10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Visit Ladakh!

Heard about Ladakh or planning a visit to Ladakh? If yes, think again! And if not, you must check this out!

Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t visit Ladakh

 1. Away from The Reach of This World

Yes, Ladakh is a place that at times, seems away from this world! Located at an astounding height of more than 3,000m above the sea level, this piece of paradise is one of the highest places on earth!

While for some, reaching out Ladakh is no less than a Herculean task, for those who are smitten by the travel bug, reaching Ladakh is their dream come true quest!

 2. Ladakh Cannot Satisfy You

Think on it! Even before planning a visit to a certain tourist destination, we always make a bucket list of what to do or the places to visit. But when it comes to Ladakh, you can hardly prepare any such lists! While in Ladakh, you might feel short of time!

This heaven in the state of Jammu and Kashmir is blessed with an array of enchanting places to visit and exciting things to do. By the time you prepare your bucket list, you will find something new to be added on that list! In short, you can be never plan a satisfying tour to Ladakh; you will always find something new, more captivating and superiorly fascinating!

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 3. Damn Costly

You might be a billionaire or at the least a millionaire; well that does not matter at all if you are planning a tour to Ladakh! No matter how much wealth you have, you will always find yourself poor when it is about the beauty and warmth of Ladakh.

Ladakh is a place that is driven by the warmth in one’s heart and not the amount of wealth he or she possess! The love, peace and harmony that exists in every corner of this gorgeous land, is surely divine and can never be bought with any amount of wealth in this world!

 4. Inaccessible for Almost Half a Year

What is the point of visiting a place that remains blanketed by thick snow-layers for almost half of the year? For most of the visitors, visiting Ladakh is a mere waste of time, money and patience! Well, well, well…this is for the selfie-lovers who visits Taj Mahal or the Eiffel Tower and pouts in front of them!

For those who are already being bitten by travel bugs and have the hunger for adrenaline rush, they impatiently wait for Ladakh to get wrapped up with snow. It is their craving for extreme fun, thrill and adventure that drags them to Ladakh during the winters when it closes all its contacts with the outer world!

 5. Ladakh is Only About Hills

No matter you are lazing around your room, traversing from one place to the other, planning for a sightseeing tour, or anything else, you will get to witness the high soaring peaks from all over Ladakh!

In addition to this, Ladakh is among the very few places that will bring you close to the mighty Himalayas. Being located at the foothills of the Himalayas, Ladakh proves to be one of the most befitting destinations for those who desires to have a tryst with the Himalayas!

 6. Not Enough Hotels to Stay

As you plan a visit to your favourite holiday destination, you always dream of a place that can keep you within your comfort zone! But if you are planning for a tour to Ladakh, you will surely have to compromise with this!

Well, unlike the rest of the world, Ladakhis believe in hosting their own guests! For them, visitors are the Gods, and they treat their Gods in the warmest way, with utmost hospitality, devotion, love, and care. If you are planning for a tour to Ladakh, you might not be able to find a whole bunch of hotels, but you will surely find homestays that promises the warmest stays in Ladakh!

 7. You Might Get Infected While in Ladakh

Beware of Ladakh! It can easily get you infected! If Ladakh trip is in your mind, you need to be extra cautious as the enchanting and heart-warming beauty of this paradise on earth can infect you with its alluring charm and quintessential beauty!

 8. Ladakh Can Make You Colour Blind

Talking about today’s digital revolution, we always get stuck in deciding our gadgets! Surplus of features, functionalities and their mobility often makes it tough for us to decide which one to buy! We usually go blind over making a choice over them!

Such is the condition for those who visits Ladakh! The ‘Land of High Passes’ is a destination that turns into a riot of colour during its festivities. And in case, you happen to visit this tourist destination, it will make you colour blind with its surplus of colours and fiesta!

 9. Ladakh Do Not Serve Modern Delicacies

Food is an integral part of a tour to any new destination; and when it is about Ladakh, you might get highly disappointed as this part of India is totally untouched by modern day foods and delicacies!

Unlike the posh restaurants or the fast-food chains, the small-food joints in Ladakh serves traditional dishes like ‘thukpa’, ‘momos’ ‘chhang’, ‘skyu’, ‘khambir’, ‘chhupri’, ‘tigmo’, ‘butter tea’, ‘thenktuk’, ‘mokthuk’, ‘qahwa’, ‘kulcha’, and ‘langar’. And believe it or not, these dishes can easily make your taste buds greedier or can make you forget your diet plan!

 10. Ladakh Lives an Outcast Life

In today’s age where technology is at its peak, can we imagine a life without using mobile phones, social networking sites, mobile apps, or other such mediums? The answer will be a strict ‘no’!But then, if you happen to be in Ladakh, you won’t be able to use them! You won’t be able to comment on someone’s status updates, like someone’s comment, or ping someone!

Unlike us; the city-dwellers, Ladakhis believe in getting along with their near and dear ones in a real world. They smile together, they walk together, they celebrate together, and they live together! For them, any celebration is best enjoyed with friends and relatives. For them, occasions become livelier only in the company of family, and the true meaning of life can be explained only be getting along with each other and not by updating random status in social networking sites!

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