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There are many hill stations and states in India. But out of all of them, Kashmir is known to be the crown of the country. This is because of the natural beauty Kashmir possess. Its twinkling lakes, abundant wildlife, lush greenery, icy-cold rivers are an addition to its charm. Kashmir is like a picturesque painting that has come to life right in front of your eyes. Its magic will mesmerize you and you will never want to leave the valley. It takes you away from the constant hustle-bustle of Ranchi and makes you experience the sound of silence.

How to Reach

There are three ways in which you can reach Kashmir from Ranchi. It could be by air, road or railway. If you are looking to travel by flight then you can take a one-stop flight to Srinagar or Jammu airport. The journey from Ranchi to Srinagar is around 4hours 15minutes and to Jammu, the duration is 5hours 40minutes, approximately. It is the most convenient and fastest way to reach the beautiful valley of Kashmir. You can also travel by train if you are comfortable with trains. There is one train that runs between Ranchi and Jammu on a daily basis. The journey takes around 46hours 40minutes for the train to reach Jammu Tawi Railway station. If you want to take a road trip to Kashmir from Ranchi then it will take you around 35hours via National Highway 44.

Best Time to Book Kashmir Tour Package from Ranchi

Kashmir is a year-round destination and there is no best time to book a Kashmir tour package from Ranchi. Each season of Kashmir has a different story to tell. They never fail to impress any tourist and welcome them with arms. The summers are all about lush greenery and multi-coloured flowers blooming in the Mughal-era gardens.Also, don’t forget the beautiful tulips at the Tulip Garden. The winter season comes brings in the snow, which covers the entire valley in a white blanket.

So, if you are planning a Kashmir tour package from Ranchi, then don’t worry about the best time, just book your package right away.

Things To Expect

Trekking Amidst the Great Himalayas
Shikara Rides
Camping in the valleys of Kashmir
Horse Riding
White Water River Rafting
Mountain Paragliding
Mountain Biking
Fishing & Angling
Bird Watching

Places To Visit

Jammu City

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