Leh Ladakh in June – Detailed Guide to Plan a Ladakh Trip in June

Ladakh – a quintessential piece of land that is known for its enchanting beauty, myriad list of offerings, heart-warming cultures, colourful traditions, and a kaleidoscopic climate. It is one such place that is known to offer different climate almost across all the twelve months of the year. Visit this fantasyland in throughout the year, and you will be greeted with a whole new outlook and grace. While at times, this piece of land freezes down to zero, during other months, it blooms with all its glory and in all splendours. And if you wish to behold and enjoy the prismatic beauty of Ladakh, you must visit this gorgeous land in the month of June.

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June is the month that attracts a large number of visitors to Ladakh. This is the month that is a synonym to Ladakh’s untouched beauty and pristine nature. In this month, the entire region sheds off the thick layer of snow and emerges as a Phoenix with all its beauty and grandeurs.

No matter which part of Ladakh you visit in June, you would feel a uniqueness in the atmosphere. While the nature starts blooming again creating a magical spell on the visitors, the entire region just turns into a scenic display of nature and its colours.

Weather during this month takes a magical turn, and returns to its lost glories. Temperature starts rising up, causing the ambience getting warmer with every day. Be it during the day or night, temperature remains comparatively warm than other months. Also, as the meltdown of snow almost gets over by this month, the atmosphere becomes clearer offering maximum visibility. This in turn, promises amazing sightseeing options to the visitors.

Melting down of snow fields, atmosphere gaining better visibility, and other such changes also make it ideal for adventure enthusiasts to hit the roads to Ladakh in June. This is probably one of the best months to embark on various adventure options in this region. Be it motorcycle expeditions, mountain biking tours, rafting in Zanskar, or any other enthralling activities, Ladakh in June will surely quench all your yearnings.

How to Reach Ladakh in June?

If you planning for a trip to Ladakh in June, you can opt for both roadway journey as well as air journey. Though air journey is considered as the easiest way to reach Ladakh in the month of June, roadway journeys have their own fun and excitement. For those who plans to hit the road to get Leh’ed, they can opt for two routes – Manali-Leh Highway and Srinagar-Leh Highway.

Manali-Leh Highway in June

This highway clears in June and can be accessed by road from mid-June. This is because despite the highway having cleared by the start of June, the road is still in bad shape and state because of the melting ice in the highlands and the effect of the melted ice on the road stretch. BRO still works on some parts of the road to make it completely open and accessible by motorcycle.

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If a motorcycle tour is in your mind, you can plan it right from the beginning of the month. However, if you are planning for a road trip other than opting for 2-wheelers, you should plan it post the second week. Whether your own vehicle, rented ones, or public transport, the Manali-Leh Highway get entirely cleared and ideal for road trips by 4-wheelers by the second week of June.

Srinagar-Leh Highway in June

Srinagar route opens up quite early from April and by May it becomes very much accessible with only a few sections that are considered rough for road trippers. However, by early June, Srinagar gets pretty much stable with roads getting clear. Though there is a chance of encountering rough terrains near Zoji La Pass, one can still manage it, and make it to Ladakh in June with much ease and excitement.

Tips to Visit Leh Ladakh in June

Roads in Leh Ladakh

The roads to Ladakh as well as the roads within the region open up in the month of June. Whether you are on your way to Ladakh in June, or planning to explore destinations within Ladakh, you can move hassle-free without much challenges and hindrances. Even when comes to re remotest of areas, you can always expect better road conditions that any other months of the year.

Well, while on a trip to Ladakh in June, the site of snow mounds piled up on both the sides of the road would surely catch your attention. Though a temporary site, the site of these mounds could be ideal to click some amazing pictures while on your way to Ladakh.

Network Connectivity

Leh city is the only place where you can be sure of receiving proper mobile signals. However, pre-paid sim cards do not work in Leh; do ensure that you have a post-paid connection while planning a trip to Ladakh in June. Though other places too have good reception of signals, getting constant signals might become an issue. Also, you can access mobile data without any obstacles or distortions while in Leh; but then, access to mobile data could be a struggle while in the outskirts or in remote places.

Public Transport

If travelling to Leh from Manali, one should plan their Ladakh trip post 9th of June or on the 10th of June as public transport resumes operation by this date. From Manali, there are two different service providers that offers transportation to Leh Ladakh in June.

If travelling from Srinagar, one can utilise public transportation throughout the month as the operation begins much before the starting of June. From Srinagar, one can also hire private taxis or rental vehicles to reach out to their favourite destination without any hassles.

Inner Line Permits

Inner Line Permit (ILP) is a special permission required to visit some of the remote places in Ladakh; mostly outside or in the outskirts of Leh. Acquiring an Inner Line Permit is mandatory for all nationals; even Indian citizens does require an ILP in order to visit some of the remote tourist destinations in Ladakh.

This permission can be obtained from the DM Office located in Leh by producing required ID proofs and other required documents. Also, once you acquire this permission, it is advisable to get photocopies of it as you may have to produce and submit it across several Military Checkpoints in Ladakh.

Why You Should Visit Leh Ladakh in June?

Favourable Weather

Planning a Ladakh trip in June could be one of the best things to do for the visitors. This is because during this time the entire region experiences a pleasant climate as well as extremely good weather conditions. Days would be quite sunny; even if the sun is not visible, day temperature remains moderately warm. While in Ladakh in June, you can expect day temperature to go between 17-20 degrees, which makes it easy and much comfortable for the visitors to tour around and indulge in an array of recreational and fun activities.

On the other hand, night usually gets colder that the day. The temperature may fall up to 5 degrees, which is still tolerable than winter temperature in Ladakh. Carrying warm clothes and having warm blanks would surely compensate the chilling nights in Ladakh in June.

Breath-taking Scenery all Around

The mighty Himalayan peaks are the first attraction that usually captivates the mind while thinking about Leh-Ladakh. And when it’s June in Ladakh, visitors get to enjoy the most magical views of the lofty peaks and glaciers around the region. Also, as the sun starts taking over the snowy peaks, visitors can enjoy the promising views of the glaciers even from distant places.

With the snow melting down, the entire Ladakh region starts breathing again. The alpine patches, the grasslands, the rhododendrons, and the wild flowers starts blooming again making Ladakh an ocean of exotic colours. If you too plan your trip to Ladakh in June, you would surely get pleasantly lost amidst all these fascinating colours!

Unlimited Fun-Frolic

Ladakh is undoubtedly a land of fun and excitement. As the month of June makes its way, this region turns into a host to a plenitude of activities. Whether you desire for fun activities or adventure options, leisure things to do or cultural activities, Ladakh will never disappoint you if you are visiting this heaven in June.

Go trekking, join the biker gang, embark on jeep safaris, try your rafting skills, go for nature trails, or simply take your lenses to click memorable pictures; you will enjoy every bit of your stay in Ladakh in June. If you are an outdoor person, you should always carry proper camping gears as this slice of heaven has a wide selection of places that are rated high for camping in the global tourism map. In fact, Ladakh also has some of the most reputed campsites in the entire country!

Local Festivities

A visit to Ladakh without attending its local festivals would never be complete! June is the month, when the locals assemble at various occasions to celebrate some of the most pious and devout festivals. If you are planning for a trip to Ladakh, make sure you plan it in the month of June and be a part of all the local festivities.

NOTE: Visitors are not allowed to visit certain places by driving their personal or own vehicles; this is mostly applicable to places outside of Leh city. One must rent out the local vehicles in order to get access those designated places. It would be advisable to check with the local authorities before planning a visit to such places.

Simplified Itinerary to Visit Ladakh in June (via Manali):

Day 01: Delhi to Manali

Day 02: Manali to Jispa or Sarchu

Day 03: Jispa to Leh

Day 04: Leh; leisure day

Day 05: Leh to Diskit

Day 06: Diskit to Pangong via Shylok

Day 07: Pangong to Hanle

Day 08: Hnale to Tso Moriri

Day 09: Tso Moriri to Leh through Tso Kar

Day 10: Leh to Kargil

Day 11: Kargil to Srinagar

Day 12: Srinagar to Jammu

Day 13: Jammu to Delhi


For an unmatched and unique experience, one must plan a Ladakh trip in the month of June. It is the time, when things are all in favour; form roads to weather conditions, from availability of hotels to other required serves. If you too are planning for a memorable trip to Ladakh while enjoying the untouched beauty of this place, you must consider visiting Ladakh in June!

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