Ladakh Weather in June – A Guide to Ladakh Weather Conditions in June

How about Ladakh weather in June? Is the month of June a good time to visit Leh-Ladakh region? How would be the road conditions, does hotels operate completely in this month, what are the best things to do in this month; stay tuned with us as we reveal all the weather conditions and details of Ladakh in the month of June.

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June is the month when summer reaches the most pleasant stage in Ladakh. This is the month that is in fact considered as one of the most exciting or simply one of the best months to plan a Ladakh trip. Snows already gets cleared from the valleys, meadows, passes, and remote places as well. Owing to this, visitors get multiple options to plan a trip to this part of the country. Not only planning the trip, but the month of June also offers the maximum number of options to participate in exciting range of tourist activities and explore the untouched beauty of Ladakh.

The sun also shines brighter than any other months in June. Needless to say, here, as the sun shines brighter, the temperature range starts spiking up and can reach up to 15 to 20 degrees. At times, the mercury level can even reach higher than 20 degrees. Though mornings can be a bit cold and usually gets accompanied by crispy breezes, one can expect the temperature to rise by afternoon and gradually reaching its peak by 1pm to 2pm. Also, though warm days are synonymous to Ladakh weather in June, at times, the sky remain cloudy and temperature might not rise as expected. Temperature during the night could fall down a bit and may reach up to 3 to 5 degrees. Thus, nights are usually cold and one should pack well while planning their trip to Ladakh in June.

As Ladakh weather in June is almost all about the shining and bright sun, one should take special care while packing for their trip. As the day temperature during this month stays quite high than any other months, one can go for light woollen clothes above regular wears during the day time. To note here, if anyone is planning for a transfer to any of the remote areas, they should not rely only on the above dress code. Carrying or wearing heavy jackets, overcoats, wind cheaters, etc., are recommended for this month if anyone has plans to step out of the main Leh city area as the outer regions (or the open meadows) usually get to experience crispy winds throughout the day.

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Talking about how to reach Ladakh in June, one should know this again that this month is considered as one of the best months to plan a road trip to Ladakh. Not just this, but Ladakh weather in June also makes it ideal for one to plan a flight journey to Ladakh as this journey offers breath-taking views of the might Himalayas and its astounding peaks.

In case, flight journeys are in your mind, you can simply book direct flights to Leh Airport from almost all the major destinations (or airports). And in case, road trips are the one that you are looking for, you should know that there are two routes to reach Ladakh – Manali-Leh Highway and Srinagar-Leh Highway.

If planning for a trip via Manali-Leh Highway, it would be wise to enquire about the route once as at times, it remains closed till the second week of June. However, if opting for the Srinagar-Leh Highway, one can travel without any hassles. Though one can expect a little amount of traffic at the Zoji La Pass, rest of the journey would be a smooth one.

Another great advantage of Ladakh weather in June is that this is the time when all the hotels, guesthouses, lodges, and other stay options get functional. If you have a plan for a trip to Ladakh in the month of June, our guide to plan a Ladakh trip in June will come handy for you. Check this guide, plan your trip accordingly, and enjoy the very best of Ladakh and its untouched beauty!

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