Top 4 Unknown Facts About Sikkim

by On Sep 02, 2017

Sikkim is a North East Hill station in India. A place which used to be an independent country before the British rule. The kingdom of Sikkim merged with India in 1975. This gave India few of the advantages as a Country. As the Sikkim shares a border with China, India’s allies. Enough of the Political facts, now let’s talk about some of the unknown and mysterious facts and stories of Sikkim.

Tsogmo Lake

The beautiful tsogmo lake which is located in the east of Sikkim, has an urban legend behind it. It is said that where the Lake is situated, there used to be a tribal people living there. The tribal people living there were prospering there with time, but there was a prophecy by an old village woman, that soon the water will swallow the whole place, and there will be nothing left but water. But nobody listened to her, after numerous attempts by the old women, she decided to leave alone with her Yak and after two weeks the whole place submerged in water, drowning everybody including animals. Till this day the native people of Sikkim come to pray to the spirits of the dead.

Hot springs

While going towards Chumthang Valley or zero point from Lachen/Lachung there is a Hot spring near the main road. The best part is it is accessible to everyone and it is not far away from the road. The relaxation you will find even if you spend 15 minutes is on another level. Not many people are aware of this place, and it is one of the gems in Sikkim.

Player Flags

If you have ever visited Sikkim you must have seen those Colorful little flags hanging everywhere. Well, those are called Chinese lucky flags which bring good luck to the place they are hung. Though the more famous name for these flags are Prayer flags. Whichever the name you use for them, their purpose remains the same. Each 5 colors represent something different.

  • White (Om) cleanses pride and ego.
  • Green (ma) cleanses jealousy and lust for entertainment
  • Yellow (ne) cleanses passion and desire
  • Blue (pad) cleanses ignorance and prejudice
  • Red (me) cleanses greed and possessiveness
  • Black (hum) cleanses aggression and hatred

8 Signs of Luck and Charm

Sikkim is a very traditional place which has successfully maintained its culture till now. The architecture of Sikkim has been designed around 8 lucky signs of Buddhism which are-

  • The parasol:  protection from suffering
  • The two golden fish: for swimming through all troubles in life
  • The conch shell: represents the sound of the Dharma reaching far and wide, awakening beings from ignorance.
  • The lotus:  for blossoming in life
  • The banner of victory: for the victory of good over the evil
  • The vase: for a long and healthy life
  • The dharma wheel:  represents the circle of life and karma
  • The eternal knot: signifies cause and effect and the union of wisdom and compassion.