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Bird & Butterfly Watching in Sikkim

Nestled amidst the fascinating Himalayan Range, the North Eastern state of Sikkim qualifies for a fairyland destination in the country! Sharing international boundaries with Nepal, China and Bhutan, and national boundaries with West Bengal, this landlocked state is a treasure trove for the nature and the adventure lovers.

Blessed with evergreen and exotic range of flora and fauna, Sikkim is also the home to several endangered species of birds and butterflies. The state alone contributes a large percentage to bird's population in the entire country. On the other hand, it alone houses more than 700 different species of butterflies in India.

As Sikkim is jotted with numerous lakes and evergreen forests, it plays an ideal home to the local as well as the migratory birds. Also, the wide and diverse range of vegetation and exotic flowers attract a large number of butterflies to the state.

If you want to witness and be a part of all the enticing colours of Sikkim, the Bird and Butterfly Watching Tour in Sikkim is the most ideal call for you! Pack your bags and take a trip to Sikkim; you will bring home, millions of moments that can be cherished forever!

Popular Bird & Butterfly Watching Tours in Sikkim:

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Bird Watching Regions North Bengal and Sikkim

Some of the bird watching tours in Sikkim also extend up to several regions of West & North Bengal. Amongst all these destinations, Maenam, Pelling, Khecheopalri and Lachen are some of the popular regions.

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Sikkim Bird Watching Tour

Besides being one of the primal adventure destinations in the country, Sikkim is also an ideal bird watching destination. Mongpoo, Gairibas, Pemayangste and Loleygaon are some of the popular destinations for bird watching.