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Kashmir is known as Paradise on Earth and it stays true to its clepe. The natural beauty of this valley, location in the most northern part of India, is known to all. Not just in India but also around the world. Many tourists flock to this tourist destination from around the world, during its peak summer season. The shimmering lakes, milky-white rivers, Mughal-era gardens blooming with multi-coloured flowers and snow-covered mountains under the clear blue skies make Kashmir look like a magical wonderland.

A trip to this valley should be made at least once in your lifetime. It truly gives you a sense of how heaven will look like and how beautiful can beauty be.

How to Reach

From Udaipur, there are many ways in which you can reach Kashmir. It could be by air, road or railway.
There are no direct flights from Udaipur to Kashmir. But a one-stop flight will take you to Jammu or Srinagar.

The flight to Srinagar takes 20hours 45minutes and to Jammu, the time taken will be 23hours 15minutes.

Your next option is a road trip to Kashmir, which will be a 24hours drive via National Highway 44.

Lastly, you can opt for a train journey. The train from Udaipur, Jat G Rath Special will drop you at Jammu station in approximately 25hours 30minutes.

You can pick the mode of transport that is suitable and most convinent for you.

Best Time to Book Kashmir Tour Package from Udaipur

The best time to book a Kashmir tour package from Udaipur is during the season of summer. The summer season in Kashmir lasts from March to May. This is the time when the snow melts and lush greenery with multi-coloured flowers start to bloom in the entire valley. Also, the sightseeing places that remain shut during the winter season because of snowfall are open to visitors when summer steps in. It is also time for a summer break and hence families can plan a family vacation during this period of time.

So, if you are looking to plan a tour package of Kashmir from Udaipur during the peak season of summer you must get your bookings done soon.

Things To Expect

Trekking Amidst the Great Himalayas
Shikara Rides
Camping in the valleys of Kashmir
Horse Riding
White Water River Rafting
Mountain Paragliding
Mountain Biking
Fishing & Angling
Bird Watching

Places To Visit

Jammu City

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