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Nature Tours

Lakes and Glaciers.

Sikkim is known for its beautiful lakes that are dotted through out the state. Many lakes here are considered scared and are related to many mythological stories by the locals.

Tsomgo Lake.

Tsomgalake is a well known tourist attraction which is located at an altitude of 12,000 ft. The lake is associated by many legends and considered holy by the Sikkimese. The lake also holds a lot of beauty as beautiful snow capped mountains surround it.


Located at an altitude of 12,500 ft.theManmecho Lake offers a stunningly viewlake of rich, dense forest and interesting rock . Fomous for it The lake its trout, a farm to cultivate these fish also exists nearby. Fishing is allowed at Menmecho Lake bif one has a permit from Gangtok.


The Lampokari Lake is located at Aritar in East Sikkim .This tranquil Lake is bounded by lush green forest and is considered the oldest lake in Sikkim. The Lake is believed to be Shaped like a human foot, though natural the lake has been provided with false embankment to make boating possible .


Khangchendzonga National Park (KNP) gets it name from Mount Khangchendzonga, third highest peak in the world. The park engages almost 20% of land mass of Sikkim covering an area of 1784 sq km.
The park is surrounded by the Tent Peak and the ridge of the Zemu glacier from the north, Mountain Lamaongden from the east, Mount Narsing and Mount Pandim on the south and the mighty Kanchendzonga, form the northern boundary of the park .Its no surprise that after being bounded by such for imposing surrounding the park is ecologically untouched.
The flora includes mixed forests consisting of oaks, fir, birch, maple, willow etc. Sleopard, Himalayan Black Bear, Red Panda, Barking deer and many other species are found here. 550 species of birds are found at this national park few of which are Blood Pheasant, Satyr Tragopan, Himalayan Griffon, Lammergeier, Green Pigeon, Tibetan Snowcock, Snow Pigeon, Impeyan Pheasant and Sunbird.

FambongLho Wildlife Sanctuary.

FambongLho Wildlife Sanctuary is the nearest sanctuary from Gangtok located just 25kms away. Covering an area of 5200 hectare and lies near the well knownRumtek Monastery
The sanctuary houses many flora and fauna, namely Red Panda, Black Bear, Civet Cat etc. Flora includes oak, katus, kimbu, champa, thick bamboos and fern to name a few. The sanctuary is also known for its large number of wild orchids and rhododendrons.
Tinjurey is the highest peak in the sanctuary at the high is 2749metre. Many watchtowers are made at Alubari, Tinijurey and Sang tsokha. The sanctuary offers a real escapade for trekkers.

Varsey Rhododendron Sanctuary.

Varsey Rhododendron Sanctuary is situated to the west of Sikkim at Singalila ridge covering an area of 104 sq. km, The place provides an exotic view of snow cappedKhangchendzonga range.
Established in 1998, the sanctuary is surrounded by 600 varieties of Rhododendron which bloom in the months of March and April, hanging mosses and a wide verity of rare flora and fauna.Wildlife includes Leopard, Leopard Cat, Marbled Cat, Himalayan Yellow Throated Marten, Himalayan Palm Civet, Cannidae Wild dog, Indian Fox, Jackal, Himalayan Black Bear, Wild Boar, Red Panda, Barking Deer and a lot more.
The Sanctuary can be reached from three points, Hilley, Dentam and Soreng. Adventure seeking tourist can also trek from Hilley to reach the sanctuary. Varsey can be reached after an hours trek (distance about 4 km).

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