the fascinating wildlife and wild vegetation? Hemis is a high altitude National Park that is bounded by the Indus River and the Zanskar Range as well. The park lets you discover a different side of Ladakh owing to the 11 species of fauna and 30 species of fauna found here. It is home to the rare snow leopard that only a few lucky ones get to spot. Besides, the Shapu sheep can also be found here which is not the case with any other city in India.

3. Breath in the fresh air at the Alchi monastery hills

After witnessing endless mountain peaks, crossing high passes and being bounded by green valleys, you will finally approach the Alchi monastery hills. Set on the banks of Indus River, the Alchi monastery is one of the most prominent religious centres in Ladakh. The monastic complex comprises of a number of temples and chortens. The surroundings of Alchi Gompa provides a very friendly atmosphere for the travellers as there are quaint restaurants, tea stalls and numerous souvenir shops that warmly welcome tourists.

(Alchi Monastery (Alchi Gompa) in Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, India. The Monastery was originally built in 10-11th century.)


4. Choose to stay with the locals in their homes

The warmth of the Indian hospitality resonates in that of the locals in Ladakh. It is an environmentally sustainable option to opt for homestays rather than hotels. Besides, when you are in Ladakh, you have ample of options to stay in comfort at the Ladakhi villager’s houses and get an understanding of their traditions, culture and local life. They believe in basic simple living and are extremely down to earth. Simple and kind gestures from your end will have you flooded with gratitude in return.

5. Experience the mysteriousness of the Rohtang pass

This pass is assumed to be the highest motorable pass in the country. To cross the Rohtang La, which is an absolutely striking destination, is the best thing to do on a Ladakh holiday tour in April. Witness outstanding views of the surrounding glaciers which is sure to leave you spellbound. Traverse along the spectacular valley that lies between Beas Kund and Solang. The twin peaks of Geypan also can be observed from Rohtang. The place’s lush greenery, pristine lakes, apple orchards and snow-capped peaks entices innumerable travellers every year.

Things to do in Ladakh in April for a cultural and religious experience

1. Participate in the Dosmochey Festival

A tradition that was started by the rulers of Ladakh is still celebrated in all its glory. Monks from different monasteries come together to perform the mask dance which is a scared traditional art form performed during the festival. The significance of this Dosmochey festival is to keep all the evil spirits at bay and focus on bringing in peace, harmony and happiness for the year. The festivities also see a number of stalls selling artefacts and handcrafts at discounted rates and people engaging in a lot of exciting games.

2. Bask in the serenity of the Phuktal Monastery

Also known as the Phugtal monastery, this happens to be the epitome of monks living high above in the mountains. Detached from the rest of the world, this monastery reverberates positivity in the air. The fact of it coexisting like a honeycomb into or around a natural cave in the cliffside adds to the fascination of the trip to the Phugtal Monastery. The remote location of this monastery leaves you with nothing but pure peace and solitude, something only Mother Nature can provide.

3. Meet with the monks at the Likir Monastery

One of the most ancient and well maintained monasteries in Ladakh, the Likir gompa has an impressive collection of costumes, ancient manuscripts, earthen pots and many paintings that speak of the region’s rich heritage. It is home to over 100 monks and contrary to the popular belief that monks are isolated and quiet, they are actually very friendly and love to engage in conversations. You can choose to gain insights on Buddhism and have a spiritual talk at length. Moreover, find a convenient spot and meditate. It is very peaceful as the monastery is perched atop a hill and very photogenically covers the hillside

(Liker Gompa Monastery, in the Himalyan foothills with mountain and sky background in Leh – Ladakh northern of India)
4. Shop at the local markets in Ladakh
(Main bazar street in Leh city, Ladakh. This is the local market and famous place for tourist to visit in Leh, Ladakh India.)


Among the zillion things to in Ladakh in April, one is to go on a shopping hysteria and use your sharp bargaining skills. It is hard to go to such a place and come back empty-handed. There is so much unique stuff available in the local markets to buy as souvenirs and memorabilia. It will mesmerize you with the sheer range of artefacts and superior artistry on display. Buddha statues, Choktse which are beautifully carved wooden tables, singing bowls prayer Flags and wheels and carpets and rugs are the most popular items sold in the marketplaces.

(Front view of Tibetan shop clothes and souvenirs outside the tourist town of Leh, India)


5. Feast on the traditional Ladakhi food
(Thukpa, noodle soup a famous traditional Ladakhi food in Tibet culture)
(One of the best ladakhi traditional food roasted barley flour with butter.)


When you say food in Ladakh, your mind immediately pops up pictures of soup and noodles. However, there is much more than just the quintessential instant noodles. you will find a variety of unique preparations to try and to explore. Saag made from spinach, Cholak, Phirni which is a traditional sweet dish, Holkur cookies and Tigmo which is fermented bread are the must-have foods when you plan a trip to Ladakh in April.

(Tibetan yak butter tea or po cha a blend of black tea yak butter and salt)


Best adventurous things to do in Ladakh in April

1. Walk by the LOC Kargil
(Village in the middle of the valley in Kargil, leh ladakh, india)


Kargil’s history and significance to India is no news. Since it holds an important place in the Indian war history, it sees a massive influx of tourists. The LOC is located at a height of 8,780 feet above the sea level on banks of the Indus river. During the month of April, Kargil also plays host to an archery contest. You can also see the nearby attractions of Rangdum, Sani, Zongkhul, Mulbekh and Stonday monastery. Kargil has an amazing naturally manicured landscape that provides for serene views and can be a great backdrop for photographic shots during the daytime.

2. Hop on the bicycle and tour around the mountain tracks
(A red bicycle at the Shey Monastery (or Gompa and the Shey Palace) with town, trees and mountain view. The beautiful cloudy blue sky in Leh Ladakh)


Ride along the exotic routes on your individual bicycles in diverse landscapes. It is the best thing to do when in Ladakh in April. Cycling around the mountain tracks is a dream journey that you must undertake. There is a certain thrill of riding at unimaginable heights. The routes take you to stunning halts from where you can stare into deep running gorges on the sides. Moreover, you get to learn a lot about the region’s history and religious aspects as you travel across prominent monasteries and temples. The experience is unmatchable and unique in its own ways.

3. Enjoy a cup of hot tea at the Umling La Pass
(Tibetan yak butter tea or po cha a blend of black tea yak butter and salt)


Imagine sipping on a cup of steamingly hot tea at an altitude of 19,300ft. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Driving up to the pass is an experience in itself. It is set in close proximity to the Indo-China border and land is extremely barren. It contains no trace of civilization and you will have to be up on your toes at all times. It is only the various colours of the landscape and the beauty of River Indus that accompanies you all the way.

4. Spend a night basking in the warmth of a bonfire
(night camping under the stars Mountains in Mountains and Pangong tso (Lake). It is huge and highest lake in Ladakh, it extends from India to Tibet. Leh, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, India)


Bring out your hoodies, guitar and speakers for bonfire nights are a must-do thing in Ladakh in April. It is the time of the year when the temperature drops down by a bit to keep the weather pleasant and enjoyable and not too freezing. A popular location for camping is by the river Indus. Surrounded by the snow clad hills, the light emitting from the bonfire makes the setting very surreal. Nubra valley is yet another location where the bonfire can be enjoyed with folk dances and camel safaris.

5. Opt for a camel safari in the Nubra valley

Nubra valley’s rocky terrains, nomadic villages, frozen trails and elevated swinging passes can be experienced on a camel back. The thrill of riding on a double-humped camel which is rare and unique to this land is unmatched. It is considered to be among the best in the world too. The route takes you through the spectacular natural beauty that is dotted with striking apple, apricot and orange berry orchids. On another hand, you can witness the rolling sand dunes and snow-capped peaks as well.

On returning back when you will look back on your vacation images, you will notice that they are not merely happy photographs but a thorough experience that you had across the city. The things to do in Ladakh in April are almost unending and will leave you coming back for more.

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